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The mini G1 Firefly brushable and book that Amazon put up for pre order back in October are finally being shipped. Got mine today. It's licensed by Hasbro (hoof is stamped "2014 Hasbro"), but they're made by Running Press. The initial picture of it on Amazon's site looked good. Unfortunately as you can see in the pic' it was a little different. X_X Even some G1 collectors cancelled their order for it after the first pic's began appearing.

On the plus side: There is absolutely no reason Hasbro can't make a G4 Firefly now. The mini book features Starshine, Snuzzle, and Glory (one of Rarity's ref's) also, so it's clear they can use older names.
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>> No. 132304
And book?
a G1 book?

So what is the story behind it?
Hasbro Got the right back or something?
>> No. 132308
They got the rights to Firefly back the year before FIM started, as I recall (appeared in some Dolly Mix bags as proof, though it was too late by that point to put her in Dash's place).
>> No. 132314
So is the only old character which they got.
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