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Long time no see board! (Even though I mostly stalked before) I am getting married and moving out, and so I'm downsizing a bit.
Soo I'm looking to sell a big part of my collection: My brushables. Note that these have been unpackaged, styled, loved, displayed, and played with a little. Some still have good styling, others have a bit of mussy hair from sitting wrong(nothing a little conditioner and brushing wouldn't fix). Some have had their hair cut for styling purposes to be more show accurate.
I'm unsure what to even begin to ask for it, as I did spend a lot of money, but at the same time they are used (but I also don't want to undercut myself haha, weddings are expensive.).
All and all it is 47 toys.
1 Twilights lightup singing balloon (Still works, batteries included)
1 Baby Spike (Still works, may still have bottle, batteries included)
3 2013 Packaged McDonalds toys: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack
3 Baby sized brushables: Applebloom, SweetieBelle, Scootaloo (All from 2011 - Pony School Pals)
7 Fashion Styles: Rainbow Dash(2011), PinkiePie(2010), Twilight Sparkle(2011), Rarity(2011), Princess Celestia + Princess Luna(From Target 2011 set, tinsel + glitter), Princess Luna(2012)
1 Talking Princess Cadence (Still works, batteries included)
2 Med Sized Celestias: 2011 Royal Castle Friends brushable, and 2011 Princess Celestia & Princess Luna Set molded figure.
3 Glimmer Wings: Ploomette(2011), Rainbow Dash(2011), and Rarity(2011)
4 Light up brushables(All work): Twilight Sparkle(2011), Fluttershy(2011), Pinkie Pie(2010), Rarity(2010)
23 Reg sized brushables: Fluttershy, 2 Pinkie Pies, Star Swirl, Diamond Rose, Applejack(Bangs), Rainbow Flash, Rarity(Leg Raised), 2 Twilight Sparkles(One with bangs + one with leg raised),Flitterheart, Lulu Luck, Dewdrop Dazzle,Plum Sweet, Sweetie Swirl, Cupcake, 2 Lunas (One med sized, one normal with tinsel hair), Cherry Pie, 1 Cheeralee(bangs), Starbeam Twinkle, Lilly Blossom, and Daisydreams (bangs).

I'm wanting to sell it all together, since there are so many. And I'm looking for offers, I'm not sure what to even begin as a price, but make it decent. If no bites I'll be posting it on Ebay, and link it, just figured I'd stop by here first. If not interested, where are other places that I could post this where I may get some interest? Or what do you think I should take as a good offer?
Any questions, just post here or e-mail me, I'll check it frequently.

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>> No. 132454
That would be a tough lot to sell. You may have better luck on the MLPArena.

I would be interested in a few singles, but not the whole lot, sadly. Best of luck selling, Scarlett!
>> No. 132532
Looks like you have a Star Swirl which is worth a bit I believe. If you change your mind and want to part it into a couple chunks to save on shipping, I would be interested in the balloon, kite pony and cupcake butt (I can't remember their names right now >_<) Also there are a couple MLP groups on facebook that are great for selling; MLP fair is coming up quick in July, so you might not get a decent price till after the fair, just a heads up.

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