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File 140337671459.jpg - (140.39KB , 815x611 , 4343161118.jpg )
132506 No. 132506 [View]
i still have these figures ('cept luna and trixie) trying to sell or trade them off. anyone interested?
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>> No. 132536
I have her, and a Nightmare Moon. the Blind Bag ponies are one of the only pony things I kept. I'm waiting for a Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo though.

But my point was most ponies are just recolors of other molds in this line. It took them until wave 9 to give Fluttershy a unique mold.
>> No. 132537
File 140404489560.jpg - (1.20MB , 878x860 , bbg.jpg )

same here my friend, i will keep them because they remind me of fun times i had in the fandom.
>> No. 132538
File 140406819145.png - (102.93KB , 480x512 , A_comhereasec.png )
I'm actually building a Ponyville for them out of a cardboard box.

File 140219815417.png - (397.60KB , 500x584 , tumblr_m1wepsZJLH1qlyj7vo1_500.png )
132464 No. 132464 [View]
So I probably won't have pics up until tomorrow, but would anyone be interested in buying some Fashion Styles or blind bags? I have the first version of Twilight, Pinkie, and Fluttershy, all with all their accessories, uncut (and not frizzy) hair, and a FS Rainbow Dash with no accessories, but also uncut, neat hair.

Most of my blind bags are wave one, TRU collector's stuff, and a few from random waves. They all have cards.

Oh, and I also have a few of the trading cards.. Basically I just need to sell some things asap. :< I'll post pics as soon as I can.

I do have other stuff to sell, but these seem easier for now.
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>> No. 132500
File 140322941615.jpg - (67.67KB , 800x600 , Hydreigon-vs-Sylveon-pokemon-34772285-800-600.jpg )
How about $5 for all 3 together?

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>> No. 132533
File 140376562114.png - (150.01KB , 528x610 , A_bitchimfabulous.png )
Willing to negotiate.
>> No. 132534
How about $5 for all 3 together? I'm willing to negotiate.

File 140142700644.jpg - (136.47KB , 1600x776 , all.jpg )
132444 No. 132444 [View]
Long time no see board! (Even though I mostly stalked before) I am getting married and moving out, and so I'm downsizing a bit.
Soo I'm looking to sell a big part of my collection: My brushables. Note that these have been unpackaged, styled, loved, displayed, and played with a little. Some still have good styling, others have a bit of mussy hair from sitting wrong(nothing a little conditioner and brushing wouldn't fix). Some have had their hair cut for styling purposes to be more show accurate.
I'm unsure what to even begin to ask for it, as I did spend a lot of money, but at the same time they are used (but I also don't want to undercut myself haha, weddings are expensive.).
All and all it is 47 toys.
1 Twilights lightup singing balloon (Still works, batteries included)
1 Baby Spike (Still works, may still have bottle, batteries included)
3 2013 Packaged McDonalds toys: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack
3 Baby sized brushables: Applebloom, SweetieBelle, Scootaloo (All from 2011 - Pony School Pals)
7 Fashion Styles: Rainbow Dash(2011), PinkiePie(2010), Twilight Sparkle(2011), Rarity(2011), Princess Celestia + Princess Luna(From Target 2011 set, tinsel + glitter), Princess Luna(2012)
1 Talking Princess Cadence (Still works, batteries included)
2 Med Sized Celestias: 2011 Royal Castle Friends brushable, and 2011 Princess Celestia & Princess Luna Set molded figure.
3 Glimmer Wings: Ploomette(2011), Rainbow Dash(2011), and Rarity(2011)
>> No. 132454
That would be a tough lot to sell. You may have better luck on the MLPArena.

I would be interested in a few singles, but not the whole lot, sadly. Best of luck selling, Scarlett!
>> No. 132532
Looks like you have a Star Swirl which is worth a bit I believe. If you change your mind and want to part it into a couple chunks to save on shipping, I would be interested in the balloon, kite pony and cupcake butt (I can't remember their names right now >_<) Also there are a couple MLP groups on facebook that are great for selling; MLP fair is coming up quick in July, so you might not get a decent price till after the fair, just a heads up.

