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The old plushie general has been archived.

This is the new one! All things plushie go here - tips, advice, critique, advertising, general questions, etc. etc. Let's try to keep the random threads from popping up and be organized, like Twilight Sparkle would want!

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>> No. 125934
File 136172502873.jpg - (126.27KB , 800x1067 , PB080003.jpg )
Let's start this.

First: Thanks a bunch makeshiftwings, I'm really glad Carrots Cutie Mark turned out so well. That one was a lot of work. :)

Second: I re-did the top part of her mane but I don't know. It looks kinda weird. Do you guys have any suggestions?
>> No. 125936
File 136172983832.png - (51.48KB , 286x227 , 131129942058.png )
Up you go!
>> No. 125937
File 136173225914.png - (135.83KB , 1920x1080 , my_little_pony__golden_harvest_by_eugenebrony-d56xqd2.png )
you're very welcome :)

i never realized how funky carrot top's front mane is. comparing to this image, i'd say make the front curl shorter/smaller than the bump in the back and you'd be good :)
>> No. 125939
File 136173308671.jpg - (115.18KB , 800x1067 , PB080006.jpg )
Up until now there was no mane that freaked me out this much. It's really hard to translate it into 3D. On the positive side I learned how to make curls, yay.
And yes, I think you're right that the front curl needs to be smaller. I think it needs to be wider, too. At the moment it looks absolutely terrible in front view. xD

On another note.. would you by any chance be up for a plushie swap at some point? Not any time soon but maybe in a couple months or something? I'd love to have one of your plushies to cuddle. =)

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>> No. 125940
yeah absolutely! it'll probably be in a couple months or so :)
>> No. 125941
Awesome! :3
>> No. 125962
So has anyone had any issues with in the past couple months? I'm really hesitant to order from them because of the nightmare of an order I had at the end of last year, but they are the only place I know that stocks Shannon lavender (the minky boutique lavender is lighter) and I'd like to start using that shade for Twilight instead of the super pale stuff I have.
>> No. 125964
I ordered from there like three weeks ago and all went absolutely smooth and without any problems. They even shipped super fast. I'm in europe though, don't know if that makes a difference.
>> No. 125966
I've gotten three orders consecutively without a single issue. Fabric has actually been the right stuff, clean, and undamaged. Getting them to stock everything at once is still annoying though.
>> No. 125968
I made an order and everything came to me as I ordered it, undamaged. :)
>> No. 125969
Where do people get Faux Fur? I can't find a single fabrics shop that offers it, they have furry fabrics but not the type of fur you can use for manes like this
>> No. 125972
whiteheather recommended this place to me
i've used them a couple times for personal projects and they're nice, but it's kind of pricey for the amount you get. fabric depot has a nice variety of faux fur but be careful with them because everyone was experiencing fraud through their website but they are redesigning their checkout method and are taking orders through phone for the time being.
>> No. 125974
Ahh, that's perfect! Thanks!! /)
>> No. 125985
Good to hear! Maybe I'll risk ordering some lavender soon since they seem to have it in stock right now.
>> No. 125989
I order fabric from them 2 weeks ago and it was the best service I have ever had from

Ordered Friday, was in my hands Wednesday morning, and I live in a non-major Canadian city.

There lack of having all the colours I need at the same time is annoying but tolerable if the rest of the service is back to better than it was before.
>> No. 126127
Hey guys, I'm in the process of making a tutorial for Stitch Era

So if you're learning machine embroidery, feel free to check it out :)
>> No. 126171

The sample card for minky I posted in the old thread is now back in stock at PlushAddict
>> No. 126177
bought so hard! i was afraid i had missed it.
>> No. 126182
Ooo tempting. debating whether I really need it since I have samples of almost all the colors already from other sources, but it *is* a nice sample package.
>> No. 126186
It's kinda annoying to work with because they're all glued together on the top. Still nice to have though.
>> No. 126189
I only had about half so once I weighed getting the rest of the samples separately or buy the swatch samples, the sample packages was cheaper

Mine looks like they are all securely stapled so I could take it apart if I wanted to. They are long enough samples I have had no problem comparing colours closely
>> No. 126200
File 136228367403.jpg - (29.28KB , 345x472 , bootybootybooty.jpg )
I'm working on my princess pattern, and it's going pretty well, but I've run into an odd issue. I don't know what to do about her butt. On my regular pattern, I make the butts like this (Pictured) , but since Celestia will be significantly bigger, I wasn't sure if I should make the princess pattern belly gusset so that there will be a more defined butt, or leave it as is. Being bigger, the definition, or lack thereof will be more obvious.

This is the oddest plushie dillemma I've had thus far. Suggestions please?
>> No. 126205
When I made my Celestia I did the butt basically like that and it was fine. That said, if I were to make her again (which I hopefully will at some point) I probably would do a more defined butt. That's mostly just because I make the butts more defined in general now though.
>> No. 126207
Well, maybe it's just me. It sure is a good package.
>> No. 126237
Ask the seller :)
>> No. 126264
Hm. Well to be honest I've been considering changing the butt on my basic pattern too, the only thing that's stopped me is the fact that I decided I was completely done with my pattern, for real, not touching it, done...and I'm trying to stick with one decision for once. Seriously considering making *one last change* though.
>> No. 126271
File 136240729508.jpg - (10.89KB , 125x114 , well fuck.jpg )
Just tried out a sewing machine for the first time in my life. Oh hell this is complicated. I can't even do wide curves. How the heck am I gonna sew those tight curves ponies have? Or hooves? Is it all practice or do you guys have some magic trick? And how different is sewing minky compared to non-stretch material?
>> No. 126276
Practice is HUGE. I watched my sister try and sew something over Christmas and you could tell she'd only used the machine two or three times. Then as soon as my mom or I took a turn things went so much faster and smoother. Familiarity and experience count for a lot!

For making small curves, you might consider this trick. To prevent the fabric bunching up as you turn it, stop the machine with the needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot, and spin the fabric slightly. Lower the foot, take a few more stitches (while turning), then repeat the lift, turn, lower steps. It relieves the fabric bunching and as long as you don't turn abruptly, still gives smooth curves. You can also use this method for making corners.
>> No. 126277
Also, anyone else get that lovely email from Fabric Depot? I just got a Scootaloo commission so I need to order raspberry minky, yay, but I wish I could take even bigger advantage!
>> No. 126278
"For making small curves, you might consider this trick. To prevent the fabric bunching up as you turn it, stop the machine with the needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot, and spin the fabric slightly. Lower the foot, take a few more stitches (while turning), then repeat the lift, turn, lower steps. It relieves the fabric bunching and as long as you don't turn abruptly, still gives smooth curves. You can also use this method for making corners. "


I have been sewing for over 10 years and I still struggle with stuff like circles some times. Practice Practice Practice.


