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I'm testing out a new idea of mine to see if it gathers any interest before I put any time in for all the other ponies.

They are pony wall mounts that have a reflective surface. They look akin to crystal. It's mirror like so they shine beautifully when light hits them and you can see your happy self when you walk past.

I merely started out with the cost of materials alone so she's a steal right now. She can be found here:
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>> No. 132701
File 141012031490.jpg - (109.27KB , 864x650 , fluttershymain.jpg )
An image to show reflection from the outside on my window sill
>> No. 132702
File 141015473286.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )
Well that's definitely very cool looking. Hmm...
>> No. 132710
Have you submitted this to EqD? I'm sure you would get more views and people would love it
>> No. 132712

It didn't dawn on me to do that. I believe for the remaining time, it might be too late. Thanks for the idea though! I'll remember in the future.
>> No. 132713
Never too late! You could send it in right now, and might just have enough time to make it onto the Nightly Roundup, or maybe the next day in a Artisan Crafts Compilation. You could also wait it out, relist it, then send it in. They would definitely post it somewhere though!
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