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File 140270950179.png - (172.06KB , 945x845 , fluttershy_by_moongazeponies-d3esfql.png )
132486 No. 132486
Can anyone recommend a wig and ears for Flutters cosplay?
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>> No. 132487
and a tail
>> No. 132488

Honestly, I've found some of the Best wigs I've bought were from China sellers on eBay. Search "My Little Pony Fluttershy wig", and a lot of 'em come up. As for the tail, you may just be able to buy an extra long clip on cotton-pink ponytail. They have ears and stuff on their too.

Just check and make sure they have good feedback before you buy, and remember it usually take 25-30 days for the package to arrive.
>> No. 132491
Arda wigs aaaall the way. Get a long wig and some long wefts (to make the tail) in the pink you think fits best. They are pricey, but beautiful. You will not be dissapointed. Also Yaya Han as a set of ears and wings, and just ears that are a decent price.
>> No. 132498
Wigs: (3 links)
Maybe this:
You'd need to straighten it, curl the ends, and add the cowlicky-flippy-bangs to it though. Not that you'd fine one with the cowlick really, just make sure you don't leave the wig flat on your head.

There's also this:
Frankly I kinda like the second one better. You still need to do all the styling for the bangs, but probably not the rest of it.
Pretty color, still needs bangs done but looks like maybe less work.
Ears: (3 links)
(fabric, matches first link under "wings")
Wings: ( links)
(fabric, poseable)
Ears & Wings set:
(Yaya sells a lot, imo they're overpriced but the quality is decent)
Uh, for the tail.. You'd probably need to buy wefts and maje it yourself, or buy another wig of the same color to match the mane. Still would need to make it yourself, but they're easy. But if the wigs above don't work for you, I'd go with arda.

If you do arda, I think the color "baby pink" would be the best. For the tail, you can do wefts of either length:

For longer more accurate ones: ("princess pink" is the closest pink, but not fluttershy pink)

I foregoing accuracy in length, you could try these wigs:

Color chart of pinks:
>> No. 132499
Forgot to mention that you can just buy like one of those pigtails/ponytails that you're supposed to clip on a wig.

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