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File 140219815417.png - (397.60KB , 500x584 , tumblr_m1wepsZJLH1qlyj7vo1_500.png )
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So I probably won't have pics up until tomorrow, but would anyone be interested in buying some Fashion Styles or blind bags? I have the first version of Twilight, Pinkie, and Fluttershy, all with all their accessories, uncut (and not frizzy) hair, and a FS Rainbow Dash with no accessories, but also uncut, neat hair.

Most of my blind bags are wave one, TRU collector's stuff, and a few from random waves. They all have cards.

Oh, and I also have a few of the trading cards.. Basically I just need to sell some things asap. :< I'll post pics as soon as I can.

I do have other stuff to sell, but these seem easier for now.
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>> No. 132493
File 140313982011.png - (140.65KB , 337x337 , 138483936367.png )
I am looking for these blind bag ponies. What are you asking?

Cherry Berry (wave 3)
Lemon Hearts (wave 1)
Golden Harvest (wave 3)
Twinkleshine (wave 2)
Blossomforth (wave 2)
Minuette (wave 6)
Amethyst Star (wave 6)
Minty (wave 1)
Sweetcream Scoops (wave 1)
Rainbow Shine (wave 3)
Diamond Rose (wave 5)
Sunny Rays (wave 5)
Merry May (wave 6)
Meadow Song (wave 3, stallion)
Golden Grape (wave 3, stallion)
Mosley Orange (wave 6, stallion)
Royal Riff (wave 6, stallion)
>> No. 132497
Out of those, I have Lemon Hearts, Golden Harvest, & Minty. I dunno what any of it's worth honestly.
>> No. 132500
File 140322941615.jpg - (67.67KB , 800x600 , Hydreigon-vs-Sylveon-pokemon-34772285-800-600.jpg )
How about $5 for all 3 together?

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>> No. 132533
File 140376562114.png - (150.01KB , 528x610 , A_bitchimfabulous.png )
Willing to negotiate.
>> No. 132534
How about $5 for all 3 together? I'm willing to negotiate.

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