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File 139119360010.jpg - (92.48KB , 754x474 , A8203.jpg )
131851 No. 131851
I don't know about you, but I think these are really nice. What company are they by?
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>> No. 131852
File 139119364553.jpg - (60.99KB , 1027x549 , 1.jpg )
>> No. 131853
File 139119370803.jpg - (59.85KB , 1102x496 , 87041.jpg )
Pinkie has holes in her sides so you can create PegaPinkie if you'd like.
>> No. 131854
File 139119377900.jpg - (54.53KB , 748x512 , 24090.jpg )
>> No. 131855
I don't remember the name of the company, but I think it will be launch on Brazil.....
No kits for you
>> No. 131874

So they're by Hasbro and I'm assuming not a country exclusive. We'll probably find out more at the Toy Fair.
>> No. 131875
im surprised they a zecora
>> No. 131877

More variety maybe? That and they maybe don't want to seem racist if they exclude her from everything. Though I'm pleasantly happy they made the TRU exclusive glow-in-the-dark of her plus the blind bag sized one.
>> No. 131878
because they did the TRU exclusive one, i thought they could make her on a normal version.
i mean, just change the plastic and thats it.
>> No. 131879

If they decide to do another fan-favorites pack, and they need "filler ponies", They would probably add a normal version of her in. They limited edition one sold really well, so why not?
>> No. 131880
If they make a new " fan favorites" pack
I hope it is full of new and interesting ponies instead of repeats.
>> No. 132423
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its sugarcube corner!!!!!!!!!!
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