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File 140234736874.jpg - (213.68KB , 1408x1408 , discord horns.jpg )
132467 No. 132467 [View]
Hi guys! So I'm selling Discord horns for cosplay, here's the ebay listing if anyone is interested!

File 140108271266.jpg - (71.98KB , 500x497 , ApplejackFIMStyle_var_halicabi.jpg )
132438 No. 132438 [View]
I want to sell my Fashion Style AJ. Anyone interested? She has most of her accessories but her hat was painted brown. Email me.
>> No. 132455
I would show your AJ. She's lost some value since they've announced her remake (along with FS Daisy Dreams).

I wouldn't pay any more than $30 shipped (US). She was going for way over $50 at one point.

File 139672373358.jpg - (55.34KB , 566x754 , 588790__safe_derpy+hooves_plushie_official_funrise.jpg )
132251 No. 132251 [View]
Some one know something about this?
i dont get the plushies....
but i was just wondering....
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>> No. 132287
then yes, it is pretty nasty. they are charging 300% for the product.
>> No. 132449
OK, that's reasonable for the big ones, but how about the small ones you can fit in your pocket?
>> No. 132452

The mini ones typically run $5-$7 (Depending if you're buying it from Walmart, or Target)

But, They haven't made a mini Dərpy plush yet, I checked with all of the "easter"-gift bins they released, it was just mini Trixies and the rainbowfide!mane-6.

File 139119360010.jpg - (92.48KB , 754x474 , A8203.jpg )
131851 No. 131851 [View]
I don't know about you, but I think these are really nice. What company are they by?
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>> No. 131879

If they decide to do another fan-favorites pack, and they need "filler ponies", They would probably add a normal version of her in. They limited edition one sold really well, so why not?
>> No. 131880
If they make a new " fan favorites" pack
I hope it is full of new and interesting ponies instead of repeats.
>> No. 132423
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its sugarcube corner!!!!!!!!!!

File 140018427903.png - (376.62KB , 484x367 , mando famous.png )
132421 No. 132421 [View]
Where do I get one of these shirts??
>> No. 132422
File 140018446060.png - (453.11KB , 633x346 , horse famesa.png )
30 seconds on google.

No. 132417 [View]
Anyone got links to purchase this shit?

File 139993145051.png - (771.15KB , 1600x800 , 139993122387.png )
132413 No. 132413 [View]
some one can tell me something about this?

File 139928646400.jpg - (51.38KB , 600x636 , Pinkie Pie Gothic Pony 2.jpg )
132399 No. 132399 [View]
Coolest toys ever, or coolest toys ever?
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>> No. 132402
nah, i could expected or liked this long time ago....

but it remember me equestria girls, and that is probably the only reason why they are making them, so i will pass.

and probably they will come on some really overpriced pack....

i will wait and see the packaging, how many ponies it have, and how much it cost

Last edited at Mon, May 5th, 2014 20:51

>> No. 132408
Looks more metal or punk to me.

Do want though.

Where's Twilight and AJ?
>inb4 AJ gets replaced with Vinyl again.
>> No. 132412
File 139988344018.jpg - (80.36KB , 641x720 , .jpg )
Twilight and who?

File 139978368547.png - (225.50KB , 452x459 , 623557__safe_twilight+sparkle_toy_official_rainbow+power_taobao.png )
132409 No. 132409 [View]
>> No. 132410
File 139981725562.jpg - (40.87KB , 500x300 , my wallet hasn't had money in it since 2010.jpg )
>> No. 132411
File 139984082158.png - (293.35KB , 640x360 , Princess_Cadance_behind_me_S2E25.png )

Honestly, I'm starting to love the Purple/pink/yellow color combination on Twilight better than Princess Cadence.

Though, putting those two with the other Princesses, all their color schemes seem to correlate with a time of day: "Sunrise" (Cadence) - "Day time" (Celestia) - "Sunset" (Rainbow-power Twilight) - "Night" (Luna).

File 139957062255.jpg - (5.41MB , 4272x2848 , IMG_8925.jpg )
132407 No. 132407 [View]
I've got in my possession a wonderful collection of 16 hand-stitched pony pins. They're all for sale and $15 apiece.

These are delightful items, and to purchase them would be exceptionally helpful. I'm kinda out of a job and need some gas money to get to and from college until I can get some employment.

Here's an eBay link if anyone's interested. I can field any merch questions either here or there.

File 139909250952.jpg - (35.75KB , 480x854 , 100% legit.jpg )
132385 No. 132385 [View]
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>> No. 132398
still different hair.
and a different print on the eyes.

i dont know what else you could expect from hasbro
>> No. 132400
Have you ever seen the DJ brushable up close in person? There are eye indents on her head that don't match the glasses print. They do, however, perfectly match Rarity's eye print.
>> No. 132403
i know. you can see the eyes of the real mold.

hasbro is cheap bastard which will never make more than 5 mold for the entire line for over 5 years.

but at least the paint should be different.

File 139883023990.jpg - (114.71KB , 960x720 , mane6.jpg )
132370 No. 132370 [View]
Perfect for Mother's Day, yes? Especially since they are decently subtle.
They are all going to help a friend of mine, so if you buy one I would really appreciate it, and it would be helping someone out!
>> No. 132384
4 days left
>> No. 132393
2 days :c

File 139871224139.jpg - (2.20MB , 3096x4128 , 20140402_115649.jpg )
132362 No. 132362 [View]
Hey I got forced out of my job so I gotta sell my collection to make ends meet. Some is posted on my livejournal and the rest on ebay.

I have a Pinkie Moon size medium womans shirt, Trixie shirt, Ditzy Doo shirt and Celestia shirt all pictured there, among other random pony merch

On ebay I have a Blind Bag lot for sale:

And a Ditzy Doo Belt:
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>> No. 132364
Yes there's a lot of fluttershys XD They were going to be blind bag custom ponies but no one buys those anymore
>> No. 132371
>> No. 132388

File 139899610990.png - (334.06KB , 612x428 , 5NYs8Rd.png )
132382 No. 132382 [View]
I was at my local "Five Below" store today and found a plethora of those Cupcake-headed mini ponies by Funko for just $5 each. I really wasn't interested when they first came out at hottopic and TRU 'cause $12-$15 for them sounds like a kinda steep price for such an odd toy.

But now, if you felt like I did and passed them up the first time due to price, you may wanna try and get them now if you live near a Five Below store. They only seem worth $5 anyway...
>> No. 132387
well yes, if they are really cheap it is a better deal.

before you would just get 1 now you can get almost 3

File 139892496383.jpg - (71.45KB , 803x960 , Princess Larva.jpg )
132373 No. 132373 [View]
Is this image real or fake?
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>> No. 132379
File 139896026696.png - (74.74KB , 262x400 , Absolutely disgusting7.png )
>g3.5 baby design
>mine countenance whereupon

God, I hope that's fake.
>> No. 132380

Pfft, definitely a fake, but also gothy-cute enough that I'd actually buy one if it was real. :T
>> No. 132381
File 139898449940.jpg - (120.82KB , 600x600 , Princess_Skyla_Toy.jpg )
the dessign still real.

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