I forgot to open it when I got it yesterday. 30% off? YES PLEASE!
>> No. 126280
"Also, anyone else get that lovely email from Fabric Depot? I just got a Scootaloo commission so I need to order raspberry minky, yay, but I wish I could take even bigger advantage!"

Do we just put the redemption code in the comments part of the order page? Normally there is a special line for it on other sites, so not too sure with FD?
>> No. 126281
30% off? Why didn't I get that mail? ;_;

Thank you so much for that trick with the curves, so gonna try this tomorrow. It really seems to be just practice otherwise though. I got a lot better just doing lines with curves and zig-zags this afternoon. I'm gonna try sewing something easy tomorrow, see what happens. Thanks again!
>> No. 126289
Oooh someone should post the code, I need to buy from there. has anyone bought since they changed how you order?
>> No. 126292
Dear Alicia:

On January 7, 2013, I learned of a data security incident that may have resulted in the disclosure of the credit card information, names, and billing address associated with your online purchase. Shortly after learning of the incident, we retained a forensic computer investigator, who determined that on or about October 16, 2012, an unauthorized third party gained access to our website and data system. We are taking additional steps to enhance the security of our systems. Such steps include changing our entire online payment process to have all credit card information submitted through our website collected and handled by trusted third party payment processors. Additionally, we have notified law enforcement and are cooperating with their investigation.

Unfortunately, the unauthorized third party may have obtained the first and last names, credit card and debit card numbers, credit card verification codes, and billing addresses associated with your account. Fabric Depot does not collect your social security number or date of birth.

We are notifying you so that you can be aware of this situation and take steps to protect your information from any harm. We recommend that you carefully review your account statements over the next 12 to 24 months, and promptly report any suspicious transactions to your bank or credit card company. You should also consider cancelling any credit cards or debit cards that may have been compromised.

As a valued customer, we would like to offer you (a) 30% off your next online order, (b) a free gift (a fat quarter bundle) to be included with the order shipment, and (c) a USD $10.00 gift card to be included with the order shipment. To redeem this offer, type the promotion code FGJN331 on the checkout page when you place an order on This offer will expire on April 30, 2013 and can only be used with one order.

Please do not reply to this email. If you have any questions, please call us at 814-534-4782, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST. When prompted, please enter the following 10-digit reference number: 3228022513.

We value your business and take the privacy of your information very seriously. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


I have no idea if these codes are unique or not seeing as my email was personalized. I just went ahead and put that code in the comments box asking for the 30%. Figured might as well jump on it before everyone else does so I can get the minky colours I want. Can anyone else see if their code is different?

They are not taking payments over the website but will call you at a later date to ask for your card number over the phone.
>> No. 126294
Shit man, I had my credit cards hit four times and didn't get a discount email :/ I'll have to ask when they call me for my order
>> No. 126295
I was worried the codes were personalized, but I guess not, because that's the exact code I got. I assumed they sent it out to all their past customers. Yeah, talk about a great discount and response!

I really want to play with faux fur :(. Why must I have no time and too much self-control to impulse buy such gorgeous fabrics?!?!
>> No. 126302
Awesome, I need to order minky soon anyways. This is really great.
>> No. 126326
File 136254839452.jpg - (413.94KB , 1600x1200 , 1.jpg )
I bought valleyviolets pattern and I was able to make the body perfectly. However I'm currently having problems attaching the ears so they align with each other. The other thing is that the darts are also uneven.

If anyone could explain what I'm doing wrong to cause this and what I can do in order to correct it I'd be very thankful :D

oh! and I forgot to mention that I am hand stitching this.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 5th, 2013 22:45

>> No. 126327
Is the fabric you're using a bit stretchy? That happens to me with minky sometimes while handsewing cause the fabric stretches while pinning it together. If not it's maybe just a slight mistake while pinning the whole thing together before sewing it. I didn't work with valleyviolets pattern so far so I'm not absolutely sure that's what's wrong. :-/
>> No. 126328
Yep! I am working with a stretchy fabric. However, I do try to keep in mind not to pull on the fabric and to hold it loosely while stitching.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 6th, 2013 00:37

>> No. 126329
Try cheking if the darts and ears align before sewing but after pinning the stuff together. It works well for me.
>> No. 126342
Ok, I'll be sure to try that out. If anyone else has any other suggestions or comments then please let me know :D
>> No. 126351

The center point in the head gusset is not properly aligned with the cetnre seam of the face. This happens to me sometimes if I am trying to rush this step.
>> No. 126356
ah! thank you!

Now that you mention it the tip of the nose is a bit askew.

I'll usually sew the center piece of the head to one side of the face (starting at the tip of the nose). Then I'll sew the opposite side to the face to the center piece of the head (again, starting at the tip of the nose).

what can I do differently to make sure it stays aligned properly?
>> No. 126359

All you really have to do is keep an eye on the alignment of the dart and ears. Make sure when you pin the gusset in that sections that those are lined up. I tend to have an issue on mine when once i've finished sewing one side of the gusset is longer then the other. I just added small notches to my head patterns and make sure they are lined up.
>> No. 126363
ok! thank you very much for your kind advice! I'll be sure to try that :D
>> No. 126365
got my letter from fabric depot today, yay! i had no idea these were coming by snail mail.
>> No. 126368
O_o mine was email. Maybe it's a US/Canada thing?
>> No. 126397
File 136281911692.jpg - (1.77MB , 2448x3264 , 20130306_104447.jpg )
I was wondering what you guys though of my
Fluttershy Plushie I made. I posted it on deviant art
and people seemed to like it but I have also been told
that it looks like I used pieces of a carpet from the
70's to sew it together, that it looks like I put it in a
waffle iron, and that it looks like a bunched up towel.
All I'd like to know is if you think it's good enough for
me to continue making plushies to sell on ebay like I
am currently doing with this one.
>> No. 126398
Good to Flutter-Towel here, I am off for the night, later Business-Anon
>> No. 126399
File 136282061824.jpg - (2.78MB , 2448x3264 , 20130306_104404.jpg )
The cutie mark. :D
>> No. 126400
The problem with the plushie isn't the craftsmanship, it's the material. No matter what you do with that material, it's going to have that pattern. I would suggest trying a different material like fleece or smooth minky to see how your plushies would come out that way.
>> No. 126401
Wow, people said all those things? That's one of the cuddle fabrics at jo-ann's, and it's super soft and I know a bunch of folks who have bought it for kids toys or blankets.

