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132109 No. 132109
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>> No. 132110
That must be from wave 2 or something. Wave 1 rainbow power doesn't have the cutie mark cancer and only has the mane 6.
>> No. 132111
and i think wave 1 should had the cutiemark cancer.

i mean, is the entire point of the line.... and hasbro was so cheap they didnt did that.

they just changed 2 colors on the hair and shipped the same mane six than have been making before....

so at least is an update... i mean i dont care, but at least could be better for the girls getting something which is supposed to be more special....
>> No. 132112
File 139413936155.png - (0.96MB , 1000x600 , rainbow power.png )
Wave 1 had the tinsel hair, no splotchy.
Wave 2 will have multi-colored hair and cutie mark/splotchyness around the legs and face.
>> No. 132113
then i guess wave 2 iw what i would have expected from wave 1

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