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132256 No. 132256

Hasbro is so cheap with the girls line they will not attempt to make a Kre-o ponies line?
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>> No. 132258
And why would they? All the other crappy merchandise they make is selling just fine.
>> No. 132259
File 139683123019.jpg - (373.46KB , 1600x1174 , IMG_0661.jpg )
you could say the same for the crap merchindise on the transformers line.

and they still make kre-os of them...
>> No. 132260
Except according to Hasbro- the girl line sales have been increasing while no matter how much shit they put out for boys its staying the same.

aka- don't fix what isn't broken. Keep making the same 6 ponies with different glitter and tinsel.
>> No. 132289
File 139723666450.jpg - (0.96MB , 1944x2592 , sterscrerm.jpg )
The Transformers line is awesome. I just got my Sharkticon Megs in the mail the other day and I love it.

Transformers fans get stuff like this. You guys get... Articulated heads, I guess? Toplel.
>> No. 132290
File 139723884309.jpg - (224.96KB , 366x517 , 595327__safe_twilight+sparkle_princess+twilight_tree_season+4_spoiler-colon-s04_rainbow+power_ca.jpg )
it is a Hasbro's Girl line.... so there is the problem.
>> No. 132291
So riddle me this, Transformers fan. What are you doing on an MLP fan website?
>> No. 132292
Is a free country?
>> No. 132293
I don't go to Transformers fansites to make fun of Transformers fans. Why did this Mein person decide to pop into this thread to make fun of MLP collectors? Just on a whim this person was browsing the merchandise board?
>> No. 132294
File 139724586403.jpg - (65.65KB , 600x580 , 678e5c27cfb33513505951f6967bb8e796774b11.jpg )
Because I like MLP but not enough to collect the toys.

>Just on a whim this person was browsing the merchandise board?
Pretty much.
>> No. 132295
Your whims are stinky.
>> No. 132296
File 139724937985.jpg - (157.43KB , 350x744 , 02d97727331f8ba3f0485f5afffd0a2a96b12153.jpg )
Basically what happened was it came to my attention that OP's threads were getting moved to this board so frequently he had like six on one page. I thought this was absolutely hilarious and decided to see if any more got moved here. That's it, really.

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