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File 140372712667.jpg - (23.47KB , 540x380 , Maneiac.jpg )
132523 No. 132523
Found via dollienews. Looks like EqG will have an exclusive this year.

Thoughts? Speculations? Any word on the Funko exclusives?
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>> No. 132524
File 140372766270.jpg - (22.83KB , 534x401 , mlp-sdcc-2014-exclusive-mane-iac-mayhem-spike-figure.jpg )
So much for speculating. I was hoping for a Power Ponies 6-pack.

She and Spike cost $50, while her doll is $30. I think my wallet and I will pass.
>> No. 132525
But seriously, $50 for a pony that's not even fashion style sized or bedazzled in Swarovski?
>> No. 132526
That's kinda neato. More expensive than it's worth, but real fuckin' neato. Might consider buying it if they drop the price a little or if they ship for free.

Out. I'm out. Done. I quit. I quit I quit I quit.

I know this is supposed to tie-in to the IDW MLP annual 8-page mini comic where Mane-iac goes to the EQG world, but I'm real sick of this Barbie Monster High shilling shit.
>> No. 132528
why Hasbro like to make really overpriced the SDCC exclusives?
i mean, last year i think it was like $50 or $80 for the vinyl with glitter and crystal.

dərpy was the only one which they didnt over price, but they didnt made that much to beggin with.... so it got over priced on the second market....

thanks i dont like EG, so i dont have to care about the dolls, i guess it is kind of decent looking compared to the normal lame stuff they do for the line...
but at least is decently priced? it is the articulated version, and it doesnt cost $50

Last edited at Wed, Jun 25th, 2014 20:23

>> No. 132548
File 140448735147.jpg - (63.79KB , 800x677 , luna mold.jpg )
so this "Mane-iac" is a "small princess" mold with sculpted hair glued?...
it is a new sculpt? the head isnt. but i how the back legs look is more prominent. and i cant see the princess shoes on the sculpt... you know, for the ultimate level of cheapness from hasbro.

i would like to get her...
but no for $50
>> No. 132551
File 140480480620.jpg - (117.80KB , 640x640 , vomit.jpg )
>> No. 132552
>that happy spike which dont give a damn about what is going on.
>> No. 132556
File 140496338022.jpg - (64.35KB , 650x342 , mlp1.jpg )
the funko exclusives mlp.
a black giant version of this 2...

a fine exclusive, i dont care, so that is good.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 9th, 2014 20:51

>> No. 132557
File 140496422834.jpg - (80.72KB , 650x382 , mlp2.jpg )
>> No. 132559
File 140512781345.png - (906.08KB , 604x605 , balls of steel.png )
>> No. 132560

I actually like how both the EQG doll and the pony figure turned out...too bad they're so pricey though. :T
>> No. 132561
File 140518552267.jpg - (23.69KB , 500x447 , tumblr_m15ss9JDZ51qcoci5.jpg )
some one know what size this figure have?
i think it is the same size as a normal princess body.

that is why i think it is horrible expensive.

(spikes still not giving a damn)
>> No. 132563
nope! this thing is HUGE! The size of a fashion style!
>> No. 132565
Then I guess the price tag wasn't as sick as I thought.
Sure still kind of expensive. But It isn't the rip off I thought.

Now. How well that thing could scale with funko?
>> No. 132578
File 140560053423.jpg - (261.90KB , 2048x1536 , maneiac_sizing.jpg )
The other post was mine lol forgot to add my name!

But here I took a standard "princess mold" and placed her next to the box, along with a 12.5" ruler.
>> No. 132579
How did you already get one? Isn't SDCC like a week and a half away?
>> No. 132580
MLP Fair has the exclusives as well. Notice the sticker on the front of the box? :)
>> No. 132581
Fudge. Wish I had known about the MLPfair. Wonder how god-awfully far it was from me this year...
>> No. 132582
Then it is big enought i guess.

there was a problems with the quantity of the figures?
just like happened with dərpy like 2 years ago?

or they now had a fair number of figures?
>> No. 132583
It was in Nashville this year

Quantity was fine. I think people are getting turned off by the price point and the fact that they're not brushable anymore.
>> No. 132584
compated to dərpy,
* "she was a brusheable" so it fits on everybodies collection.
* "she was cheaper" i think it was like what... $15?
* "She was dərpy" everybody love dərpy... except for the people which dont care about dərpy, or hate dərpy...

and this maneiac is 50, solid hair and kind of a miss fit for the other people collection.
>> No. 132585

I dunno about at the pony fair, but when Dərpy was sold at SDCC she was 25$. the cheapest I've seen her go on eBay was on her release day at $50, most hung around the $100 price. Hasbro saw how much profit they were losing, so the upped the price of all future con/fair-exclusives.

But, without a really good "gimmick" character to use like Dərpy, there's less demand for it, And resellers on eBay get less profit.
Pretty much Hasbro did a Genius thing for their end of the deal, they make all the profit, and very little revenue is lost for them.
>> No. 132586
Oh yea. Maybe it was $25, I just remember it wrong.
>> No. 132597

Oooooo that IS nice. Planning to open it?
>> No. 132598
nah, I think I'm going to keep her in the box since it has such awesome art on it :)
>> No. 132599
it doesnt allow you to take it out of the box and put it back in?
>> No. 132600
Are there going to be reveals of upcoming toys at SDCC or is that kind of stuff saved for toy fairs?
>> No. 132601

Do you think it's worth 75 dollars for someone who can't get to the con? I found one on ebay but I'm a little hesitant.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014 13:10

>> No. 132602
File 140615535293.jpg - (135.95KB , 599x640 , rambopinkie.jpg )
Add another exclusive to the pile. :P
>> No. 132603

ok, it probably is independant company.... but i think that is kind of hi....
>> No. 132604
I haven't

it really depends? MLP Fair has always had it's own exclusive (it used to be totally separate and different than the SDCC one).

What is "worth it" to me is totally different than for you :) I honestly wouldn't have bought it had it not been for the fact that I was actually at the fair and was able to for-sure secure it for myself. I also told myself that when I finally get to go to the fair (and any other times I get to go) I'd for sure get the exclusive figure no matter what it was.

I do think she's super cool! I think for SDCC she's a great fit, based on the episode being a comic. She's also HUGE, so the price-point is (slightly) justified. Would I have been happier if it was a brushable, "art" pony (like they used to make)? Yes of course. But for the memory of getting her, and liking the episode she's in, it was worth it to me.

You might be able to get it after the con on the Hasbro website for price-tag. I think they had DJ on there for a while last year?

Last edited at Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014 19:04

>> No. 132605
To answer my own question, sort of? Nothing we haven't already seen.

Something tells me Hasbro didn't ok that.
>> No. 132606
of course it isnt, but it falls under "parody".
so that is why they cant do anything, is just a pink horse which share some stuff with pinkie pie, but it isnt call pinkie pie, the hair is sligtly different, and they are done in a small amount.

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