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File 139326868051.png - (602.08KB , 487x596 , tinyl.png )
132045 No. 132045
Any news on these? It looks like a McDonald's toy, and we didn't get any in 2013.
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>> No. 132046
File 139327724078.jpg - (85.43KB , 1000x1000 , pTRU1-15547091enh-z6.jpg )
>molded mane
>brushable tail
>new line of EQG dolls coming out in support of Rainbow Rocks

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that particular DJ Pon-3 is going to be paired with her human counterpart in one of those doll and pony combo sets.
>> No. 132048
Makes me wonder though just how many doll-pony sets they're going to be releasing in Rainbow Rocks.
IIRC, they only put Student Sparkle and Principal Celestia with a pony-counterpart in the initial release.
>> No. 132055
It looks a little too "cheap" to be with an EG doll...hoping it's a McD's toy!!!

Why the hay didn't we get any Happy Meal Toys last year?! They were probably earning bank with them previously!
>> No. 132057
File 139344484116.jpg - (351.76KB , 1600x1600 , rainbow-rocks-doll-set-rarity.jpg )

That's what I thought too, but it's kinda strange to only find a DJ-P0n3 Mc D's toy prototype, and none other new ones.

Speaking of which, I've been trying to find the "Rainbow Rocks" pony Rarity (without the full doll), but I haven't found any Chinese whole-sellers with her alone. Anyone else have any luck?
>> No. 132073
>> No. 132074

Much thanks! =)
>> No. 132075
How do you buy from tao anyway? Agents?
>> No. 132076

You need to use a 3rd-party agent if you're outside of China, but some are less trustworthy than others, so you have to be careful.
>> No. 132114
File 139417065611.jpg - (66.76KB , 751x361 , Mc D's 2014 pony toys.jpg )
Here's the full set. A brony who works at Mc D's leaked it. Says it's suppose to run March 28th - April 24th.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 6th, 2014 22:37

>> No. 132115
Don't even care that it's teenage woona. I want her.
>> No. 132116
File 139417816855.jpg - (573.49KB , 1920x2560 , XBCVsax.jpg )

oh applejack, you have to get reggected most of the time because you are a non pink non princess pony....
>> No. 132117

True, but, just remember They're making merch of even Octavia (A diluted-tone earth pony), But between her and DJ-P0n3, obviously DJ with all her neon-y goodness will win.

Same thing with AJ, she's muted warm colors, not pink, not rainbow, and not girly-acting, so, she gets the boot when only certain ponies are used.
>> No. 132118
The Octavia toy have a giant pink stil, she is just an accessory for an equestria girls doll. And who knows if she will see the light of day like a normal pony.

Just look at zecora, I thought at some point we could get the normal zecora with out the glow in the dark feature...
But I was horrible wrong, maybe because she is grey and black.
>> No. 132119

there's blindbag-style Zecora and several TRU-excluse non-toy merch of her. And we can't forget that Octavia has plushes in 2 different sizes too.

But I see what you mean. I think as far as the hard mold-toy market goes, Hasbro wants to stay will ponies of bright colors.
>> No. 132120
File 139422209987.jpg - (107.81KB , 640x487 , 20120126-110105.jpg )
Blind bags can get away with alot of stuff.

I mean, you will never see a Brown brusheable female pony.

but i will not go that crazy, i mean, it isnt anything new.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 7th, 2014 12:56

>> No. 132123
Probably just didn't have the contract in place. Hasbro might not have decided to make season 4 before then.

Here's an EqD article on these toys:
>> No. 132130
Rainbowfied... no Applejack... we are not amused. I'll probably get them, anyway, but I am NOT happy.
>> No. 132224
Mac D toys are out and about now.
Anyone have a Luna I could buy off them?
>> No. 132225

Luna is later in the set, so 98% of people probably wont get them for a while, unless you go to Mc D's when they aren't busy, ask for the "Demo box" of toys with the multi-sets and ask for a Luna, that's the only way you can get her.
>> No. 132227
Think I'll just wait for someone to sell her online then.
I wonder why they do "sets"?
>> No. 132228
File 139611223359.png - (473.08KB , 751x361 , MLPmctoys.png )

