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File 138965482137.png - (171.17KB , 843x491 , big rarara.png )
131714 No. 131714
Anyone spotted these anywhere yet? I'd love a Rarity and Pinkie Pie, but I don't even know which retailers/online would be selling them.
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>> No. 131715
File 138965486946.png - (308.37KB , 838x442 , big pie.png )
Pinkie Pie:
>> No. 131716
There's also Fluttershy
But I'm not really interested in her. Just Ponk and Rar.
>> No. 131717
if i thought the fashion style was kind of expensive and big.

so i guess im not interested, the funko ones are big enough......

but they are cheaper than the fashion style??
I guess because dont have any accessories and the packaging is really cheap
>> No. 131719
File 138966202320.jpg - (153.10KB , 971x559 , size compare.jpg )
For whatever reason, they are less expensive than the fashion-style ponies. (Lack of clothes/accessories maybe?)
I snapped a pic of a playful pony, fashion-style and what I'm going to assume is the new "larger than life" size (Chinese New Year Pinkie seems to be the same as >>131715 but with extra glitter and sparkles and a painted on "dress".)
>> No. 131730
File 138984300036.jpg - (44.27KB , 443x598 , 10128686_hi.jpg )
Did anyone manage to get this yet? I was dragging my feet since I had Hot Cash to spend, but now it's sold out on the website and I don't know if they sell these in the actual stores.
>> No. 131732

Yup! I got mine a week or so ago, so they're out there.
>> No. 131733
Which brings me to a followup:
Does anyone have the "Value card puzzle" they'd be willing to part with? I only need Value #1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9

Thanks to the boxes, I now have a new completionist task.
>> No. 131944
Any word on these things? Do they have a special name?
Anyone actually happen to spot these larger-than-fashion-style brushables in the wild yet?
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