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File 139277593861.jpg - (193.59KB , 734x1024 , DrHoovesCard.jpg )
131997 No. 131997
So... Has anyone else found that they accumulate doubles REALLY quickly? And that booster packets have almost identical contents? As in, I got more than one double from my first two booster packs.

Am I just unlucky? Didn't have this problem with the other set of trading cards...
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>> No. 131998
You are not alone in your shitty luck. The only UR I have is Philomena which sucks balls.

So yeah, I'm pretty much ready to drop this crappy contrived card game that no one anywhere near me has any interest in playing anyway.
>> No. 132000
A lot of people have doubles because this is the initial set. They aren't printing this set anymore, so any place that has cards has the first set, which yes is very limited.

Next set will be coming in March/April and will have Celestia/Luna starter decks, and feature more cards.
>> No. 132017
File 139294873949.jpg - (35.12KB , 512x288 , 1392936732118.jpg )
Fluttershy is my least favorite of the mane 6 and the UR's I've gotten has pretty much forced me to build a deck around her at this point.
>> No. 132038
File 139311509192.png - (32.11KB , 186x187 , Uhhh.png )
That sounds... Like a very poor tactic? As with >>131998 , I'm considering not bothering with this set at this point. I have enough trouble finding people to trade with without it being even harder to collect.

Plus the Problem cards having the majority of their sideways text one way and the logo on the back the other way up does not make my OCD happy when I arrange them in my card folders, haha...

Unlucky! At least I don't have that problem I suppose.

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