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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 139639259287.jpg - (391.45KB , 1600x1200 , cards.jpg )
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I have the following for sale or trade depending:

-Full set 1 of MLP trading cards minus a few golds

-Full set 2 of MLP trading cards minus discord gold

-Full set of CCG cards the only one I do not have in set is foil Pinkie Pie booster.

- Full set of Mcdonalds 2014 bagged toys

Here is a sample please e-mail for prices ect.
>> No. 132243
I'd be interested in some of the CCG cards (if it wasn't April 1st still...)
>> No. 132247
I sent you an email! Please reply, as I'm interested in the full set of the CCG cards :)

File 139283544018.jpg - (38.82KB , 550x550 , fc,550x550,black.jpg )
132003 No. 132003 [View]
MLP shirts!
Check them out
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>> No. 132198
Well, OP is trying to profit off individual sales.
Hence they're using Redbubble. Don't like what they're selling? Don't buy it. Pretty simple. Don't know why you brought Welovefine into this, where artists don't profit off individual sales.
>> No. 132217
File 139586902198.gif - (756.02KB , 360x252 , 7lv3k.gif )
I will say that Redbubble provides good quality shirts, I wouldn't be using them if I didn't like them. I've order shirts from them before and that's why I decided to use them.
>> No. 132233

File 139611361453.jpg - (2.62MB , 3648x2736 , 102_0765.jpg )
132231 No. 132231 [View]
I have the Official Autograph cards for Princess Celestia, Spike, and Snips. I also have a Series one Rainbow dash promo F 37. I'm looking to sell them as I've moved toward the ccg rather than the collectable series. I'll consider most offers, feel free to email me.

File 139587919460.jpg - (214.95KB , 1600x1200 , pony.jpg )
132218 No. 132218 [View]
I have a full set of S1, S2(minus discord gold) and 80% of the CCG cards if anyone needs to trade certain ones or I can just send the extras I have? (I really don't want to just throw them out)

Attached sample photo. Just e-mail and we can figure something out. Thanks!
>> No. 132221
I'd be interested if I knew a little more about the CCG cards.
>> No. 132222
Sent you an e-mail, wasn't sure if you got it- I'm interested in the entire lot of what you're selling, and I'm looking for a figure on the lot plus shipping to wisconsin.
>> No. 132229
Im looking for some ccg rares, is there a list you can post?

File 139170917798.png - (251.26KB , 398x536 , 2.png )
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Hope this is OK to post here! It's my first time on mlp forum.

I'm looking for the clear funko mlp toys -- particularly the new twilight sparkle and trixie. I'm horrid awful in the luck department and I'm not sure of any other selling communities? If anyone has any suggestions for me as to where else to ask it'd be super appreciated! <3
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>> No. 132179
Bumping up!
>> No. 132202
I have the clear sparkly dərpy if your interested, just send me an email and we can discuss it.
>> No. 132219
I have that one already, but thankyou!

File 139569896545.jpg - (173.35KB , 1136x852 , Picture 024.jpg )
132200 No. 132200 [View]
My maud pie plushie is available here if anyone is interested in her. Shes very soft.
>> No. 132216
price dropped to only $35

File 139570004414.png - (239.75KB , 573x410 , 578882__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_princess+luna_equestria+girls_merchandise_.png )
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what you know about this abominations?
>> No. 132213

Honestly, they look like those female-version lego figures, with the dresses swapped up on them. Maybe it'll be fore Hasbro's kreo blocks.
>> No. 132214
File 139580314641.jpg - (133.53KB , 640x360 , 43.jpg )
if that is the case... hasbro is really really bad and dumb totally out of his mind. because they coulndt even hold stuff with her hands

and they dont even resemblanse a kre-o figure.

so no, this things are so horrible i cant imagine them being the kre-o stuff.

one thing is getting into a new terrain with your product, and other is being completly incompetent.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 25th, 2014 20:08

>> No. 132215
File 139580351343.jpg - (433.67KB , 1200x1029 , 013-Kre-O-GIJOE-Blind-Bags_1361397982.jpg )
lets post kre-o figures to be fair.

