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No. 132245
I'm New to this board. What happens here?
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>> No. 132246
File 139642180977.jpg - (25.32KB , 280x323 , 1394934198860.jpg )
stuff with ponies.
>> No. 132263
People oggle about buying stuff with ponies on it. Or stuff that is ponies incarnate. Basically squeeing, money, and fangirling/fanboying(?)
>> No. 132275
File 139703195616.png - (140.63KB , 900x815 , squee.png )
Just for you.. :-P
>> No. 132276
Lately it's starting to look a lot like the personal blog of a few people. Merch is supposed to happen but it's so dead. Of course it could be just me remembering how it was.
Bah humbug and such.
>> No. 132277

maybe because people are not buying that much anymore...

Merch was slow, but not a inmovil corpose...

but yes, people interest on stuff died here
>> No. 132279
Less new merch getting put out + lower interest in owning MLP merch = less traffic. I used to use this site to buy stuff I missed out on, but now I'm pretty much caught up with things except for stuff I doubt I'll ever get a hold of (certain promo cards), and I do most of my new-merch shopping online (preordering).

Maybe it will pick up again when there's another big merchandise push?
>> No. 132301
If this board is so dead slow, why not merge it with, say, /oat/?
>> No. 132303
Why? Because every merchandise post would get buried within a matter of minutes because probably hardly any /oat/ posters are interested in either official, licensed or fan-made pony products.
>> No. 132305
Pffft, Demonio's threads get plenty of time on the front page.
>> No. 132306
And how many times does Demonio self-bump? And how MLP-merch related are his posts?
>> No. 132310
File 139735669632.png - (689.94KB , 492x695 , 1-38.png )
>And how many times does Demonio self-bump?
IIRC, he actually replies often instead of doing nothing but needlessly bumping.

>And how MLP-merch related are his posts?
Enough that he had six fucking threads on one page of your board just a few days ago, all of which originated on /oat/.
>> No. 132311
Which, if you notice, never get many more than a couple of replies since it's never 100% MLP related or starts off with some Lego or NECA shit and how he wants it to be like MLP.
>> No. 132312
Im sorry ok.
there is 0 new stuff since Toy fair. and the new stuff is completly uninteresting to me.
so i post stuff just to start talking about something merch related.

so im sorry ok. nothing move on merch latetly, there is no interest anymore apparently.
maybe everything what had to be told has been told already.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 12th, 2014 21:35

>> No. 132313
and wait a second.
i dont have that much "threads" on the front page

there is only the one about plushies
which is pony merch related
and yes the damn lego thing....
>> No. 132315
File 139736853677.png - (1.02MB , 740x720 , 2-9.png )
What's your point? Replies are replies and /oat/ in its current state isn't nearly fast enough to knock his threads off the front page immediately.

IIRC it was page two a couple days ago. Some shit like that.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 12th, 2014 22:56

>> No. 132317
I've never been to /oat/ (and plan on keeping it that way), but I'm saying that combining /oat/ and /merch/ would be bad for those looking for trades or selling due to those threads not getting replies while more threads are made on that board.
>> No. 132319
File 139741540466.png - (185.16KB , 310x285 , 2-37.png )
Well that much is definitely true, but what you were saying earlier was an exaggeration.

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