It's just easier to ship them to Mc D's in case sets of two characters for each of the 4 weeks they'll be selling the toys. The only ones I couldn't get from their demo box was DJ and Dash, but that may come in in a another demo box.
>> No. 132230
File 139611351520.jpg - (97.27KB , 1024x512 , Bj2nEAUCAAAMw8d_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 132232
Just got my set today! So happy!
>> No. 132234
I will eat MCDonalds for life to get Luna and DJ. I hate McDonalds.
>> No. 132238
It is one. We already have then in canada.
>> No. 132240
You could just...ask for the toys.
>> No. 132249
Anyone wanna trade my Fluttershy for your Luna?
>> No. 132250
Alright, just got the six of these I wanted (skipped Rarara and Pinks, 'cause I had them from the other runs).

The shimmery plastic they're using is kind of weird looking and Twilight!Flap Variant has a weird face but I mean, for $1.50 a piece these are great.

By the are there actually green and blue tailed Vinyl's out there?
>> No. 132266
I just bought one of these today! I was about to make a thread here and shit saying how much I love it. I was gonna brag about it saying "haha I had the ballz to order a girls toy you probably don't."

My old thread here:
>> No. 132267
Go, you totally random anonymous nameless poster you! You bought a toy for girls at one of the lowest quality-controlled restaurants in the world!
Your parents would be OH so proud!

"What have you done with your life, sweetie?"
>"I went to McDonalds and asked for a pretty little pony toy!"

And I can see from here that the women are lining up at your door to perform sexual favors for you! All because you asked a minimum wage food service worker for a toy that should have gone in a little girl's Happy Meal.

High Five.
>> No. 132268

I hate to burst your bubble, but by law now Mc donalds can't even call each toy sets "Girls toy" or "boys toy" (one of my dormmates works there). All you have to do is go ask the cashier for a "pony toy" or a "skylanders toy", and most Mc employees don't give a crap at what you buy. (Apparently a large group of people flipped shit over gendering children's toys so it was changed, and for that I'm proud.)
>> No. 132270
<<Still thinking anyone gives a rat's ass about what toy you buy.
Seriously, what are you, 13?
>> No. 132272
Man high five your reaction is just what I was aiming for despite the sarcastic nature of your reply I feel you gave me a true and honest compliment, ty.
2014 or not it's still a cool toy, and I wanted to share this so you may too also buy one seriously the tone of my thread "how do I fucking get one." Oh yeah just buy one cuz the employees don't give a McShit yo.
>> No. 132286
You missed my point... what I was saying was that no one at McDonald's (or any other store, for that matter) gives a rat's ass if you want to buy a "girly" toy, so it's silly and immature to think you have to "have ballz" to ask for one if you are a guy.
>> No. 132297
File 139725185724.jpg - (23.08KB , 273x448 , absolutely disgusting.jpg )

>that thread
>being that annoying about getting a simple toy for yourself
>actually using the "I'm buying it for my "niece" excuse"
>> No. 132298
So how hard is it to take the tails out of these? I just want to add some blue hair to Celestia's tail for "accuracy"
>> No. 132302
Well fuck me I just wanted to share one tale of corruption answered O.P.s question and had fun doing it I don't think there's any shame in that.
U r b8.
>> No. 132307
File 139734124079.gif - (93.30KB , 466x300 , 1395366909642.gif )
Anyone up for a trade? I've got Celestia, DJ Pony, and Rainbow Dash (unopened). Looking for Twi, but tell me which ponies you've got anyway and I may be interested.
>> No. 132309
I'm not really looking to trade- but if you want a Fluttershy, I have one unopened.
>> No. 132327
Anyone wanna trade my Fluttershy she is also unopened.
I could use another Dj Pon3 or maybe RD do you want Fluttershy?
>> No. 132354
File 139836796746.png - (50.55KB , 250x188 , thumb.png )
Nvm I couldn't help myself so I went back and bought all 8 go me.
>> No. 132383
Would anyone be interested in a trade? I have a complete set of the 2012 McDonald's ponies, still in the bags, that I would like to trade for a complete set of the 2014 ones.
>> No. 132646
>> No. 132678
Oh man, Cherry Spices was my favorite blind bag back in the day. I lost her while I was in Oregon, at a family wedding. Any idea where I can find it cheap?

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