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132013 No. 132013
I'm selling a ton of things, including an unboxed Fashion Style Dərpy from SDCC. Yes, unboxed. Yes, I know it killed her value.

It makes me sad to part with her, but I'm in dire need of money. My tax refund was garnished, which I wasn't expecting, and as I work on fixing that, I need additional money for my livestock.

I also have a shitload of blind bag figures, mainly the earlier waves. Photos will follow. I also have McDonalds toys, unpictured, though I can get pictures of them if you want. And a ton of MLP cards, though not TCG.

I'm not really sure what these things are worth, so if you want something, post a reasonable offer.
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>> No. 132014
File 139294323141.jpg - (2.69MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_1629.jpg )
>> No. 132016
I hope you find buyers Marshmallow <3 I enjoyed doing business with you in the past. I can't really spot anything I need in your pictures, but I hope you can find good homes for your pony friends.
>> No. 132020

You're so sweet. Thank you! <3
>> No. 132021
File 139298943397.jpg - (2.72MB , 3264x2448 , 2014-02-20 20_27_11.jpg )

I was having problems uploading the rest of the pictures last night, so here's more!
>> No. 132022
Do you have an idea of what you're looking for dərpy? ;w; She and Applejack are the only ones I'm missing in my collection (all mine are unboxed too!) and I would really love to add her!
>> No. 132024

Would $75 (shipping included) be fair? I have no idea what to ask for her, since ebay varies so much with her, both in and out of box!

I'd always displayed my ponies out of box, too. I thought they looked so much happier that way! ;)
>> No. 132034
I'm not sure if it's fair or not ... but I know I definitely can't afford that :( Good luck with your sale! I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
>> No. 132036

Darn. :( Well, let me know if you become rich, heh. xD

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