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File 139170917798.png - (251.26KB , 398x536 , 2.png )
131881 No. 131881
Hope this is OK to post here! It's my first time on mlp forum.

I'm looking for the clear funko mlp toys -- particularly the new twilight sparkle and trixie. I'm horrid awful in the luck department and I'm not sure of any other selling communities? If anyone has any suggestions for me as to where else to ask it'd be super appreciated! <3
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>> No. 131883
i havent seen the twilight and trixie funko.

im delayed, i still have to get octavia and vinyl
>> No. 131884
File 139171122027.jpg - (133.86KB , 640x640 , 530635__safe_twilight+sparkle_photo_trixie_princess+twilight_toy_official_funko_figurine.jpg )
all i know about the subject.

I dont know if twilight should be slightly bigger...
And trixie look masive with her hat and cape....
and translucid trixie look pretty crazy.
>> No. 131885
File 139171123735.jpg - (174.64KB , 722x862 , 543327__safe_twilight+sparkle_applejack_trixie_princess+twilight_toy_hat_merchandise_funko_proto.jpg )
>> No. 131886
I think they are pre-order status right now at HotTopic! But it's only a 1/24 chance.
>> No. 131887
im not really interested on the translucid ones because they are expensive to get.

and me being from outside the US make stuff even more expensive.

so i stick to the normal ones.

Im waiting for the Vinyl and the Octavia to come out on Big Bad Toy Store.....

or at least i hope they come out soon
>> No. 131903
File 139198455280.png - (419.93KB , 2988x2080 , Dimentio Finger Snap 1.png )
>>A Trixie Funko vinyl figure.

MINE!!! Now I just want Build a Bear to make a Trixie model and I will be all set.
>> No. 131946
Bumping this up because I'm still interested in buying! <3
>> No. 131948

>> No. 131953
Yes, I know! :) Thank you -- I'm only looking for the clear ones for when they come out of pre-order!
>> No. 132004
have they been released yet?? :ooo
>> No. 132005
Street date's still about 4 days away.
>> No. 132053
Anyone that preordered get confirmation that their order went through?
I still have "fulfilling order" on my status. I figure it will take them a while to get through the preorders so it might be more than just one or two business days to get to them all.
>> No. 132066
Just an update: Shipping confirmations seemed to have been sent out en masse on Friday.
>> No. 132084
starting to see them out and about online -- if anyone wants to sell me theirs please let me know! ;o; <3
>> No. 132085
Still waiting on mine to arrive. I think my order got processed late or something.

I'll probably sell them if I get the sparkly clear versions.
>> No. 132086
File 139389811520.png - (1.97MB , 800x1872 , 566216__safe_twilight+sparkle_photo_trixie_princess+twilight_toy_merchandise_funko.png )
>> No. 132089
If you do please let me know! I would be happy to buy them!!! ;o; <3
>> No. 132093
They're honestly heavier than I expected, not that it's abad thing. Just an off-hand note.
>> No. 132131

BUMP! still looking! ;o;
>> No. 132132
There's a few clear Trixies on eBay for about $50-$60. Same with Twilight.
>> No. 132133
Yes! I saw <3 I'm hoping to find one a little more reasonably priced though :(
>> No. 132134
File 139448647531.png - (758.09KB , 1276x719 , shahrukh56.png )
Good luck with that. I've never seen a transparent funko under $50 on eBay.
>> No. 132135
n_n yes -- which is why I'm not posting on ebay. I have gotten a few though for the 30-35$ range which I think is a little bit more fair.

Hopefully someone will be happy with selling to me :) Thanks for the good luck!
>> No. 132136
Big bad toy store just put alot of the funko ones on preorder

counting Twilight and Trixie...

even the TRU exclusive, which i buyed for a little extra....
what a bad luck...

but that doesnt count i guess for the translucid ones...
so ....
this was pointless...

Last edited at Mon, Mar 10th, 2014 17:20

>> No. 132179
Bumping up!
>> No. 132202
I have the clear sparkly dərpy if your interested, just send me an email and we can discuss it.
>> No. 132219
I have that one already, but thankyou!
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