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File 139793628938.jpg - (517.40KB , 1600x1200 , image.jpg )
132347 No. 132347 [View]
I have quite a bit of my pony collection I am selling. Please let me know if interested in any or all of it. I can email more photos also.

-2014 unopened mcdonalds set
- series 1 full trading card set minus gold nightmare moon
- series 2 full trading card set minus discord and foil pinkie pie promo
- MLP CCG full set minus foil screwball and Octavia cards
- SDCC Deroy mint in her box
- Funko Trixie, Bon Bon, Dərpy, Spitfire and Glitter Pinkie Pie
- 2 unopened Luna promo tins
- Cheerilee filly set unopened
- Full set 1,3,5,6, and 7 blind bags
- Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash
>> No. 132350
I myself am wondering how much that Bon-Bon,one of the Luna tins and the comic books would cost.
Reply when you can,
>> No. 132372
Would you be interested in a trade for the 2014 McDonald's set? I have a complete set of the 2012 McDonald's ponies, still in the bags.

File 139881582582.jpg - (62.83KB , 720x960 , flutter front.jpg )
132367 No. 132367 [View]
commission piece for a friend I thought I'd share with you all.
>> No. 132368
File 139881586220.jpg - (73.63KB , 960x720 , flutterright.jpg )
>> No. 132369
File 139881588256.jpg - (67.37KB , 960x720 , futterleft.jpg )

No. 132351 [View]

this pony thing's not gonna die, isn't it?
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>> No. 132353
Is there legal issues with Al?
>> No. 132365
File 139873996620.jpg - (42.12KB , 400x400 , 77d2f583c9b9e5ecddd732e1963d8015.jpg )
>implying it hasn't been slowly dying for the last few years
>> No. 132366
File 139874580207.png - (261.68KB , 553x338 , 1396584047450.png )
Well, probably, i mean, at least to me i really dont have much good impresion for the staff for the equestria girls stuff....

that just show me they will do what ever for the sake of stupid, so i cant expect a finally or an oppener with exitment because i know they do stuff just for the sake of stupid.

so it have been water down, and it will take something really good to hype people up like crazy.

dont take me wrong, the episodes have been good this season, but when Meghan is talking im just thinking "oh megan, please shut up and dont ruin it, please"

And for the thing with the songs.... what did you expect, it took them like 3 years to launch the songs, when they should make it at least half season 2. not now when everybody hear them until getting tired of them.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 28th, 2014 21:31

File 139841327299.jpg - (193.12KB , 640x640 , 609062__safe_applejack_big+macintosh_toy_merchandise_funko_hot+topic_instagram.jpg )
132356 No. 132356 [View]
So what do you think?

big mac look kind of massive.
so i wonder about the princesses, specially celestia will be a beast.
>> No. 132357
Mac's a bit big I guess but they are very detailed. Nice funkos.
>> No. 132358
File 139844214584.png - (158.01KB , 1109x940 , 139838905554.png )
For that i think he is really kind on scale.

so that mean maybe a Celestia will be really unlikely, or just a Delux figure which will cost alot more.
>> No. 132359
File 139845098460.png - (158.70KB , 429x308 , MeGustaJellypony.png )

>Possibility of a jumbo Celestia figure
>mine countenance whereupon

I don't care if she costs 25$-30$ would still totally buy.

File 139779312801.jpg - (1.40MB , 5248x1488 , Main_6_Blind_Bags.jpg )
132344 No. 132344 [View]
I'm after a select few blind bag scale MLP figures, looking to get these if anyone has them for sale. I do have one spare McD Rainbow Dash bagged for trade, otherwise just looking to buy-

new mold Fluttershy from the 5-pack
Photo Finish
Big Mac
non-rainbow DJ-Pon3(though I don't know if this one is out yet or not)

Aside from those, I'm also seeking the service of a plush toy maker to do a simple project for me. It'll be non-MLP, a simple plush turtle design. Email me so I can see examples of your work and to discuss price/etc.
>> No. 132355
I got Rarity and Fluttershy, and on second thought I'm not going to bother with the others.

I do however have Photo Finish and Hoity Toity spare as a result. I'm selling them. $1 each plus postage.

File 139805636455.jpg - (177.16KB , 900x1600 , $_57.jpg )
132348 No. 132348 [View]
Hey there. I've been seeing some pretty wacky stuff pop out lately all over the internet. Among the eye-burning mini-figurine recolors, I've found some pretty good quality stuff (I got picture related coming in the mail, got it for 30$).
What other stuff have you guys seen?
>> No. 132349
File 139805652625.jpg - (14.94KB , 364x486 , bigmac.jpg )
Here's a rare colt.
This type seems to be new.

