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Hey I got forced out of my job so I gotta sell my collection to make ends meet. Some is posted on my livejournal and the rest on ebay.

I have a Pinkie Moon size medium womans shirt, Trixie shirt, Ditzy Doo shirt and Celestia shirt all pictured there, among other random pony merch

On ebay I have a Blind Bag lot for sale:

And a Ditzy Doo Belt:

I also have one of the original Ditzy Doo Comic Con prototype ponies with the bigger eyes (the ones made before the official release). I'm not sure what she's worth but if anyone is interested please give me a shout.
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Just noticed this lot has 8 Fluttershys in it. Thought that was kinda funny.
>> No. 132364
Yes there's a lot of fluttershys XD They were going to be blind bag custom ponies but no one buys those anymore
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