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Hi Everyone!

I'm offering a homemade, one of a kind costume made by SophieCabra! This awesome full bodied costume is perfect to wear at parties, conventions, and events! It has only been worn twice, once at an earlier Bronycon and the other to take the photos! It is very lightly used and ready to go to a new home! Get it now before Bronycon and I can ship it asap for you to wear there!

The costume includes:

Head - One Size fits Most / Up to 25"/ Vision is out of the eye
Body - Up to 6' 5" and 250 lbs / Arms up to 32" in length

Tail and hands attached! Hands come with hidden snappable slots to free your hands when needed!

Feet - Fit up to size 15 Mens
Padding - Up to Large in Mens

Offer are still open until Monday July 21st!

Please send serious offers to [email protected]! I can also answer any questions you have at this same email!

I'm also open to payment plans for anyone who's very interested in purchasing the suit!

Here's an album full of pictures to get an idea of everything

Thanks much for looking!

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>> No. 132574
OMG, she is too cute! Shame you have to sell her though.... :c

Good luck with your sale!

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