The pony is cute enough, perhaps it just means you shouldn't use that fabric anymore. If you still want to make large, fuzzy ponies, I think the ultra cuddle at Joanns would work; just know is kinda shreds until you get it sewn down.
>> No. 126411
I would agree here. I love that fabric, but it doesn't work very well for plushies with independent textures (ie, ponies. would probably work for a generic bear, or something without personalized features). I love the pattern itself, especially the head tilt!
>> No. 126414
She's very cute, but like people have said, the fabric choice is odd. I'd also like to add that her ear placement looks off, and her eyes could be bigger (though that's up to personal taste)
>> No. 126417
I didn't intend to do that but before i sewed the head on i put it like that and thought oh my god, That is fucking adorable. My little cousin told me she wishes I'd make her one of rainbow dash. Guess I'll have to now. :< She's too cute to tell her no.
>> No. 126440
File 136302980566.png - (662.40KB , 661x703 , Pinkie Plush.png )
Hey people! Newb plushie maker here. Does anyone know a good place to buy stuffing online within the European Union? My previous supplier took down their ebay shop, and most others there either don't ship to Denmark at all, or take ages to reply. I'm kind of in a rush to find some...
>> No. 126441
File 136303083771.png - (526.81KB , 4000x3000 , Butt changes.png )
If you're still having trouble with the butt, then this is how I did it. It's not the perfect solution, and I'm working on doing it another way, but it might be what you're looking for :3
>> No. 126442
Does Fabric Depot normally take a really long time to get back to you for orders placed online? It's been nearly a week. Should I give them a call myself?
>> No. 126445

Check your junk mail. They only took about 3 days to get back to me. They also may be a bit behind since they sent out the emails to possibly frauded customers offering 30% off. Calling wouldn't be a bad idea.
>> No. 126452
Hmm nothing in my junk mail. I guess they may just be backed up. I'll try calling them tomorrow, thanks!
>> No. 126458
I usually just get a bunch of pillows from IKEA.
>> No. 126465
File 136312779264.jpg - (0.99MB , 3264x1952 , IMAG0256.jpg )
Well it wasn't so much that I was having issues making the flat butt, that was what that Twilight had, it's that I wasn't sure if I should stick with it. In the end I decided not to for Celestia, since I found show screencaps time and time again showed that she certainly had a more defined butt. Here's how my Celestia mock up turned out (The one I'm referencing is on the right) , although obviously her butt isn't pictured. :)
>> No. 126470
Wow that third one looks wonderful...
>> No. 126474
Thank you so much! I'm really excited to make the full size version. :)
To Whiteheather: I've been looking at the shannon website. It occurred to me that you mentioned once that you weren't sure if the lavender minky was even by shannon, and that you'd asked FD to start stocking it, but they hadn't yet. I think it is by shannon, but I think it's under the name mauve on the shannon website, so it may be a good idea to ask them to stock mauve instead.
>> No. 126475
FD carries mauve. It's a lot darker in person than it is on the Shannon site, more like jewel or violet as far as how dark it is. I'm pretty certain Minky Boutique's Lavender is lighter than Shannon's, but I don't know for certain since I still haven't bought any Shannon lavender elsewhere!
>> No. 126480
Oh, my bad. I wasn't seeing lavender on the shannon website, because it was placed in an area with blues instead of with the rest of the purples. I wish we could just order swatches from the shannon website. anyway, in case anyone here wants to see them, here's all the official shannon minky colors.
>> No. 126483

It costs about $25 altogether with conversion and shipping but it's the Shannon minky sample card with all 63 colours
>> No. 126486
File 136320009824.jpg - (1.54MB , 4896x3264 , spoiler.jpg )
It looks great! You kind of realize how freakishly long legs she has when you strip away her hair and all details...
The pattern changes I made doesn't make it easier to sew, but it raises the crotch and makes the butt more rounded, because the widest part of the butt/belly piece is placed higher on the butt instead right behind the legs.
>> No. 126487
Did they say anything? I ordered over the weekend so I'm trying to decide if I should call already or not.
>> No. 126492
Yeah if it's still up when I get paid today I'm seriously considering buying it. Not knowing exactly what color things are makes buying minky difficult.
>> No. 126493
File 136321347188.jpg - (976.00KB , 1952x3264 , IMAG0279.jpg )
I know! Haha I was tracing her body in Adobe illustrator So that I could have an outline my plush needed to fit into, and as soon as I moved the lines away from the screencap, I went "Well that can't be right." Luckily it looks a bit more normal with wings.
>> No. 126494
File 136321957854.jpg - (50.68KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mjmew5cTkL1rrnq0no1_500.jpg )
this thing is FANTASTIC, and i got about 2 square feet of free cherry minky!
>> No. 126496
I know right! :D My backer minky was kelly green.
>> No. 126509 is currently running the coupon TIME313 for orders $40 or more to get free shipping. They are also having a sale on minky, making each yard $10.61 before the discount. I basically got a free yard of fabric by ordering 1 more than I already planned on buying.

Side note, they're not restocking on Lavender until the 15th. :(
>> No. 126510
They don't have anything in stock I need. Darn it. Still ordering though. Thanks for the information! :)
>> No. 126519
Oh my god I'm stupid. I didn't mean to say free shipping (That's already constantly in existence past $35, so I guess that's still true...) What I meant to say was 20% off with orders $40 or more! So basically, order 4 yards, get the fifth one free.
>> No. 126523
Too bad the lavender isn't in stock then .I might actually considering ordering if it were. Do you know how long they are running the sale?
>> No. 126525
The 20% off code is only valid until the 18th of march. Don't know about the $10.61 yard price though.
>> No. 126526
This is where I really wish I hadn't just placed a fabric order... can I justify 4 more yards of fabric? :
>> No. 126563
File 136357315317.jpg - (324.29KB , 794x595 , _plush__marshmallow_rarity_by_naoko_san-d4jyty5.jpg )
I'm thinking of selling premades/take commissions for chibis/chubbies like marshmallow Rarity here.

I didn't record the time it took for her (that was almost two years ago), but I made a Nightmare Moon for a friend that took about 10 hours, and I think I could finish a regular pony in about 6.

The details are ironed on then stitched for durability, and everything is made out of fleece. What would be a reasonable price that people would pay for, but wouldn't undersell myself?
>> No. 126567

I think the general formula is cost of materials x 3.
>> No. 126568
Normally it's what you're willing to pay yourself per hour x number of hours + materials. Materials for just that plushie, mind you, so you'll need to estimate how much of a yard of fabric you use for the body and how much the yard costs, and so on. I can't give you an appropriate price without knowing the size, and even then, pricing is really a case-by-case thing. I usually ask what the absolute lowest you'd be willing to part with one for, and then go from there, because often people don't keep track of hours when they're crafting, making the basic formula a little bit pointless.
>> No. 126572

Whoops, shoulda been more thorough in my information-giving!

