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File 139249333023.jpg - (125.28KB , 640x640 , 553041__safe_equestria+girls_vinyl+scratch_toy_dj+pon-dash-3_car_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rai.jpg )
131947 No. 131947
So Toy Fair have started and stuff.

so, can we have pictures of what ever is showing up on the displays and stuff?
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>> No. 131949
File 139249467977.jpg - (93.82KB , 640x640 , 553051__safe_equestria+girls_toy_zecora_doll_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks.jpg )
I have only seen equestria girls stuff.....
which i dont like at all....
but some one will i guess....
so im posting anyway.

You can see a celestia with a purple cutiemark on the down left.

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>> No. 131950
File 139249529359.jpg - (110.37KB , 640x640 , 553059__safe_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_rarity_equestria+girls_queen+chrysalis_toy_doll_photo+finis.jpg )
Giant... rainbow stocking Chrysalis recolor?....
and i thought the normal chrysalis look bad....

photo finish....
which i suspect they will sell with a Equestria Girls doll..... i dont like that.....

and smaller versions of ponies with colors of equetria girls, just like twilight and sunset shimmer had last season....
>> No. 131951
File 139249546413.jpg - (145.35KB , 640x640 , 553053__safe_equestria+girls_toy_doll_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_adagio+dazzle.jpg )
the new bad guy of the movie maybe.
>> No. 131952
File 139249580187.jpg - (114.55KB , 640x640 , 553069__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_princess+twili.jpg )
the stage
>> No. 131954
File 139250301292.jpg - (115.38KB , 640x640 , brezzies.jpg )
>> No. 131955
File 139250302743.jpg - (123.83KB , 640x640 , cadence stole celestia body.jpg )
>> No. 131956
File 139250304146.jpg - (147.40KB , 640x640 , 4a54df72968411e3b2f6123d8e50747b_8.jpg )
>> No. 131957
File 139250305651.jpg - (136.79KB , 640x640 , 01a84052968411e3a03812b35d204c7b_8.jpg )
>> No. 131958
File 139250333468.jpg - (112.99KB , 640x640 , e02a5e42968311e3aaea124cdd605796_8.jpg )
>> No. 131959
File 139250334812.jpg - (131.11KB , 640x640 , a128aa6e968311e3b5140e9867dae172_8.jpg )
>> No. 131960
File 139250336208.jpg - (140.20KB , 640x640 , k.jpg )
>> No. 131961
File 139250337529.jpg - (136.49KB , 640x640 , d8999914968211e3aba90e9c9ad3415e_8.jpg )
>> No. 131962
File 139250352419.jpg - (102.17KB , 640x640 , c157fa0c968211e3b0e50e94664970e5_8.jpg )
>> No. 131963
File 139250354834.jpg - (104.94KB , 640x640 , 8bbb9b88968211e3b6c912d0454589fa_8.jpg )
>> No. 131964
File 139250356352.jpg - (145.68KB , 640x640 , 6889daee968211e384041243d2856edf_8.jpg )
>> No. 131965
File 139250357926.jpg - (115.54KB , 640x640 , f4e830d6968111e3b34e0e1aae3e6422_8.jpg )
>> No. 131966
File 139250359361.jpg - (119.90KB , 640x640 , 8f2395ec968111e398e11297a3d38eb7_8.jpg )
>> No. 131967
File 139250361721.jpg - (143.86KB , 640x640 , d006bbcc968411e387c90a4c7b013f6e_8.jpg )
>> No. 131968
Video showing all the FIM merch

Video showing all the Equestria Girls stuff
>> No. 131969
File 139252784178.jpg - (73.92KB , 500x496 , tumblr_static_heavy-breathing-cat.jpg )

>mine countenance whereupon this whole thread

(But seriously, so much WANT! Even the EQG dolls.)
>> No. 131970
Vinyl, Octavia, and Photo Finish? Wow...

I wonder if they'll make a Dərpy EQG doll :P
>> No. 131971
not this year.....
unless it is a SDCC exclusive or something
>> No. 131972

oh please please please! *crosses fingers*

Then again, SDCC Fashion-style Dərpy was very hush-hush until the actual con. AND Mattel Always puts out a SDCC-limited doll, so, high possibility. The Twilight and DJ-P0n3 exclusives from last year was a flop, If Hasbro takes note on that, they'll resort back with her.
>> No. 131973
the last year SDCC was a flop?

well, i guess because a $50 modify fashion style isnt as great.

they maybe thought they could attach any price to anything and people was going to buy it anyway.
>> No. 131974
Ugh. Another wave of blind bags and I still haven't gotten my preorder for the wave that comes after Flim and Flam yet from Toywiz.
Interesting Princess snow-globey things. Might pick up a couple of the mane 6 with key and breezie packs whenever they come out.

