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hi, um, i am selling all my plushies as i am trying to grow up a little

i feel bad for advertising on here but i feel like i wouldn't be able to sell them if i didn't. they are the walmart plushies.

do you think i am charging too much for them? or too little? i spent a little over $200 collecting them all. so i thought $200 would be an okay buy it now price as i know that i would have payed it c:

thank you guys for being so nice, i have had so much fun in this community and giving up my plushies is actually making me tear up a bit. i am also selling a bundle of fashion style rarity, glitter hair rarity and rarity equestria girl (with those inaccurate ears cut off) and i was wondering also how much i should sell that for?
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>> No. 132472 stupid me i forgot the link haha
>> No. 132473
I think you can still get most of them in stores, so you might be asking too much. Not totally sure, I don't keep up with this anymore.
>> No. 132474

Actually, that's probably about the right price OP is asking, given their base in-store price.

Mane-6, plus Trixie at 10$ a piece = 70$
Dərpy, which was only so far released at Easter time, easily sells on eBay for 15$-25$ alone.
The Princesses range for about 25$-40$ a piece (Celestia seems to sell for the most)

Tallying that, they're worth about 160$-200$ Easy, the problem here though is most people have some of the plushes already, so looking for someone willing to splurge on a whole set is going to limit the possible clientele.

My best sugestion to OP would be that if this lot doesn't sell the first time around, try breaking it down to smaller lots for more buyers interest. (Maybe like a Mane-6 set, Trixie/Dərpy set, and the Princesses as a set. )

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