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Sent out an e-mail to Nightmare Nights earlier. I plan on painting something for the Charity auction and having it shipped there in time for the con. (If it's not obvious, I can't attend)

This is a massive painting. The canvas alone is 24x36, and I'll be shipping the painting with the frame. I'm not sure what I want to subject to be right now, so my question is:

What should the painting be? I want something tasteful and (perferably) relatively subtle. Or we can have a massive Royalty portrait. I know Luna seems to be one of the fandom's favorites, but my personal favorite is Celestia.

All in all, I want something people will REALLY want and fight for. What would you fight for?

>Pic related, I'll be painting over this painting in my home since I'm a poor pony who can't afford her own canvas even though it's gonna cost 100-300 just to ship this thing ONE state over.
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>> No. 132666

Hmmm, I like your idea of the "Royal family" thing, perhaps something parodying a famous iconic painting from like the renaissance-era maybe?
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For a moment I thought you'd be selling the painting in your pic cause that's a really nice one IMO. I like landscape art.

Maybe you can make a landscape painting of Canterlot and the mountains. Royalty sounds good too though.

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