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Here is an in depth review and analysis of the MLP CCG examining its game mechanics and meta
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>> No. 132060
Can you provide the tl;dr version here?
>> No. 132061
Whoever you're playing with, they're interpreting the rules wrong. I was too, the rules and some of the card descriptions are hard to understand (I hope they got a new person to write the cards for the second set honestly). I don't have a proper link to give you to the direct interpretation of the rules, however there's a score phase between faceoffs that makes Rarity a hell of a lot easier to flip.

Secondly- If this is what you call "in depth" you're really off the mark, not to mention you only pick on a few cards so it's hardly in depth, and more like a review of what are the broken cards of the game. And you hardly touch on the mechanics, only the ones of the cards you mentioned and the ones that (seem) to tick you off.

Before you go boasting of this "in depth review" I suggest you actually make it one or modify your title.

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