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132334 No. 132334
Hey there guys, I have the following MLP cards to sell/trade:

2 x Promo NMM (from the prerelease)
3 x RD to the rescue (promo from the prerelease)
2 x Cloudchaser
1 x Foil Ahuizotl
1 x Octavia UR

Most, if not all the commons/uncommons from the first set and some cheap rares like Gotta Go Fast, Action Shot, etc.

To discuss prices you can add me on skype under Zooty.Snowpaw (tagname is Gadget) since I'm unsure what to charge for the NMM promos (ebay says between $200-300 each)

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>> No. 132335
>spending hundreds on shiny pieces of cardstock
Okay. Good luck with your sale. Movin' right along...
>> No. 132336

Psh, you should see what Bronycon Rarity foil promo use to sell for.


honestly Gadget, if you eBay's "advanced" search then select the "completed listings" tab and search from there, you'll get to see what prices Are actually selling, not just what people on eBay are Asking for them. (sometimes people make outrages askings, but no one is really buying them)
>> No. 132337
Oh I know. That's why I don't have one. No way I'm dropping that much dosh on a flimsy piece of easily damageable sparkly paper with a pony on it.

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