Other than that. Ew EQG. Why do people like these dolls?
>> No. 131975
I dont know

what i was thinking now was "Damn you hasbro, why octavia and Photo finish have to be a "Pony with doll" thing. instead of launching a normal pony"

but een like that i will not get them, and hope they get an alone release at some point. specially because the octavia is with rainbow power.
>> No. 131976
Most of this stuff looks pretty cool. By the looks of the pics they're making 2 trixie dolls, which is awesoe because I didn't really care for that bigger dress of her.

That Chrysalis made me laugh. My roommate was asleep on the other side of the room and she woke up, that's how hard I bark-laughed. It just... I can't... I want to know any reason why they'd put SOCKS on her! Are they maybe going to release an entire "ponies with socks" line? I just... no. I just cant do this lmao.

So much want on that translucent Twilight and Celestia. Those look really pretty, honestly I don't have much Princess Twilight.

Good stuff, good stuff. None of it I have money for yet but good stuff all around. (except for maybe that Chrysalis... that's just funny.)
>> No. 131977
Chrysalis is a naughty naughty schoolgirl and queen of the gothics/emo's.
That is all.
>> No. 131978
File 139256853125.gif - (499.81KB , 500x281 , 130877224460.gif )
>> No. 131979
>So much want on that translucent Twilight and Celestia. Those look really pretty, honestly I don't have much Princess Twilight

unless you are talking about blind bags, that are "luna" and "cadence"
>> No. 131980
Celestia is in one of the boxes behind Luna and Cadance.

Twilight and Luna probably share a mold and Celestia and Cadance share a mold.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 16th, 2014 11:16

>> No. 131981
i thought it was Cadence again.
for that than she look pink.
at least on the wings.
>> No. 131983
what i noticed this year there is not a "fan favorites set"

apparently it will be a mix between ponies, rainbow rock and equestria girls...

i guess better for me, because i dont have to waste money this season

I would like hasbro to release a normal octavia and photo finish

Last edited at Sun, Feb 16th, 2014 23:04

>> No. 131984
Like I said earlier, I believe in another thread:
They're slowly phasing the pony toys down. First to go is the fan favorites collection (if we see one this year at all, I'm going to bet its going to be ponies that have already been released with no new brushables added.)
>> No. 131985
i think is just to promote even stronger what is Equestria girls. and market it like an escential part of the pony franchise.

they will not let you forget about it like "a little adventure than just happen", no, they will hamer it in until it really is stronger brand.

then when equestria girls franchise is stronger as hell, then they cant stop hammering it so hard....

even i think they will share the theme for a long run.
because is easier think 1 theme for the lines, and because that way are easier to releate them to each other
>> No. 131986
No offense or anything, but I don't think either of us know what the fuck we're talking about here.
I'm just tossing out a prediction based on last year's toy fair compared to this year's toy fair. Next year's will be even more telling.

And my prediction can be boiled down to simply this:
Less Friendship is Magic products
More Equestria Girls products
>> No. 131987

and my prediction is "Hasbro want you to remember Equestria Girls exist all the time"
>> No. 131988
Instead of the one-off it should have been. But nope, we get a Jem knock off.

I might have to get Octy, Zecora, DJ, and maybe Trixie though.
>> No. 131989
Why? Why would you do that? So they'd make EQG 3?
Don't want it to continue? Don't monetarily support it. They're crappy Monster High ripoffs. Buy ponies instead.
>> No. 131990
so you think they look bad....
but you will go over zecora, dj and maybe trixie?

i could kind of think you getting Octy and photo finish because hasbro was evil enought to include a brusheable pony....
but i will hope and maybe molest them so they make a normal pony release....
beside, i would like to have an octavia with her complete hair black.
>> No. 131991
Don't give into the temptation.
They will release Octavia and Photo Finish as ponies by themselves someday. Don't give them a dime for their crappy human fashion dolls.
Fight the powah.
>> No. 131992
i will wait.
in any case, Equestria Girls dolls are Way to expensive.

and only wanting the little pony paying full price, that is madness.
>> No. 131994
Yadda yadda, it's my money, I collect dollies too. I'll just stick to already existing characters so I can have their anthro form with their pony form.
>> No. 131995
If that is your liking so be it...
we thought you was thinking this dolls are bad but you was going to buy them anyway...
and just like a partner we recomend that is no good.

but if you like it go ahead... buy 15 octavias so it becomes redundant.
>> No. 132006
File 139293089937.jpg - (129.28KB , 900x621 , Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro My Little Pony 001.jpg )
More info:

Rainbow Rocks stuff is coming out in the fall.
Photo Finish and the goth-y ponies are part of a TRU exclusive line.
We're apparently also getting movie-accurate mane 6.
>> No. 132007
File 139293095483.jpg - (84.83KB , 610x800 , Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro My Little Pony 007.jpg )
And Holly Dash?
>> No. 132008
>> No. 132009
this one is interesting.
>> No. 132015

Want!!! ...not fond of the spots, though a little paint thinner can take those off easy.
>> No. 132019
I can't help but feel this is a pun. Something with measles and strawberry?
>> No. 132023
I dont see where is the pun.

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