The circumference is about 26 1/2 inches, while the height is approximately 8 1/2 inches. As for materials, fleece around here is about $6/yd, and it takes about 1/4 yd to comfortably make the base color while details take about 1/6 a yard.

As for the minimum I would take... $30-35 for a 'regular' pony (the Mane 6, etc.) and $45-50 for a complex pony like Nightmare Moon. That might be a biiiit too low, but I don't know how much people are willing to pay for fleece plushies...
>> No. 126636
File 136380207675.jpg - (1.94MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0739.jpg )
Did I ever read the email from FabricDepot wrong! I thought you only got one of the three things offered in the email. THEY GAVE ME ALL THREE!

-30% off my order
-free fat quarter bundle
-$10 Fabric Depot giftcard!

incase anyone was on the fence about ordering still C:
>> No. 126637
GREAT, that's the package USPS lost for me. i am so pissed off.
>> No. 126638
Nope, all three! I'm still waiting for my package though. All these discounts and coupons and sales, and I have more fabric than I know what to do with!
>> No. 126646
File 136384694123.gif - (0.99MB , 190x180 , 1361745151700.gif )

So, let's see. 6*0.25= 1.50

1/6th of 6 dollars is gonna be a dollar. Is that for all of the details, like the cutie mark+hair+ feets and horn and eyes? I'm gonna assume so.

I don't know how much stuffing you use/how much it costs but let's give it another dollar's worth. Let me know if you're using more or less or a fancier type of stuffing.

So far your (estimated) cost is at about 4.50 just for materials. So, using materials x3 you get a bare minimum of 13.50

This is a really simplistic design but it's really quite cute.

I would suggest trying for about $15-20 for a simpler pony like the one you pictured and from there you can go more expensive for a more complex pony.

Because while this is a very cute idea, I'm sure a lot of other people could copy the design just from looking at it. It is just a fabric ball with some accessories sewn on, at the very heart of it.

If I were in the mood to purchase this, I personally would not want to pay $30-35 for it. I could see paying 15 for a very simple pony, like... Pinkie Pie or Rarity, 20 for a *slightly* more complex pony ike Rainbow Dash or Twilight, and from there... well, it really would depend on how complex the plushie ends up being.

In summation: It's a teeny bit pricy for my tastes.
>> No. 126648
excuse me, but where did you come up with 25 cents per hour from?
I think 30 for a single colored mane pony seems fair. given the height and the fact that nothing in plushies is as simple as it seems. Keep in mind that there will be people unwilling to pay that much (like this person here) but I think someone would. If not, you can always lower your prices if you think that's necessary. The only thing I would be concerned about is whether the chubby pony blobs fad is still a thing. I haven't really seen many pony blobs in awhile, plush or drawn.
>> No. 126649
I'm less concerned about ordering for the stuff enclosed in the package (It did in fact say it was all 3, but I didn't catch that upon first reading it either. Surprises are fun though!) and more concerned about the fact that the website said they'd call in a couple of days to get my credit card info and it's now been a week. I'm going to call tomorrow since I really need minky for a commission I'm working on and I really want to get working on the princesses. It just seemed odd to me that the order I placed the day after I placed the fabricdepot order arrived 2 days ago and this one has yet to be processed.
>> No. 126650

The 6*0.25 is finding 1/4th of $6.00.

1/4 converts to 0.25 when dealing with decimals/money.

I was working out the cost of her materials.

6 dollars per yard of fleece * 1/4 of a yard = 1.50 worth of fabric.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 21st, 2013 02:12

>> No. 126653
definitely give them a call. it took me about 2.5 weeks to get my order from the time i put it online to the time it came today. i called them a week and a half later to give them my credit card (and add a couple more things after getting the 30% notice) and then a week after i got my order. i think it'd actually be best to just call them to order something, because then you can give them your card number right away instead of waiting around for them to (not) call you.
>> No. 126655
Okay, I misunderstood. I apologize. That said, when there is actual work involved (like in crafts) you cannot measure the value of the item in cost of materials x 3. There is a lot of time put into making a craft well, and the prices should not be measured the same way that something mass-produced is.
They called me this morning while I was sleeping, and I called them back and got my order put through. I really hope it is actually only a week of wait time, since i'd like to get stuff done pretty quickly.
>> No. 126658
I actually sent my number over 3 separate emails and it worked out fine.

~I ordered on the 4th.
~They sent me an email on the 7th asking
"Each email needs to have your full name with your order number.
1. First email - first 4 digits and the expiration date.
2. Second email - next 8 digits.
3. Third email - last 4 digits and the cvv number – which is 3 digits."
which I responded too right away.
~Got my stuff yesterday

It's a pain calling for me cause it's a 3 hour time difference and they always have to transfer me cause of the Canadian card.
>> No. 126703
Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with Stitch Era? Whatever I do it will no longer let me save export files as .PES I've tried it on both my computers and even completely re-installed it on one. Nothing in the settings seems to work. Help guys :S
>> No. 126720
Well for awhile mine wouldn't let me undo, but that seems to have fixed itself.
>> No. 126746
does anyone have any clever ideas for attaching a monocle to a plush head? monocles with nose bridges are hard to find, unfortunately that'd solve the problem
>> No. 126761
magnet within plush and wire ring within the monocle (assuming the monocle itself is plush, if it's not, find one that's made of a metal that works with magnets. I actually don't remember which metal works with magnets...)
>> No. 126764
magnets isn't a bad idea - i do plan on getting a real monocle
>> No. 126778
Mine works...
I've had Stitch Era get super glitchy on me when I had a lot of things running on my computer. Even after I closed them, and restarted Stitch Era it wouldn't work. I needed to restart my computer to solve that.
>> No. 126782
These have taken me months ('cause of school) but i'm finally done!
Hate how Twilight turned out. Favorite is probably Rarity or RD.
>> No. 127107
Newpony here, but, anyone know any decent pony plushie artists to commission..? :(.
>> No. 127115
You're going to need to give more information than that if you want a good answer. What pony are you looking for? What size/style of plush? What price range?

Really the best thing to do is just look through DA groups like and see who makes plushies you like and then check to see if they ever take commissions.
>> No. 127185
File 136527324371.jpg - (471.39KB , 720x2580 , rarrity1.jpg )
Hey, there! A friend asked me to do a bit of the ol' ultra-advertising for a Rarity plushie her friend made. If it's not too much trouble.

It's hand-made and made of soft "anti-pill" fleece with machine-embroidered cutie mark and eyes. It's also fully posable; the body, tail, and mane are all wireframe, surrounded by "a layer of stuffing."

