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File 139215285571.jpg - (194.72KB , 1024x912 , 25141_300dpi_CMYK_zps2f744064.jpg )
131912 No. 131912
So how long....
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>> No. 131913
File 139215294149.jpg - (413.74KB , 1600x1600 , MegaBloks Barbie Giveaway-768123.jpg )
... you think will take for hasbro....
>> No. 131914
File 139215299245.jpg - (326.18KB , 1500x792 , Lego-Friends-Heartlake-Stables.jpg )
....start making Kre-o ponies....
>> No. 131915
File 139215319026.jpg - (63.04KB , 500x376 , COBI-25502_5.jpg )
... or they will just jump to make Equestria Girls blocks.
>> No. 131916
File 139215438488.png - (291.31KB , 697x449 , its still legal in this state, lover.png )
This. It's all going to be focusing on the EQG toyline from here on out.
You'll start to notice the official Hasbro MLP products dwindle, the licensed MLP products will soon overtake them. And EQG will be heavily pushed by Hasbro. The third movie will be the grand push to make EQG the "main" series of toys with the Ponies as an afterthought rather than the other way around.

Why do you think they've been slowly introducing and including more male characters? Boyfriend dolls.
Soarin', Trenderhoof, Cheese Sandwich, and of course the fucker that started the decent into shit: Flash Sentry.
>> No. 131918
i will start thinking that when they decide to make the equestria girls show and start making pony movies.

remember some girls will prefer a pony over a doll... or bouth.

they want to sell everything, not replace it.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 11th, 2014 17:23

>> No. 131919
File 139216507696.jpg - (508.17KB , 1408x1624 , ew.jpg )
That's why I say reduce. Law of equivalent exchange.

They're not going to completely replace MLP with EQG. But they're going to steadily increase the EQG line while simultaneously reducing how many MLP toys and products they put out.
>> No. 131920
i thought that ship made you rage like a mad man....
>> No. 131921
File 139216747777.png - (0.97MB , 1920x1080 , come at me bro.png )
Oh it does. Hence the filename ew.jpg

It's the ammo I use against that ship. Why an ageless semi-immortal Princess would fall for a mere mortal Earth pony is far beyond my realm of comprehending the appeal.
It's quite possibly my most hated ship.
>> No. 131923
>would fall for a mere mortal Earth pony

not only that, he is just a farmer which have no contact with her at all....
>> No. 131924
File 139217110811.jpg - (119.83KB , 1680x1050 , a street rat and a princess, love conquers all.jpg )
Yeah, there is that. But that's not a really strong argument...
>> No. 131925
File 139217789318.png - (895.90KB , 890x777 , LunaxDerpy.png )

Psh, everypony knows Luna belongs with Dərpy...

But ANYWAY... back on topic, I could see Hasbro starting out with an EQG kre-o set, but possibly adding the pony figures later on in the series.
>> No. 131926
Right now it looks like they're still experimenting with things so there's not much you can do. To back that claim up: first they released the corresponding merchandise after the actual episodes (think crystal empire) but now they release them before the episode has even come (rainbow stuff). This is not something you do if you have already established the best pattern of releasing.
In the long run the best selling product always survives. So if you want your ponies to survive (and not the EQG franchise) just buy them.

Also, like to think all the "mai phantasmal significant other" stuff in this thread is ironic. I do seriously hope this'll make em at least release a decent male pony model, even if it's a boyfriend or crush.
>> No. 131927
I hope they dont go and think "mmmm, maybe we can have a "bloks kingdom" where everything is done with bloks" to push a kre-o line....
because that will be horrible funny and dumb funny
>> No. 131928
File 139222935665.png - (333.16KB , 1593x1725 , licky licky.png )
>So if you want your ponies to survive (and not the EQG franchise) just buy them.
Just made four purchases today, pal.
>make em at least release a decent male pony model
I would be 100% for that. Shining Armor (and a low-quality one at that) is not enough stallion for my collection. I'd even take a Flash Sentry toy as long as it uses a different mold then Shining and actually has decent hair.
>> No. 131931
>a Flash Sentry toy as long as it uses a different mold then Shining
>flash is a pegasus
>shining a giant unicorn