File 135295351298.jpg - (1.83MB , 2748x3664 , 101_0342.jpg )
122305 No. 122305 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hey, I posted here a while back and have come up with some new items that I wanted to share. I have been making some mlp inspired jewelry and small cosplay/display props and just thought I would share:

I am also on Pinterest and would love to pin some more handmade OOAK pony epicness to my Everything Pony board, so post your favorite pony products, art, cosplay etc. that I can Pin so everypony can enjoy :)
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>> No. 131392
She looks wonderful! Nice job :D
>> No. 132343
File 139777714183.jpg - (391.47KB , 1200x1600 , 2014-04-16 19_33_45.jpg )
Just finished My Little Michonne custom :3
>> No. 132345
Question for pony merch sellers/makers and pony customizers: Where do you sell your merch? I have been selling my custom ponies on Artfire, since I already sell other items I make there; I have been thinking about switching just my pony customs to my Etsy shop instead though to see if I might get more traffic? I have more luck overall and it is cheaper to sell on Artfire, but since I just sold my last item in my Etsy shop (instead of re uploading the items that expired) I thought I might try out the pony customs there? Thoughts or suggestions? I also sell my customs at a local comic shop, but I don't think that they are in a good location to be seen (bottom shelf :/) I don't want to say something, but it isn't my store and I don't want to come off as a bitch >_<;

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 12:03

File 139474853620.jpg - (258.83KB , 1000x881 , Clipboard01.jpg )
132161 No. 132161 [View]
I'm currently on the hunt for Pinfilly pony pins anyone may be willing to let go of! The artist received a C+D last year and is no longer able to make them.

Priority are: Rainbow Dash, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and the elements of harmony pins :)

Any help is appreciated!
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>> No. 132332
Have you tried emailing Pinfilly, too? Last I heard, she had some extra pins, but that was about six months ago. Couldn't hurt!
>> No. 132333
yes, she has a current list of what she has available but she only had one pin I needed. Good suggestion though!
>> No. 132342
Ahhh, I see. That's a shame, I'm glad you checked though! I have those pins, but I don't have any doubles for sale, sorry I can't be more help! :(

I'm so sad Pinfilly got shut down, I thought her business was awesome. I respect Hasbro's right to protect their IP, I just didn't think little pins would be so much of a threat, especially since they're not selling much by way of competition...

File 139754212171.jpg - (49.20KB , 640x480 , snapshot.jpg )
132334 No. 132334 [View]
Hey there guys, I have the following MLP cards to sell/trade:

2 x Promo NMM (from the prerelease)
3 x RD to the rescue (promo from the prerelease)
2 x Cloudchaser
1 x Foil Ahuizotl
1 x Octavia UR

Most, if not all the commons/uncommons from the first set and some cheap rares like Gotta Go Fast, Action Shot, etc.

To discuss prices you can add me on skype under Zooty.Snowpaw (tagname is Gadget) since I'm unsure what to charge for the NMM promos (ebay says between $200-300 each)

Last edited at Mon, Apr 14th, 2014 23:09

>> No. 132335
>spending hundreds on shiny pieces of cardstock
Okay. Good luck with your sale. Movin' right along...
>> No. 132336

Psh, you should see what Bronycon Rarity foil promo use to sell for.


honestly Gadget, if you eBay's "advanced" search then select the "completed listings" tab and search from there, you'll get to see what prices Are actually selling, not just what people on eBay are Asking for them. (sometimes people make outrages askings, but no one is really buying them)
>> No. 132337
Oh I know. That's why I don't have one. No way I'm dropping that much dosh on a flimsy piece of easily damageable sparkly paper with a pony on it.

File 139749643951.jpg - (63.88KB , 600x743 , Photo Finish Brushable.jpg )
132322 No. 132322 [View]
Oh, I do ever-so-hope that this Photo Finish brushable won't be paired with an EQG doll....
Because otherwise, it's off to ebay...
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>> No. 132329
I find it interesting she has that flat front hair-do. Must be a new mold they're going with. I hope they do the same with future Twilight figures.
>> No. 132330
Future Twilight figures will have Celestia-mane, making the straight bangs pointless.
>> No. 132331
but that mean changing the mold of the princess figure.

No. 132245 [View]
I'm New to this board. What happens here?
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>> No. 132315
File 139736853677.png - (1.02MB , 740x720 , 2-9.png )
What's your point? Replies are replies and /oat/ in its current state isn't nearly fast enough to knock his threads off the front page immediately.