Comes with her gala dress, a "satin teal dress with white ruffles," and a petticoat.

The artist's name is Sandy Church.

Advertising aside, I really think it's pretty adorable.
>> No. 127339
fabric depot took forever to ship last time, and I need more hot pink. I was wondering if anyone knows if the hot pink on minky boutique is the same color or if it's paris pink? I need it very soon, and I already have a pending order on minky boutique for some other colors so it would be very helpful if I could just tack it onto that order.
>> No. 127353
it's the same as Fabric Depot's hot pink.
>> No. 127355
Thank you so much!
>> No. 127407
File 136570588010.jpg - (1.37MB , 865x1216 , $T2eC16J,!)sE9swm(vm4BR(h,z6PBg~~60_57.jpg )
She ends today! :)

I also have a few questions for you guys. Typically what size plushies do you guys like best? Mine tend to be on the smaller side from most (a bit less than a foot tall), and I'm wondering if I should start making them larger, or at the very least, offer a larger size?

Also, this is probably a stupid question, but how do you guys go about doing the lines in the hair and such? No matter what I do, when using a zigzag stitch it turns out terrible and makes the fabric all lumpy or makes the fur go in weird directions. Is adding interfacing and solvy really the only way to avoid this?

Last edited at Thu, Apr 11th, 2013 12:05

>> No. 127408
I use interfacing and solvy with a satin stitch. It makes the fabric lay flat and the fibers lay flat, which seems necessary when doing any sort of detail with minky. When I tried to do satin stitching without it, I completely failed and my machine tried to eat the fabric.

I prefer plushies of about the size I make, but I think that's just because I'm used to them. I make mine to be about 16 inches, including mane.

She's incredibly cute, by the way!
>> No. 127413

I make sure I have tear away stabilizer on the bottom so it doesn't stretch the fabic and just satin stitch the top. I never need water soluble stabilizer on the top. If I have to I will run a satin stitch over it twice but I don;t normally need to. As long as you satin stitch with the fabric it works.
>> No. 127426

I use a fusible cutaway stabilizer, but basically the same thing. You really just need some sort of stabilizer under it so that the fabric doesn't stretch and pucker around the stitching!
>> No. 127441

Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned the magic of cut away/tear away stabilizer. This is worlds amount of easier. I didn't know there was such a thing as fusible cut away either, I'll have to get some! Thank you guys so much!

Oneeeee more question. Where do you guys normally buy embroidery thread? Is there somewhere online I could potentially get it cheaper? Particularly looking for the Guterman or Coats & Clank brand (or any with a lot of colors that works with Brother embroidery machines).
>> No. 127442
File 136580553557.jpg - (4.17MB , 4272x2848 , IMG_7344.jpg )
I buy my really really big cones from a local shop, (See image for comparison to coats and clark) and it's the same place I get my machine fixed. There's not as many colors to them, and the only thing that resembles a brand to identify them just says "Exquisite" but they're seven dollars apiece and good for simple colors. If you have an embroidery machine store near you, check there. Otherwise I get all of my sulky, guttermann, and coats and clark at Joann's and Hancocks. you might ask folly lolly on tumblr, I think she buys her thread online, but it isn't any of those brands.
>> No. 127444

Wow. Those sure are big cones. I didn't even consider local shops, and it appears as though there are 2 pretty close by! That solves my problem of what to do if my machine broke as well. Again, thank you so much! :)
>> No. 127445
I can't even find my fusible cutaway stabilizer anymore. I LOVED it and now it's never in the store. I'm going to try using basting spray with the non fusible stuff. it will probably give a similar effect.
>> No. 127460
I am super jeally of that cone of thread. The Coats and Clark cone spools here are 12.99, I can't fathom what I would be charged for a bigger one.
>> No. 127802
They took 4 months to get here and I had completely given up hope of ever seeing them, but I finally have samples of all the 3mm minky from this ebay seller: So if anyone needs comparison pictures or anything let me know!
>> No. 127818

Plush Addict also just got their Shannon samples back in stock too.
>> No. 128033
File 136797988688.jpg - (544.72KB , 1600x1200 , Photo0467.jpg )

Plushies plushies everywhere!
>> No. 128102
File 136839222130.jpg - (314.46KB , 1100x945 , kolaz.jpg )
Hi there :) I made a plushie, maybe someone is interested? :D


Last edited at Sun, May 12th, 2013 14:12

>> No. 128105
File 136839659702.jpg - (1.17MB , 3072x2304 , IMG_0025.jpg )
I started making my very first Rarity plushie ^^
I have her body finished, and now i need to make her curly mane.

But there's a thing - commissioner wants me to make her mane and tail wireless, so it's gonna be a pretty tough one~ Do you have any advices, how to make curly mane without wires?

Last edited at Sun, May 12th, 2013 15:16

>> No. 128209
Make the hair like you would if it was going to have wires then attach it to your base (you may want to make it a few inches longer) the pick one strand to work with (she'll have 3-4 individual chunks of hair that I'll call strands). Put the strand in the position it will have coming of her head, once this is done pin the area and go in with a hand needle and attach the mane to the body with 3-4 small areas (each spot you sew will stay in the same spot, making sure to pass through the mane and body at least 10 times for assurance). Once you have the volume start at the bottom of her mane, make the first curl and attach to the mane itself in a similar fashion. work your way up until it's complete and work your way up in a similar way until all the curls are set and then repeat the process with a different strand. Some may need multiple head/mane attachment some may not need any. For the tail (it won't need any) cut the part out that connects to her body out in a curve shape and the rest strait -assuming you cut her mane out straight then used this method to add the curls). Before adding the tale on make a stuffed cylinder that the tail will fit over that will keep the tail up with it's own weight, put that on first then put the tail over it, you should have a tail that is rather long but still not drooping.
>> No. 128293
I think she's cute, she looks like a baby toy kind of, but I like that look. She looks quite snuggly and I'd happily hug her :3
>> No. 128295
Do they have hobbycraft in Europe or something similar?
>> No. 128388
Those of you who have used voice boxes in your plushies, which ones would you recommend getting? I've seen them on both amazon and ebay, but there are a ton of different ones, so I figured I'd ask what you all have had the most luck with as far as sound quality and ease of use.
>> No. 128417
File 136969377510.jpg - (1.35MB , 3072x2304 , Rarity.jpg )
Thank you for the advice! I didn't even think of that.

