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Does anyone have the barcode number to these new 18" plushes? I tried using the UPC from the Toywiz pre-order, but I'm pretty sure they use a different number. EQD mentioned a few days ago that these are popping up at Walmarts (exclusively so far).

I'm particularly looking for Celestia's code, but since they come in a box full of the 3, I'd be happy to know any of them if possible.
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>> No. 131239
File 138457761092.png - (56.52KB , 671x549 , 27382__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_apple-seed.png )
Why are you looking for the UPC code?
>> No. 131240
File 138457898701.png - (626.34KB , 614x400 , 123.png )

Either the UPC or the SKU codes would be fine. I wanted to know them so I can call my walmarts stores ahead of time and have their CS computer check to see if they have the item on hand, so I don't keep driving around from each store, wasting gas only to be disappointed.

I have 4 walmarts within a 15 mile radius, and none have gotten them in yet, though after asking the guest service desk if they got any shipments for the "18 inch deluxe pony plushes", apparently several other people are checking specifically for them as well.

They go on some super-sale on Black Friday for 10$, but I could careless about getting it on sale. I'm fine with just paying the 25$ price.
>> No. 131242
File 138457958506.png - (77.52KB , 666x640 , More Fedoras.png )

I think I can theoretically check inventory for that...I'm not sure how, though, it's not normally my business. If I figure out how to do it I'll copy it down for you.
>> No. 131275
File 138489073216.jpg - (108.86KB , 1067x600 , 135992146378.jpg )

Thanks, much appreciated. I tried just asking for the "pony princess plush" (with no sku, but I had a print out of the flyer) at one of the smaller stores near me, and the lady I spoke with at customer service was very rude about it. What a shame.

She said "If it's in the Black Friday flyer, then there's no way we'd put it out early." Even though I told her that other stores have been stocking them already just at normal price, and they're only going a cheaper sale on the 29th. She bad mouthed at me like I was lying, so I just left.
>> No. 131278
2166482544 for Celestia. All three were available yesterday in Baltimore.
>> No. 131279

Thank you so much! :)
>> No. 131573
File 138851008937.png - (1.21MB , 1014x721 , PonyPlushgroup.png )
After longs weeks of calling around and searching, I managed to finally find a Celestia! took a 45 min drive, but, I'm happy. =) I also was able to pick up a mini Dj-P0n3 and mini Cheerilee for the herd. Surprisingly, the only pony princess missing from the two deluxe boxes they had was Twilight. o-o
I'm guessing the only collector pony fans in that area are the younger kids, since I've only really seen the youths snatch up Alicorn Twi merch quickly. (That or the parents bought them up, thinking they were best of Christmas gifts).

I guess walmarts are going to stock the mini plushes now like Target and Hot topic have been doing too, there was a whole side-arm display box with a bunch of DJ, AJ with her hat, one or two mini ali-twi, and several Cheerilee.
>> No. 131574
I still find it amazing we got Vinyl and Octavia when they haven't they haven't even had a line in the show. Not that I'm complaining. Just was happily surprised to find Vinyl yesterday.
>> No. 131575

Vinyl Scratch was already one of the 3 popularized by Hot Topic stuff, so it doesn't surprise me all that much. What really shocks me is the love funrise has given for Octavia, muted colors, earth pony, just unlikely for selling geared to kids. I can only hope they follow with more bg ponies and we get a plush Lyra, Bon bon and Dərpy. It's real shame they wont be making a Luna just because he cutiemark costs too much to embroider. :(
>> No. 131576
Good. I didn't want her in lame-spaghetti mane lameness anyway. Luna's too good for Funrise. That's why I commissioned an actually phenomenal plush maker for my Luna plush needs. (Though it would be awesome if a company like 4de or Build-A-Bear would be able to make one that's easier on the wallet.)
>> No. 131582
I've heard a few BAB employees say that after they get done releasing the mane6, they're going to do the princesses. I'm not sure if Cadence will be among them, but they're at least doing a Celestia and a Luna (Please do not hold me to this info though, this was only what an employee may have overheard or read).
>> No. 131584
That'd be cool if true. Very cool indeed. I won't get my hopes up though.
>> No. 132432
they are/have/will be soon omg the 4de luna is ...soo good
>> No. 132433
>> No. 132456
the only thing about my build a bear ponies is the hair on them looks goofy and gets tangled a lot. i feel like if they made the princesses they would look like hack jobs. plus its better to support handmade crafters and artists instead of the companies that mass produce and use child labor!
>> No. 132457
I'm all for supporting crafters and artists and all that, but some people just don't have that option available to them (with how much most people charge for an UNLICENSED plush). That's why I'm glad 4de has decided to make a Luna plush and that Princess Luna merchandise is gaining a foothold.
>> No. 132470
i'm selling all three of these on ebay as part of a bundle if any are interested
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