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File 139005629602.jpg - (68.17KB , 1000x562 , build-a-bear-workshop-my-little-pony-fluttershy-large-3.jpg )
131741 No. 131741
So uh yea, I guess Build-A-Bear is now selling ponies.
Anyone seen one in person? I'm wondering about the quality for $50.
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>> No. 131743
These have been slowly coming out over the last year...The quality is really great and they're $30 or so by themselves (buying clothes and sounds bumps the price up)
>> No. 131745
File 139006997608.png - (366.09KB , 1237x1600 , _vector_8__alicorn_partay_by_audiobeatzz-d5w1nb0.png )
Definitely worth it
it's a good size too for $25. the accessories are cute too.
I got pink shoes and pink skates for my pinkie with the voice box.
>> No. 131746
I'm not a big fan of them, to be honest.
Just don't like the head construction and the manes and tails seem a bit thinner than I expect.
Other than that, fairly standard and decent price for the size you're getting. I rank them above the Funrise spaghetti-maned rasta ponies.
>> No. 131747
File 139009386875.jpg - (393.23KB , 3000x2250 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I prefer the plushies by 4th dimension entertainment much more than the BAB ones. I agree with Oktoberfest. The head and muzzle construction just seems so odd. I've never really been a big fan of brushable hair on a plushie. We all know what happens to barbie hair after a while.

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>> No. 131774
Got my Twilight and Fluttershy from

Really like the stuff they do
>> No. 131777
I have the fluttershy one.

You can get one for about 25 dollars, or one that's in it's gala dress, shoes, and accessories for 50.
I really like mine. It's har can get frizzy, but it's real easy to fix if you know how.
>> No. 131807
got a twi one love it well done $50 well spent
>> No. 131861

>> No. 131863
File 139131849274.png - (200.69KB , 600x600 , 135378318335.png )

If I remember correctly, the original online-poll for top MLP desired characters for Build-a-bear, the CMC was on the list. So I'm not really surprised they're getting mini plushes too.

Though, I have a feeling applebloom will be released whenever they put out AJ. Rarity is obviously with Sweetie, and since RBD was already released, she's the closest counterpart "sibling" to Scootaloo.
>> No. 131864
File 139135021521.jpg - (50.02KB , 640x360 , 130727444980.jpg )
Some BAB employees have told me and my friend (while we were getting our Twilights and he was making a couple of Fluttershys for him and his sister) that after they get the Mane 6 and CMC out, they'll push out Celestia and Luna. Which would be freaking awesome.

I love the BAB ponies, they're amazingly cuddly and all of their clothes work with the ponies as well, which is good for me as I intend to have a set of Pony-Avengers. :)
>> No. 131867

I'm so psyched about the princesses, I know they probably wont be out till late 2015 at the earliest though.

> "I intend to have a set of Pony-Avengers." :)

They DO fit? damn, I'm gonna hafta make an "Iron Rarity" now. D:
>> No. 131892
I really hope they get Rarity and the CMC ones to come out! I think I might get a Fluttershy BAB for myself once I get the money :)
>> No. 131904
File 139198476723.jpg - (5.69KB , 150x150 , King_Graham_of_Daventry_by_maxwelgrl999.jpg )
I hope a Trixie one comes out soon. Complete with her hat and cape.
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