File 139570668210.jpg - (1.03MB , 2064x1161 , 20140324_201357.jpg )
132204 No. 132204 [View]
How many more of these are there?
I don't care about the clear ones.
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>> No. 132209

I picked up Trixie, Vinyl, and Twilight at Hot Topic a few days ago, and they all have the mark on both sides (except Trixie who does not have a visible flank). They didn't have Octavia, so I can't confirm anything there.
>> No. 132210
I believe they started doing the cutie marks on both sides from DJ/Octavia and beyond.

RD, FS, PP, Dərpy, The Doctor, Spitfire, Bon Bon and Lyra all have only the one-side with a cutie mark, much like the brushables.
Theoretically, future releases (like AJ and Big Mac) will have cutie marks on both sides. But it is unknown if they will re-release the ponies with a "display" side with cutie marks on both sides.
>> No. 132212
File 139578411584.jpg - (167.04KB , 640x480 , swi05.jpg )
if they do i think i wlll pass them, i mean, sure it is great they are putting a little more effort on it.

but if there is a new thing to collect, i will wait for an even better version to start recollecting.

now if you excuse me, im doing to sit down and wait for my dream pony line made by the 4 horsmen or NECA, with really great sculpts, paintjobs and articulation until i die. because you know, that will never happen.

File 139570482757.jpg - (141.63KB , 473x473 , AJ5.jpg )
132203 No. 132203 [View]
Just wanted to let you guys know we finally completed our mane 6 line up at

Rarity and AJ available for purchase, check them out! :)

File 139526405681.jpg - (407.38KB , 2048x1536 , 20140319212008_SAM_0577.jpg )
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>> No. 132199
File 139566589850.jpg - (335.43KB , 2048x1536 , 20140324125547_SAM_0613.jpg )

File 139457007270.jpg - (387.12KB , 1278x956 , Rarity1.jpg )
132139 No. 132139 [View]
For Sale Here:

Starting at only .99 cents!
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>> No. 132193
yes i got that part because you post a picture of the comic.

but i was talking more about:
"blindbag" "brusheable size" 1/6 scale" "1:1"

unless im a complete ingnorant and hillbilly just make blindbags and nothing more.
>> No. 132194
Hillbilly Rarity was a custom by me, OP is not HillBilly -_-

Also my apologize, I assume it didn't matter

And a hard hair of a molded hair Pinkestia
>> No. 132196
oopty doo.

Now i understand, everything is clear.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 20th, 2014 08:01

File 139215285571.jpg - (194.72KB , 1024x912 , 25141_300dpi_CMYK_zps2f744064.jpg )
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So how long....
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>> No. 132169
>> No. 132170
>> No. 132186
File 139517000725.jpg - (59.96KB , 500x500 , b553c8bfa136be4d1967ed3f478b2215.jpg )
Luna is blue.
in a set made from a totally different company.

File 139456004768.jpg - (1.12MB , 1500x744 , IMG_0142.jpg )
132138 No. 132138 [View]
Spring cleaning is upon us, so it's time for another sales thread! I've gone ahead an actually listed prices on some things (and reduced my prices on many!) to hopefully save us both some time and you some money. Be sure to check the bottom of the doc for links to my other sales, if you'd be interested in any of that. Thanks!
>> No. 132184

File 139508260702.jpg - (1.71MB , 3264x2448 , 2013-10-07 18_47_38.jpg )
132177 No. 132177 [View]
I'm still selling shit. I don't know what most of the cards are worth these days, so I guess offer?

I also have all of the S1 gold cards except for Luna and Discord. I have a few S2 gold cards, but I can check when I go home.

Among my promos are S2 Pinkie Pie, S2 DJ Pon-3, S1 "I just don't know what went wrong", and probably more, but I'll have to check when I get home.

File 139479598441.jpg - (213.75KB , 1200x1600 , Scribble me Rainbow dash in packaging.jpg )
132162 No. 132162 [View]
Yeah... suddenly these plushies happend... thoughts?
More pics and info:
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>> No. 132164
>> No. 132167
not really impresive.
>> No. 132172
I thought that was a fakie..

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