If hasbro reuse that mold for flash sentry, that will be a new low on lazy and cheapness hasbro to achive.
>> No. 131932
File 139225504588.jpg - (64.67KB , 1191x1465 , fluttershy.jpg )
>new low
I thought they couldn't go lower than rock bottom.
If they get any lower, they'd melt in the core.
>> No. 131934
File 139225548949.jpg - (119.61KB , 1000x1000 , pTRU1-15754951enh-z6.jpg )
of course
i mean, sure fluttershy not getting her own mold was bad.

but even to make a pegasus with a unicorn body will be lowest

Last edited at Wed, Feb 12th, 2014 18:49

>> No. 131937
I wish I could say the same. But I refuse to buy bad quality things if there is high(er) quality stuff. I used to love the brushables but since they refuse to underp the NMM/Celestia/Chrysalis mold I'm not buying them anymore.
Funko on the other hand seems to be doing things right. I'm real bummed tho that the shipping cost to my little country are so high and because of that have to wait half a year til (if not more) for them to show up in a store.
firstworldproblems >_>
>> No. 131938
File 139231969780.gif - (623.14KB , 960x540 , omnom.gif )
Chrysalis was never a favorite of mine anyway. I bought the set for Dərpy, Shining Armor, Diamond Tiara, and Lyrica Lilac.
I gave away Cadance and Lyra since I already had them and point and laugh at the most imaginative, yet most foolish villain of FiM (barring Sunset Shimmer).
>> No. 131940
i got the set for the same.
mostly for dərpy.
i didnt have had shining and cadence, so i got them from there.
and the rest waas new ponies.
so the only repeat was lyra.
the one i wanted the less was chrysalis.... because she isnt any good at all..
>> No. 131942
I think it's always nice to have some more diversity. The changelings are an interesting idea. But Chrysalis is just not as good as she could've been because hasbro would never go for a full-on succubus. It would be nice to see a love(cadence) vs lust/greed(chrysalis) epic battle over shining armor.
>> No. 131993
File 139275190134.png - (555.05KB , 1000x525 , Furever.png )
look, now Megabloks have reveales a new line of bloks for girls.

hasbro is way behind...
and i would like if hasbro make kre-o ponies. they dont make them brusheables......
>> No. 131999
That looks horrible. So much paper/foam. Why can't girls have block leaves too? :( But then again, they've been pulling that shit for years. I remember having belville (google that ugly shit) and most of everything was just thin foam attached to some round blocks.
>> No. 132001
File 139281861450.jpg - (1.25MB , 1600x1200 , lego-belville-frends-tapety-na-pulpit-9.jpg )
maybe is plan for really more young girls?
they already have the barbie bloks.

and for the belville, are this?
>> No. 132002
File 139282153745.jpg - (15.65KB , 350x240 , 3150-1_1121288499_thumb2.jpg )
That it! My sister had a whole castle with princesses or something. I only got it for the animals (dogs, horses, dolphins) and that was pretty cool I remember trading all the humans for the animals with her. Though I couldn't find the set I was talking about earlier, and did some searching and found it was actually a newer line that I think followed belville?
Anyways this is the set that I was talking about >_>
>> No. 132050
File 139334113468.png - (555.05KB , 1000x525 , Furever.png )

the video walkthrough
>> No. 132051
You are giving me nightmares. I have heard the word "little" enough for the rest of my life.
>> No. 132052
we watch a show name my "little" pony, i guessed we already got use to that word
>> No. 132169
>> No. 132170
>> No. 132186
File 139517000725.jpg - (59.96KB , 500x500 , b553c8bfa136be4d1967ed3f478b2215.jpg )
Luna is blue.
in a set made from a totally different company.
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