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File 140374995691.jpg - (96.54KB , 500x500 , rainbow-rocks-octavia-doll-and-pony-set.jpg )
132527 No. 132527
Damn. Damn damn damn.
Octavia brushable. Only way to get it is to buy the EQG doll.
Maybe I can score her off ebay or something when she's released...
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>> No. 132529
i will hope octavia get a normal release at some point....
>> No. 132530

There are a decent bit of collectors that only collect the ponies or just the dolls and will buy the set just to sell the other half on ebay. (I bought one of the Rainbow Rocks Rairty exclusives just to get the pony, and sold the doll. Still got my money's worth back since she's semi-difficult to find in some states).
>> No. 132531
Yay! I shall buy the pony from some EQG collector type.

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