File 140374995691.jpg - (96.54KB , 500x500 , rainbow-rocks-octavia-doll-and-pony-set.jpg )
132527 No. 132527 [View]
Damn. Damn damn damn.
Octavia brushable. Only way to get it is to buy the EQG doll.
Maybe I can score her off ebay or something when she's released...
>> No. 132529
i will hope octavia get a normal release at some point....
>> No. 132530

There are a decent bit of collectors that only collect the ponies or just the dolls and will buy the set just to sell the other half on ebay. (I bought one of the Rainbow Rocks Rairty exclusives just to get the pony, and sold the doll. Still got my money's worth back since she's semi-difficult to find in some states).
>> No. 132531
Yay! I shall buy the pony from some EQG collector type.

File 140362294278.jpg - (2.48MB , 3264x2448 , 20140624_095530.jpg )
132520 No. 132520 [View]
Mistake or something related to the rainbow crap coming out? My google fu might be weak but I wasn't finding info with barcode scans either.
>> No. 132521

Those were the Easter-released "Rainbow Power" plushes, that came with the mane-6 with tri-color hair, also a min of Trixie and Cheerilee. As well as the 10" plushes that included big Trixie and big Dərpy.

No. 132511 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  putting this video here because i cant paste the video like this in merch.
>> No. 132512
File 140345261879.gif - (731.88KB , 277x269 , 140320274303.gif )
>> No. 132513
maybe, but im to lazy to grab a picture, have to explain the video and post it.

if i could just Embed URL i would put it where it deserve.
but nope.
i dont know how Embed works, but probably get a piece of a mod soul everytime because they cant put it on every board.

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>> No. 132514
you could to the video

File 140315529189.jpg - (42.21KB , 556x350 , fig,black,mens,ffffff.jpg )
132495 No. 132495 [View]
Selling t-shirts on Redbubble. Nice quality. I've bought a few, they fit nicely and are comfortable
>> No. 132507

File 138816584793.jpg - (100.33KB , 302x350 , monster high rip off.jpg )
131537 No. 131537 [View]
this is a knock off?
for the box i say it is.
but is kind of suprising for a knock off have all the articulations and stuff.

you know about good knock off?
>> No. 131539
File 138816783863.jpg - (307.17KB , 1871x1292 , 1150585_10151547077891954_718969838_o.jpg )
the only other good knock off i know are the TMNT Neca knock off
>> No. 131554
oh boy, I remember this Monster High knock offs..

Knock offs - still better then EQG dolls.
>> No. 132505
Sure looks like it, I never really saw ANY MH toys sadly.

File 140270950179.png - (172.06KB , 945x845 , fluttershy_by_moongazeponies-d3esfql.png )
132486 No. 132486 [View]
Can anyone recommend a wig and ears for Flutters cosplay?
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>> No. 132491
Arda wigs aaaall the way. Get a long wig and some long wefts (to make the tail) in the pink you think fits best. They are pricey, but beautiful. You will not be dissapointed. Also Yaya Han as a set of ears and wings, and just ears that are a decent price.
>> No. 132498
Wigs: (3 links)
Maybe this:
You'd need to straighten it, curl the ends, and add the cowlicky-flippy-bangs to it though. Not that you'd fine one with the cowlick really, just make sure you don't leave the wig flat on your head.

There's also this:
Frankly I kinda like the second one better. You still need to do all the styling for the bangs, but probably not the rest of it.
Pretty color, still needs bangs done but looks like maybe less work.
>> No. 132499
Forgot to mention that you can just buy like one of those pigtails/ponytails that you're supposed to clip on a wig.

File 140009933264.jpg - (4.20MB , 4752x3168 , IMG_9515.jpg )
132418 No. 132418 [View]
I've got a decently sized collection I need to sell, most of the stuff is NIB or styled, and I don't know how to go about selling it all. Tips would be appreciated, as I would prefer this stuff to go to collectors…

Pic related
>> No. 132494
File 140314000899.png - (170.25KB , 485x492 , 39343205_m.png )
I'm looking for some blind bag ponies. How much you asking?

