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So I was passing by a small store and found Beanie Babies of some of the Mane Six. Honestly, never had any MLP merchandise since I didn't feel I had enough money to spend frivolously before. Of the available ponies I picked a Rainbow Dash plush (as her mane and tail fit with my current trend of coloring my creations with rainbows to practice my color transitioning and mixing). So far, she's been a real eye catcher since I placed her above my laptop/drawing desk next to my childhood stuffed T-rex (because cool things look even cooler with another cool thing). As I type I'm also styling her fussed up mane to more resemble the show style and also fix up a couple cowlicks.

Anyone else remember their first piece of MLP merchandise?
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>> No. 132236
Pinkie Pie playful pony brushable with the suitcase accessory.

Since then, I have every single playful pony brushable and lots of other picky-choosy crap.
Hasbro is bad for my wallet.
>> No. 132237

The Rainbow Dash wave-1 McDonalds toy and a Brushable basic Rarity I got from TRU. (I think I got them both around the same time). But I remember trying so hard to paint my McD's toy and style Rarity's mane to be show-accurate. I have plenty of the other brushables now, but I think Rarity's hair still came out the best of 'em all.
>> No. 132239
I was out garage saling and found a Rainbow Dash Mcdonalds toy (From the first line) in bag in a box. It was the only purchase I made that day, and I still have her. She was also the first pony I ever tried to style (I styled her tail a bit) since then I've style 2 Cadences to near perfection, as well as a few other ponies.
>> No. 132271
From G4? Princess Celestia from the 2011 McDonald's set. Overall, Some random G1 pony... I have no idea now which one it was.

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