Shame i used a method i figured out by myself (before reading your reply) and now i see, your seems to be better than mine ^^"

Anyway, i plan on making another one, and i'll put your idea in use :) Thank you again!
>> No. 128456
File 136974482779.jpg - (344.21KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20130516_182116.jpg )
>> No. 128499
File 136994796192.jpg - (208.09KB , 732x574 , $T2eC16dHJIYE9qUcO3(DBRmeSeP2Pw~~60_57.jpg )
here's a filly luna im selling she's very cute.
>> No. 128583
File 137027476247.jpg - (2.65MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_3029.jpg )
Crocheted Rainbow Dash needs a home
>> No. 128589
File 137029008403.jpg - (1.38MB , 2560x1920 , 2013-06-03 16_04_31.jpg )
Hello world! Former plusher Cloudkicker tentatively peeking back into ye olde Merch page! I missed chatting with you guys, just life got really crazy lately.

As such, I have a Lyra plush up for sale! Hopefully the pic isn't sideways...

She's 16" tall, full minky with hand stitched eye and cutie mark details.
>> No. 128627
How much? Shes mighty fine
>> No. 128642
As I made her last year, I think I'd be very happy with $150 plus shipping.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 18:48

>> No. 128775
Currently have plushies for sale here:
>> No. 128814
I'd like to request a plush maker to make a minky Nightmare Rarity
>> No. 128874

I'll be making one at some point this Summer, but she won't be for sale. She'll be for my Rarity collection. But if you just want to see one rather than own one, there's that to look out for.

If you are looking to commission one from someone, you might want to be more specific about what you want, size, your budget, etc.
>> No. 128940
File 137185265695.jpg - (1.10MB , 800x1118 , dev.jpg )
Look i has Big Macintosh! :D
>> No. 129034
File 137230600635.jpg - (3.15MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_3065.jpg )
Crochet Dərpyərpy-hooves-plush-crocheted-amigurumi?ref=shop_home_feat
>> No. 129083
Is anyone who uses SEU for embroidery having problems? I exported a file as embroidery format to my USB drive, but when I try to open it on the machine, there's nothing new there. I tried saving it there a couple times, so it isn't that I just accidentally saved it to the wrong place. I checked the format too, and I was saving as the right one. Any ideas?
>> No. 129090
Well, I don't know what the problem was, but it started working again this afternoon, so yay.
>> No. 129102
SEU on one of my laptop won't save as .PES, the one file type I need, but it will on my desktop. Even with a clean re-install it does it. I can transfer file via USB through my laptop, just not create or edit on it. SEU is just going to crap out on everyone by the end of the year.

I'm thankful it still works at least on one. I need to save up and get an actual program.
>> No. 129103
My computer has some sort of bug or virus or something that means I need to reformat, and I keep putting it off because it means having no embroidery software. I don't even know which package I'd buy.

Also, has anyone seen the "pumpkin" minky on the shannon site? It and a few other colors seem new, and I wondered if they're available anywhere yet.
>> No. 129110
Okay, now I'm having a different problem where the file I saved to my USB drive is showing up but when I got to open it the machine just goes into think/wait mode and never does anything. The other files I saved previously to the drive will open fine, but not this one. I'm getting pretty frustrated!
>> No. 129115
Oh, pumpkin sounds interesting! I'll be curious to see that one in person. If they don't have it next time I'm at fabric depot, I'll ask about it. Vanilla is new too, isn't it? That seems like it might be nice as well. it looks like a darker off-white than ivory, which would probably be better for Bon Bon or the Flim Flam brothers. Mocha, Lemon, and Taupe are new too I think. I can't wait to see some of these in person! I wish they had some new light purple shades though. Something in between lavender and Mauve or Jewel would be lovely!
>> No. 129136
Only 30 minutes! :)
>> No. 129160
File 137273184489.jpg - (48.76KB , 800x600 , fluttershy 1.jpg )
Had a plushie arrive in the mail just now, only cost me $26 including shipping from Russia of all places... to New Zealand

>> No. 129161
File 137273187927.jpg - (39.36KB , 800x600 , fluttershy 2.jpg )
She is going to take pride and place in small collection

>> No. 129162
Ahh, Rens Twin, that is, I've been wanting a filly Dash of hers for awhile.
>> No. 129163
Hoping to get another good deal again soon.
>> No. 129397
where do you guys buy your fabric? specifically the minky, is there a good website to use? sorry if this has already been answered
>> No. 129423
>> No. 129509
Speaking of this, does anyone know a really good place to get yarn? I'm in the midst of crocheting some pony stuff, plushies mostly, and have some issues getting to stores that actually have yarn
>> No. 129564
File 137444565208.jpg - (128.81KB , 800x764 , pony.jpg )
I'm putting the final tweaks on my mare pattern and offering at-cost (only pay for materials and shipping) custom plushes for the next while! The pattern stands at 18" tall sans-mane (Big and cuddly!). Details hand-embroidered then appliqued on. Made of minky, of course.

The dA journal with more info is here:

It's really hard to break into the world of making these plushes, so if anyone could spread the word I would be super grateful. o_o/7
>> No. 129622
Does anyone know where you can get a voice box for plushies that can play more than one recorded message? So many commercially available toys can say at least a few phrases, but I'm having trouble finding a voice box that will let me do that.
>> No. 129701
How do you guys use minky? Do you simply use it bare, or with some iron on backing? I mean, so many plushies look so tight and stand so nicely, but minky's real stretchy... I've been wondering for a while.

Thanks to all of you in this thread, I've been learning a lot of new things. I wonder if the older Plushie General could be found? Because archive search with my browser just doesn't seem to work.
>> No. 129704
so what sort of prices should i sell a good quality plush for?
>> No. 129705
I use it bare. It only has stretch in one direction, and you just have to remember to accomodate for the stretch while you make your patterns.
Can we see pictures? We need to see a definition of "good" in this instance to give you a fair pricing estimate. Also knowing things like the size and materials used would help.
>> No. 129709
Different types of minky have different levels of stretch. When I make a pattern, trial and error eventually ends up compensating for how much the material stretches. Also when stuffing, I stuff mine very tight to get the shape. it's still soft and squishy but has about 1.5 - 2 lbs of stuffing in it.
>> No. 129711
File 137499007801.jpg - (369.98KB , 1632x1224 , ponk finished.jpg )
uh, a little after posting that i decided i wasn't going to sell the pinkie pie pictured, so i'm making a fluttershy based on the pinkie pie pattern
>> No. 129736

Thank you!
>> No. 129759
uh, can i get an opinion on this please?
>> No. 129762
File 137528441355.png - (137.58KB , 350x350 , spike 2-10 (78).png )
2/10 wouldn't take as a gift
>> No. 129788
that's a pretty harsh thing to say

do you honestly think that or are you just trying to be cruel?
>> No. 129789
File 137544353894.png - (70.79KB , 470x330 , element_of_honesty_by_missmagazine-d569j48.png )
I mean it.
I'd just send her back or give away or something

BUT, I'm used to other folks rushing in and start defending the things I don't like - that part of the plan kinda backfired
>> No. 129791
Besides the ears being tilted back and not up, and the hair being a little thin up-top (could be a little larger, I think), there's nothing wrong with the plush. It's a pretty good starting point for the materials being used.
>> No. 130189
File 137669814818.png - (48.03KB , 143x135 , 131310320883.png )
Anyone have any good tips for sculpting a mouth (or anything else) with thread?