File 140308165471.png - (1.81MB , 4537x5000 , 1396236258108.png )
132492 No. 132492 [View]
Is there any more subtle ponk merch (shirts, hats, etc) out there that isn't overly "girly"? I get jealous when I see purple smart eggheads and dash eggheads who have some cool shit like that to sport, I want to represent my phantasmal significant other but I don't want to vulgarly display my power level or look like I'm wearing something for girls either.

File 140016420419.jpg - (27.98KB , 534x165 , ponies.jpg )
132420 No. 132420 [View]
US buyer only! I'm not shipping outside the US. Postage will be determined by zip code.

Here's what I have for sale-

"blind bag" size ponies- mane 6, with new mold Fluttershy. Applejack has been modded to have a brown hat. I will only sell them as a set of 6. $11 for set.

McD 2014 ponies- $1.25 per loose, $2.50 per bagged. Or take everything for $13.
* loose Celestia
* bagged Celestia
* loose Luna
* loose DJ-Pon3, tail cut short
* bagged DJ-Pon3
>> No. 132485
you rage quitting?

File 140095151770.jpg - (93.53KB , 750x647 , 635331__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_princess+celestia_prince.jpg )
132434 No. 132434 [View]
i think i will pass this one this year
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>> No. 132478
but in any case im glad she isnt exclusive to the doll, now i can try to get her...

even i havent got the shadowbolt rainbow dash.
>> No. 132481
They've been putting multiple language blurbs on the boxes for a while now.
Somepony must not buy that much merch. Which begs the question: why are you here?
>> No. 132483
>why are you here?
to learn from the best?

File 140241904012.jpg - (3.66MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN0087.jpg )
132471 No. 132471 [View]
hi, um, i am selling all my plushies as i am trying to grow up a little

i feel bad for advertising on here but i feel like i wouldn't be able to sell them if i didn't. they are the walmart plushies.

do you think i am charging too much for them? or too little? i spent a little over $200 collecting them all. so i thought $200 would be an okay buy it now price as i know that i would have payed it c:

thank you guys for being so nice, i have had so much fun in this community and giving up my plushies is actually making me tear up a bit. i am also selling a bundle of fashion style rarity, glitter hair rarity and rarity equestria girl (with those inaccurate ears cut off) and i was wondering also how much i should sell that for?
>> No. 132472 stupid me i forgot the link haha
>> No. 132473
I think you can still get most of them in stores, so you might be asking too much. Not totally sure, I don't keep up with this anymore.
>> No. 132474

Actually, that's probably about the right price OP is asking, given their base in-store price.

Mane-6, plus Trixie at 10$ a piece = 70$
Dərpy, which was only so far released at Easter time, easily sells on eBay for 15$-25$ alone.
The Princesses range for about 25$-40$ a piece (Celestia seems to sell for the most)

Tallying that, they're worth about 160$-200$ Easy, the problem here though is most people have some of the plushes already, so looking for someone willing to splurge on a whole set is going to limit the possible clientele.

My best sugestion to OP would be that if this lot doesn't sell the first time around, try breaking it down to smaller lots for more buyers interest. (Maybe like a Mane-6 set, Trixie/Dərpy set, and the Princesses as a set. )

File 138457687483.jpg - (100.31KB , 1024x612 , 1.jpg )
131238 No. 131238 [View]
Does anyone have the barcode number to these new 18" plushes? I tried using the UPC from the Toywiz pre-order, but I'm pretty sure they use a different number. EQD mentioned a few days ago that these are popping up at Walmarts (exclusively so far).

I'm particularly looking for Celestia's code, but since they come in a box full of the 3, I'd be happy to know any of them if possible.
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>> No. 132456
the only thing about my build a bear ponies is the hair on them looks goofy and gets tangled a lot. i feel like if they made the princesses they would look like hack jobs. plus its better to support handmade crafters and artists instead of the companies that mass produce and use child labor!
>> No. 132457
I'm all for supporting crafters and artists and all that, but some people just don't have that option available to them (with how much most people charge for an UNLICENSED plush). That's why I'm glad 4de has decided to make a Luna plush and that Princess Luna merchandise is gaining a foothold.
>> No. 132470
i'm selling all three of these on ebay as part of a bundle if any are interested

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