IIRC it was page two a couple days ago. Some shit like that.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 12th, 2014 22:56

>> No. 132317
I've never been to /oat/ (and plan on keeping it that way), but I'm saying that combining /oat/ and /merch/ would be bad for those looking for trades or selling due to those threads not getting replies while more threads are made on that board.
>> No. 132319
File 139741540466.png - (185.16KB , 310x285 , 2-37.png )
Well that much is definitely true, but what you were saying earlier was an exaggeration.

File 139727817582.jpg - (121.80KB , 1024x768 , g1fireflymini.jpg )
132300 No. 132300 [View]
The mini G1 Firefly brushable and book that Amazon put up for pre order back in October are finally being shipped. Got mine today. It's licensed by Hasbro (hoof is stamped "2014 Hasbro"), but they're made by Running Press. The initial picture of it on Amazon's site looked good. Unfortunately as you can see in the pic' it was a little different. X_X Even some G1 collectors cancelled their order for it after the first pic's began appearing.

On the plus side: There is absolutely no reason Hasbro can't make a G4 Firefly now. The mini book features Starshine, Snuzzle, and Glory (one of Rarity's ref's) also, so it's clear they can use older names.
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>> No. 132308
They got the rights to Firefly back the year before FIM started, as I recall (appeared in some Dolly Mix bags as proof, though it was too late by that point to put her in Dash's place).
>> No. 132314
So is the only old character which they got.
>> No. 132318
File 139739520508.gif - (225.23KB , 500x281 , applehorse.gif )

File 139682816179.jpg - (353.36KB , 1280x960 , 594442__safe_twilight+sparkle_golden+oaks+library_artist-colon-shepherd0821_lego.jpg )
132256 No. 132256 [View]

Hasbro is so cheap with the girls line they will not attempt to make a Kre-o ponies line?
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>> No. 132294
File 139724586403.jpg - (65.65KB , 600x580 , 678e5c27cfb33513505951f6967bb8e796774b11.jpg )
Because I like MLP but not enough to collect the toys.

>Just on a whim this person was browsing the merchandise board?
Pretty much.
>> No. 132295
Your whims are stinky.
>> No. 132296
File 139724937985.jpg - (157.43KB , 350x744 , 02d97727331f8ba3f0485f5afffd0a2a96b12153.jpg )
Basically what happened was it came to my attention that OP's threads were getting moved to this board so frequently he had like six on one page. I thought this was absolutely hilarious and decided to see if any more got moved here. That's it, really.

File 139702753877.jpg - (8.29KB , 175x140 , IMG_0026.jpg )
132273 No. 132273 [View]
Do you know if there are any good quality MLP Cufflinks out there.

I found these.. but i was looking for metallic cuffs

Found this other fantastic site that has PINS.. but no Cufflinks.. I would love to get some of these pins made up as Cuffs, that would be very cool... 20% cooler infact..

Do you know of any other sites out there with Formal wear Merch?? That are good quality!

>> No. 132274
Not Cuff links.. But very nice pins and pendants!

Last edited at Wed, Apr 9th, 2014 00:42

File 139622716260.jpg - (173.71KB , 347x500 , rainbow-dash-41005-3.jpg )
132235 No. 132235 [View]
So I was passing by a small store and found Beanie Babies of some of the Mane Six. Honestly, never had any MLP merchandise since I didn't feel I had enough money to spend frivolously before. Of the available ponies I picked a Rainbow Dash plush (as her mane and tail fit with my current trend of coloring my creations with rainbows to practice my color transitioning and mixing). So far, she's been a real eye catcher since I placed her above my laptop/drawing desk next to my childhood stuffed T-rex (because cool things look even cooler with another cool thing). As I type I'm also styling her fussed up mane to more resemble the show style and also fix up a couple cowlicks.

Anyone else remember their first piece of MLP merchandise?
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>> No. 132237

The Rainbow Dash wave-1 McDonalds toy and a Brushable basic Rarity I got from TRU. (I think I got them both around the same time). But I remember trying so hard to paint my McD's toy and style Rarity's mane to be show-accurate. I have plenty of the other brushables now, but I think Rarity's hair still came out the best of 'em all.
>> No. 132239
I was out garage saling and found a Rainbow Dash Mcdonalds toy (From the first line) in bag in a box. It was the only purchase I made that day, and I still have her. She was also the first pony I ever tried to style (I styled her tail a bit) since then I've style 2 Cadences to near perfection, as well as a few other ponies.
>> No. 132271
From G4? Princess Celestia from the 2011 McDonald's set. Overall, Some random G1 pony... I have no idea now which one it was.

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