Did anyone catch the plushie crafting panel at Bronycon? I showed up a few minutes late and the panel room was full, they wouldn't let me in. I wish there was a recording of it somewhere...
>> No. 130221
Take a pin and drag it across the minky like you're drawing with a pencil. If you go the opposite way of the nap of the minky, it will show up enough to use this as a guide for where you want to place your stitches, and if it's wrong, you can just straighten it by petting the fabric, and start over. :) Also, use a darker shade than the color of your minky, (BUT NOT BLACK THREAD!! Unless your pony is actually black or dark grey, that is.) and use embroidery floss, not regular thread. Those things always make my thread sculpting look better!:)

And I'm afraid I was not at Bronycon, sorry!
>> No. 130224
File 137687486906.jpg - (427.81KB , 1600x1200 , Photo0528.jpg )

They're so fluffy I'm gonna die!
>> No. 130229
File 137692863370.jpg - (69.59KB , 1152x1152 , 1348105181061.jpg )
Anyone know of any good Luna or NMM plushies? I'm in the market for one, but I want something that's quality, and I don't mind spending a few hundred if I have to do so. Any links or tips would be really appreciated.
>> No. 130238
Just looking for a bit of feedback and perhaps offer a warning for anyone who ever bought from or plans to buy from The Fabric Exchange -

Funny thing about their title is they sent me the wrong fabric and have yet to respond to my messages to exchange it. :/ It's been over a week and I've sent messages as well as put in a return request. Looks like I may just have to try calling tomorrow. I also noticed they don't offer refunds, only store credit.

I ordered the cuddle minky midnight blue, and they gave me what appears to be a shorter pile navy minky. I ordered jewel and navy cuddle minky as well, but those were fine.

It's just rather a shame since their minky is pretty cheap!
>> No. 130239
File 137696115210.png - (59.40KB , 400x400 , margarita smug.png )
All: I'm in the market for some leathercrafted or suede custom pony plushies. Does anyone have a line on this or know someone willing to try and branch out?
>> No. 130296
SO anyone who knows Rens-Twin, and has comissioned them, how long does it take them to respond to you? I emailed them over two months ago, and since sent another email, and have got no response yet. Is this normal?
>> No. 130358
File 137774820987.png - (33.83KB , 185x152 , 137653023318.png )
I'm new to this, so I thought I could post here.
What's the best pattern for pony?
I just learned how to sew, so it will be hand sewn.
Anyone got tips?
>> No. 130373
>>130358 There are a whole bunch of patterns on Deviant Art, along with detailed instructions on how to make them. You can find ones for any level of expertise.
>> No. 130381
File 137801117438.jpg - (765.09KB , 3072x2304 , Starlite.jpg )
Did a pony plush a while ago on commission. I know the face is fucked, and I've gotten better at them since then. But opinions otherwise? Folks interested in one?

More pictures are in the imgur album since I didn't want to clog the thread with posts:
>> No. 130382
File 137801125277.jpg - (561.17KB , 2519x1889 , starlite eye.jpg )
Close up on the eye, since I do think that's one of the better parts of it
>> No. 130478
Depending on the price I'd be kind of interested in one, it's not the most super looking thing I've seen but it's certainly cute either way.
>> No. 130579
If I had a pattern for a plushie, and I asked someone "Make this,but at 4x the normal scale",paid for all of it... Who'd be willing to do it and how much it'd cost?
(btw,thinking of Celestia)
>> No. 130590
How big are we talking here? Like 5 foot or what?
>> No. 130681
What kind of material would work for making eyes?
Would felt work or should I use something else?

I'm using fleece fabric, if that matters.
And I have no idea how to embroider.
>> No. 130687
I've seen some folk just print on a sheet of felt, then sew it right to the head.
Embroidery is going to look the best of course. Though not everyone has access to an embroidery machine. You could always try sewing some felt or fleece together into an eye.
>> No. 130690
The problem with iron-on printed eyes is, can't you not iron felt or fleece? Sorry, another newbie plush maker here still trying to figure out how to get the eyes on.
>> No. 130691
I wasn't talking iron on in that case. Watch this video here:

I tried it once, but the printer jammed up on me. Though the bit that came out looked really nice. So it'd just be a matter of finding a printer that can handle felt/thicker paper, then stitching them on afterwards
>> No. 130692
Cool, thanks for the advice.
I guess I should learn how to embroider sometime, but for now I'll just stick with the felt.
>> No. 130906
File 138188287484.png - (1.40MB , 1245x825 , twilightsparkleplush_by_skippymagrue.png )
Well, after a bit of convincing my sister has finished making her first MLP:FiM plushie.

She's made a ton of teddy bears and stuff in the past and she likes the show, but isn't real familiar with the fandom. But I finally talked her into trying to make one to sell.

She created the pattern herself (with a large number of critiques from yours truly).

The best part is that the head rotates.

Anyway I hope it sells well so that she will continue making them.

Let me know what you think!
>> No. 130908
File 138189152295.jpg - (144.19KB , 951x692 , 1375980864686.jpg )
Does anyone know of someone who can do quality plushies at a fair price? I need one of this OC pronto.
>> No. 130909
File 138189158487.jpg - (816.09KB , 1644x1235 , 2013-10-06 195855.jpg )
>> No. 130910
File 138189169184.jpg - (137.83KB , 1650x1275 , 2013-10-06 232227.jpg )
>> No. 131219
File 138432893898.png - (143.57KB , 855x935 , __octavia_plushie___by_kamisia-d6tuzze.png )
Maybe someone is looking for an Octavia plushie? ;)
>> No. 131307
File 138535340714.jpg - (189.91KB , 700x600 , tumblr_ma78r95vzN1r7hzj3o1_1280.jpg )
the ears are so big and so cute!
>> No. 131434
hello plushie thread. can anyone direct me to any creators that fabricates large 48" plush dolls that have an internal frame for posing and a stretching fur coat?
>> No. 131559
File 138836135857.jpg - (139.10KB , 973x1024 , Fluttershyplush.jpg )

No build-a-bear ones yet?
>> No. 131564
File 138836520427.jpg - (78.00KB , 676x881 , $_57.jpg )
Have you guys seen this cute fluttershy yet!? She's adorable!

