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File 139570668210.jpg - (1.03MB , 2064x1161 , 20140324_201357.jpg )
132204 No. 132204
How many more of these are there?
I don't care about the clear ones.
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>> No. 132205
File 139571515015.jpg - (421.08KB , 2048x1536 , 20140325023830_SAM_0614.jpg )
you lack 2.

Bon Bon and Spit fire.

they was TRU exclusive.

but they are on preorder on BBTS now.
>> No. 132206
Also Pinkie Pie
>> No. 132208
i have a question for you.

For what i saw long time ago, the Vinyl and octavia had to have the cutiemark on the 2 sides.

that was real, or Hot topic cheated on us?

the same for twilight.
>> No. 132209

I picked up Trixie, Vinyl, and Twilight at Hot Topic a few days ago, and they all have the mark on both sides (except Trixie who does not have a visible flank). They didn't have Octavia, so I can't confirm anything there.
>> No. 132210
I believe they started doing the cutie marks on both sides from DJ/Octavia and beyond.

RD, FS, PP, Dərpy, The Doctor, Spitfire, Bon Bon and Lyra all have only the one-side with a cutie mark, much like the brushables.
Theoretically, future releases (like AJ and Big Mac) will have cutie marks on both sides. But it is unknown if they will re-release the ponies with a "display" side with cutie marks on both sides.
>> No. 132212
File 139578411584.jpg - (167.04KB , 640x480 , swi05.jpg )
if they do i think i wlll pass them, i mean, sure it is great they are putting a little more effort on it.

but if there is a new thing to collect, i will wait for an even better version to start recollecting.

now if you excuse me, im doing to sit down and wait for my dream pony line made by the 4 horsmen or NECA, with really great sculpts, paintjobs and articulation until i die. because you know, that will never happen.

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