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No. 132351

this pony thing's not gonna die, isn't it?
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>> No. 132352
Not for another 5 years or so at least, and then they'll reboot it into something horrible most likely.
Not impressed with this release of old songs, though. And some of them sound really weird.

I never felt that the songs were one of the show's strong points. The background music however... superb.
>> No. 132353
Is there legal issues with Al?
>> No. 132365
File 139873996620.jpg - (42.12KB , 400x400 , 77d2f583c9b9e5ecddd732e1963d8015.jpg )
>implying it hasn't been slowly dying for the last few years
>> No. 132366
File 139874580207.png - (261.68KB , 553x338 , 1396584047450.png )
Well, probably, i mean, at least to me i really dont have much good impresion for the staff for the equestria girls stuff....

that just show me they will do what ever for the sake of stupid, so i cant expect a finally or an oppener with exitment because i know they do stuff just for the sake of stupid.

so it have been water down, and it will take something really good to hype people up like crazy.

dont take me wrong, the episodes have been good this season, but when Meghan is talking im just thinking "oh megan, please shut up and dont ruin it, please"

And for the thing with the songs.... what did you expect, it took them like 3 years to launch the songs, when they should make it at least half season 2. not now when everybody hear them until getting tired of them.

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