Last edited at Sun, Dec 29th, 2013 18:00

>> No. 131565
File 138837906252.png - (290.07KB , 832x615 , 0fe732eb3380b02aad8fee6e43a8aa3b - Copy.png )
>$1,050.00 bid
> 77 bids
>> No. 131583
File 138859783027.png - (2.01MB , 800x1791 , IMG_6075 kopia.png )
Flitter this time :)
>> No. 131609
I'd get her if I wasn't broke.
How did you make that bow though? Let alone work with satin? It gives me so many problems .-.
>> No. 131630
File 138915849912.jpg - (63.68KB , 800x533 , $_3.jpg )
>> No. 131725
awesome and criminally underpriced, especially when 10-inch plush were selling for that same amount only a couple years ago
>> No. 131738
File 139002049214.jpg - (280.88KB , 1072x804 , P1170301.jpg )
made a pinkie pie this time, i think she turned out well, shes here...
>> No. 131779
half off today, only $15
>> No. 131796
File 139072136388.jpg - (5.36KB , 218x232 , spoiler.jpg )
Można go kupic
>> No. 131797
Można go kupic
>> No. 131868
Anyone have any tips on doing up the mane/tail? Whenever I try to do it, it always looks flat on the head, while others I've seen have like body and style to them
>> No. 132242
File 139639727945.jpg - (74.89KB , 715x1118 , lightning_bolt_mini_plush_by_sillybunnies-d7cnhin.jpg )
I made a mini Lightning Bolt

She' for sale her:
>> No. 132248
File 139663956736.jpg - (144.72KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-09-12_17-42-58.jpg )
Lol i have a plush like that. wait no EXACTLY LIKE THAT! only differance is the fact that the hair is blonde with a lil bit o cyan at the top and the body is gray with no CM
>> No. 132284
Really? Can you post a pic? :3
>> No. 132406
that you?
>> No. 132439
File 140117345629.jpg - (29.72KB , 724x768 , h8ygzgw.jpg )
>> No. 132468
File 140235134876.jpg - (41.19KB , 739x806 , unnamed.jpg )
I am thinking maybe have the beginnings of a problem. Then again the wife is happy with them so can't be too bad!
>> No. 132479
File 140259795398.jpg - (4.94KB , 225x225 , download.jpg )
Question about the 4de plushies when will Twilight be back anyone know please respond
>> No. 132480
Thought I heard fall somewhere. After they put out an Alicorn version, they're bringing back unicorn as well.
>> No. 132482
fuck that I'll go on ebay I don't mind the shipping
>> No. 132484
She is back in stock :) also, yuo can get her from amazon
>> No. 132489
Nah out of stock for some reason, I bought one on ebay :D

So can anyone make a plushie any permission needed from Hasbro chances of getting C&D?
>> No. 132502
File 140326233675.jpg - (336.31KB , 1600x1257 , flutt.jpg )
Fluttershy plushie - starting bid: $1!
>> No. 132683
File 140866393230.gif - (93.79KB , 160x160 , pinkiedance2b.gif )
Just got an Email from Onlyfactory saying Flutterbat production has been completed, so it does look like they're going ahead with making what orders had already been received.
>> No. 132685
File 140881394597.png - (1.02MB , 1000x967 , Pone.png )
I kinda lost my motivation for pony plushies so I digitized my plush pattern and made it available. If any of you guys want to get it, you can find it on etsy:
>> No. 132687
File 140886709633.jpg - (2.90MB , 2448x3264 , The greyness.jpg )
So, I've had a 4DE Pinkie for a few months now, and she's starting to look a little... discorded. Like, she's literally turning grey (You can still see some of her original pink on her belly in the pic) I'm not sure if it's dust, or what. She's not handled much, just sits on my bed(which admittedly had been getting very dirty until recently, just got a brand new set of sheets on it, won't let it get that bad again).

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about washing her up? I couldn't really find much online about cleaning microfiber, which I believe the 4DE plushes are. All I know is that she is supposed to be surface cleaned only(according to her tag), so no dunk in the wash, and the basic gist I've gotten online is to use a mild detergent solution to clean them with, but I'm not sure what to use. I don't want to discolor it (worse than it's getting) or anything. If anyone has a how-to for me, I'd really appreciate it.
>> No. 132689
File 140890109498.jpg - (10.36KB , 242x208 , extreme_concern.jpg )
I'd be worried about the potentially toxic pink paint rubbing off on your or your belongings
>tfw when owning a plushie actually gives you cancer
>> No. 132708
File 141030048259.jpg - (179.86KB , 1024x768 , flutterbatplu2.jpg )
Someone showed up from China yesterday.

Overall the quality is very good. There's a few seams that aren't even, and a bit of bumpiness in the mane and tail, but nothing detracting. And her legs are a tiny bit too short, which does make it hard for her to stand up. Finally due to how it was made, she has a "kitty mouth", something which all of Onlyfactory's plushies seem to have.
The embroidery work (eyes, ears, cutie marks, and the lines on the tail, wings, and mouth) is outstanding. The fabric for the whites of the eyes and ear inserts appear to be separate pieces.
She comes out at 12 inches as advertised, though that's to the tips of the ears so it's smaller than BaB ones (Aurora size perhaps?).
The fabric is even softer than on BaB ponies, and it is stuffed a little more firmly than them. The shade of yellow is brighter than it looks in the photo. She was shipped in a heavy plastic bag.

Overall it was worth the $24. Hopefully The filly princesses will be ready soon.
>> No. 132715

Same for me. I've got a 4DE Twilight that fell on some sand. Simple cleaning hasn't helped much so far.
>> No. 132773
File 141441037363.jpg - (351.73KB , 1527x1600 , luna2.jpg )
Luna beanie plushie for sale!
>> No. 132777
File 141446488710.jpg - (22.35KB , 375x500 , 1.jpg )
Anyone know where I can get an Onlyfactory Spitfire?

The Australian seller who sells the Onlyfactory plushes finally posted Spitfire today, looks way lower quality than the original plush that Onlyfactory made.

>the original
>> No. 132778
File 141446495115.jpg - (50.47KB , 751x852 , 2.jpg )
>the one the eBay seller posted

It's just a huge downgrade in quality. Ech.

My friend in Germany however, somehow ordered a Spitfire from Onlyfactory a few days ago, despite the fact that trying to visit the page gave me nothing but 404s, even when using various european country proxies.

Anyone know where I can get the real Onlyfactory Spitfore?
>> No. 132802
is this supposed to be dərpy? Dərpy has yellow eyes just so you know
>> No. 132916
File 142218434641.jpg - (4.25KB , 125x118 , 1421106691612.jpg )
well aint that some shit eh
>> No. 132926
i got a motherfucking sunset plush
>> No. 132961
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