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File 140548024812.jpg - (182.15KB , 960x960 , 619271__safe_equestria+girls_doll_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_aria+bla.jpg )
132568 No. 132568
I will hate myself for this.
but im going to post this because you could want to see it.
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>> No. 132569
File 140548027957.jpg - (822.35KB , 1500x1500 , 666187__safe_scootaloo_sweetie+belle_apple+bloom_equestria+girls_cutie+mark+crusaders_merchandis.jpg )
>> No. 132570
File 140548029804.png - (379.42KB , 788x788 , 675856__safe_princess+luna_princess+celestia_equestria+girls_toy_sunglasses_official_doll_newspa.png )
>> No. 132571
They look like a bad OC
>> No. 132572
what i kind of could like is that they have a complete new vector.
trying to give the pony his own personality. instead of being just a lame "mane character" recolor.

sadly it is for this Equestria Girls bussiness, and probably ponies will not get Original Vectors...
>> No. 132573

>looks at new EQG Celestia doll
>looks back at first wave-Celestia
>Plans to buy the new one anyone

I just hope the new EQG:RR Luna isn't part of a super-set like the first wave one.... I didn't sink $40 into the cheerleader one, I don't want the same problem with this one.
>> No. 132575
File 140549074964.gif - (86.87KB , 500x650 , dirk_strider_chibi_by_xxjaninexx-d4sxy0u.gif )
those glasses look familiar
>> No. 132576

Wait a minute...... Don't their wings look a bit like Changelings? o-o

Maybe That's why they're villains? They're the real-world Changelings.
>> No. 132577
i think they are just butterfly wings.
because they are pretty.

and like the supposed synopsis say in the movie that twilight will be back, probably could be just changelings too.

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