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132664 No. 132664
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>> No. 132669
File 140783082266.gif - (1.69MB , 960x540 , all87.gif )
A nice collection of episodes on this. I like all of those ... well, except Boat Busters.

Those ugly vectors on the cover though...
>> No. 132670
at least are new vectors, instead of reuising the vectors from the toys.

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>> No. 132677
Yeah, and dat pinkitty
>> No. 132682

I guess they're re-using those Halloween vectors for more holiday merch than just box covers. I saw the other day out at, Target, I think? In their value kids stuff they had Lady's pink/black socks with the Pinkie kitty vector. (I didn't buy them, but next time I'm out I'll get a photo of them).

Hopefully when more stores start putting out Halloween stuff we'll see more cool pony merch for the holiday.
>> No. 132686
File 140883092577.png - (765.63KB , 693x561 , halloween socks.png )

Here's the pics I went back and bought a pair, though sadly a lady's 6 is way to small for me. Maybe I'll make them into coin purses for myself and my niece.

Oh and I found this online (haven't seen it in stores yet): It's a Halloween themed book, though it may just be based of Luna Eclipsed.
>> No. 132688
File 140889222398.jpg - (757.63KB , 1024x768 , 4e8452f3d02ee390445d22df7fe940ee.jpg )
Is rarity in socks

jesus christ

sock ponies has ascended.
>> No. 132690

I so wish (I would prefer Halloween Rarity or Dash), But I only saw the Pinkie ones, they were in a bin of Halloween dollar-deals and all the other socks were like Miney Mouse, some disney princess, barbie, then there were some "boyishy" ones with mickey, Cars and a vampire Spongebob. I'm guessing the company that makes 'em only picked one character off each show to make. But maybe closer to Halloween there'll be other merch stuff with the other vectored Pony characters.
>> No. 132691
File 140894202712.jpg - (52.32KB , 500x500 , pTRU1-18036523dt.jpg )

Oh wait, never mind, you meant the image on the box, not the actual socks.... Umm, Have you seen the Toys R Us "Pony Mania" sets yet? They have every pony in socks and thigh-highs from the mane-6 (minus AJ), to Celestia and Chrysalis.
>> No. 132693
File 140918048776.png - (124.66KB , 269x399 , GASP.png )
woah!! o_o
>> No. 132694
what is so whoa?
>> No. 132706
>no Applejack
>> No. 132707
File 141021882578.png - (495.70KB , 1280x613 , ponymania.png )
She got delayed because she had to go to the piercing parlor.
>> No. 132716
Rarity finally made it to Nightmare Night.
>> No. 132717

I guess that explains why sleepless, castle, and bats were so bad - Hasbro forced the writers to make them so they could market this

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