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File 140095151770.jpg - (93.53KB , 750x647 , 635331__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_princess+celestia_prince.jpg )
132434 No. 132434
i think i will pass this one this year
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>> No. 132435
I'll buy one, sell the PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE and hang on to the rest.
>> No. 132436
I'm not looking forward to the tie-in for this in season 5...

And no AJ? *sigh*
>> No. 132437

Will probably buy the set and just keep Celestia & Rarity and sell the rest... Unless I can find 'em for decent as singles, probably not though.
>> No. 132441
File 140133599537.jpg - (55.14KB , 640x426 , mlfw10686_medium.jpg )
Hideous. Just hideous. And I'm not even counting the criminal lack of Applejack.
>> No. 132442

But, but, but! It's like Monster High if they were ponifide! ;u; /sarcasm

Oh silly Hasbro, jumping on the "Goth is so creepy-cute!" bandwagon.

(Not dissing MH either, I collect some of the dolls, but I think what Hasbro is doing is rather desperate, but than again, if it sells, companies will do it.)
>> No. 132443
File 140141311837.jpg - (224.51KB , 480x640 , 7832800412_3754c35066_z.jpg )
Kind of let in the game of doing so isnt it?

i mean, that kind of stuff have been for a while.
Bratzillas exist because of that.

even MH is kind of searching for a new theme with his EVH
>> No. 132448
No, what's hideous is your slur of a picture. Pewds has no opinion on Bronies, which can be an offensive term on its own, and portraying him as one is just plain rude.
>> No. 132450
pewdiepie is cancer
>> No. 132453
I want the Rarity, and then I'll remove the yucky bits and keep her with a pink cutie mark :3

I don't understand the favorites collection this year. Like, at all. This is not what is "wanted." I'd like to know what Hasbro was thinking on this one...
>> No. 132458
So now they're making official ponies in socks?
>> No. 132460
Inferior, non-removable painted-on socks. Yes.
>> No. 132475
File 140259120741.jpg - (374.12KB , 1600x1590 , ponymania-photo-finish-brushable-packaging.jpg )
You don't have to buy the EQG doll to get the brushable Photo Finish!!!! [] Yay!
>> No. 132476
File 140259181112.jpg - (615.43KB , 1600x1590 , downfall of america.jpg )
Oh my god, even MLP is catering to the illegals.
>> No. 132477
i thought that would be because there are Toys R us in spain?
so it could be sold internationally?

i dont know...
>> No. 132478
but in any case im glad she isnt exclusive to the doll, now i can try to get her...

even i havent got the shadowbolt rainbow dash.
>> No. 132481
They've been putting multiple language blurbs on the boxes for a while now.
Somepony must not buy that much merch. Which begs the question: why are you here?
>> No. 132483
>why are you here?
to learn from the best?

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