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I have quite a bit of my pony collection I am selling. Please let me know if interested in any or all of it. I can email more photos also.

-2014 unopened mcdonalds set
- series 1 full trading card set minus gold nightmare moon
- series 2 full trading card set minus discord and foil pinkie pie promo
- MLP CCG full set minus foil screwball and Octavia cards
- SDCC Deroy mint in her box
- Funko Trixie, Bon Bon, Dərpy, Spitfire and Glitter Pinkie Pie
- 2 unopened Luna promo tins
- Cheerilee filly set unopened
- Full set 1,3,5,6, and 7 blind bags
- Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash
- MLP various comic book issues

There's more just long list :-:
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>> No. 132350
I myself am wondering how much that Bon-Bon,one of the Luna tins and the comic books would cost.
Reply when you can,
>> No. 132372
Would you be interested in a trade for the 2014 McDonald's set? I have a complete set of the 2012 McDonald's ponies, still in the bags.

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