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File 139672373358.jpg - (55.34KB , 566x754 , 588790__safe_derpy+hooves_plushie_official_funrise.jpg )
132251 No. 132251
Some one know something about this?
i dont get the plushies....
but i was just wondering....
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>> No. 132252
some walmarts are selling some funrise dərpies and trixies now, adding to the increasingly bigger list of ponies available to purchase except for Luna
>> No. 132253
purple luna will come out at some point....
>> No. 132254
Doubt it. I've asked a two different occasions (once after the mane 6 were released and then after the three princesses were released) and both times were a resounding: "We have no plans on making Princess Luna at this time or in the immediate future"
>> No. 132255
I remember there was already pictures of a luna plush.

of course she looks like twilight because is purple, but it was supposed to be luna... some point
>> No. 132257
File 139683106102.jpg - (46.63KB , 248x300 , buttwings.jpg )
That's not funrise. That's Aurora.
Funrise hasn't even made a pass at a prototype Luna yet.
>> No. 132261
then i was wrong.

if some day funrise make a luna, lets hope is blue.

because some one have to take the first step.
>> No. 132262
Again, doubtful.
The whole reason Funrise hasn't made a Luna yet was because her blue was too expensive and apparently either didn't want to make her purple for her to be cheaper or Hasbro gave them instructions on her design that did not include a cheaper alternative fabric color.

So basically: either buy the Aurora plush when it comes out, spend a ton on a fan-made plush, or no Luna for you.
>> No. 132264
I really wish they had better hair.
>> No. 132280
File 139715762403.jpg - (21.66KB , 224x300 , image.jpg )
>> No. 132282
30 bones?!
How much did they retail for at wally world? Like 10 bucks?
>> No. 132283
well, that is a really evil move...
unless $10 isnt the retailer price
>> No. 132285
$10 is the retail price at Wal-Mart... Toywiz regularly engages in price gouging on MLP products, and probably others, as well.
>> No. 132287
then yes, it is pretty nasty. they are charging 300% for the product.
>> No. 132449
OK, that's reasonable for the big ones, but how about the small ones you can fit in your pocket?
>> No. 132452

The mini ones typically run $5-$7 (Depending if you're buying it from Walmart, or Target)

But, They haven't made a mini Dərpy plush yet, I checked with all of the "easter"-gift bins they released, it was just mini Trixies and the rainbowfide!mane-6.

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