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File 139405215044.jpg - (64.66KB , 720x960 , tmp_CRy8Pq8207699907.jpg )
132099 No. 132099
I have the Twilight sparkle piggy bank that I can trade and I've also got some normal size funko such as lyra, octavia, Spitfire, rainbow dash, Bon Bon, fluttershy and pinkie pie.

I might be able to get a hold of certain mlp beanie babies or mini or full-size fun rise plushies. But not the jumbo size fun rise.

Or I can buy outright if the price is right.
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>> No. 132100
Wish I could find her anywhere. I haven't even seen the Twi-banks yet.
I'd much rather have a Pie-bank.
>> No. 132125
Did the Pinkie bank come out before or after the Twi one? I just found Twi, but I'm wondering if I missed Pinkie entirely.
>> No. 132126
Before, I believe. And it wasn't shipped to every Wal-mart. I checked every store in the greater My-City area. Tons of Duck Dynasty banks and Hello Kitty and other crap, no Pinkie.
>> No. 132127

I checked the website and they were placed on clearance and sold out. :(
>> No. 132128
Man, I can't even find them on ebay.

That's a shame. I really wanted a Pinkie bank.
>> No. 132137
dammit! well, thanks for the heads up. I like Pinkie, but I guess I'll have to be happy with my Twi.
>> No. 132154
File 139467038610.jpg - (705.62KB , 2560x1920 , 2014-03-12 20_21_03.jpg )
I just wanna say, this post is the first time I'd ever seen this piggy-bank, but seeing the image posted, I thought it was a small bank.

I was just gifted one, and this thing is huge O_O As tall as my 10" Sonic figures... I had no idea.
>> No. 132178
There are some currently up on ebay in case anyone wants one :)
>> No. 132180
>sees some on ebay
>> No. 132207

Hey Oatmeal, I'm not sure if you're still interested or not, but I saw a few of these banks come in to one of my local walmarts the other day, I didn't check what the price was, but they may be re-releasing them in stores again. I had never seen them in person before the other day.

If not, I might be able to snag one for you and do either a trade or sale for you.
>> No. 132223
Thank you very much! However I've already managed to nab myself a piggy bank. :)
>> No. 132226

No problem! Just wanted to make sure while they still had them in stock.
>> No. 132814
Pa order po kami...

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