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132720 No. 132720
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>> No. 132721
kind of want
I like her hat.
>> No. 132722
but her hat isnt a hat.
is a piece of paper with a string.
if it was a real hat, that would be cool.
>> No. 132723
Still haven't gotten mine yet. I'll have to wait and see if walgreens forgot about my preorder...
>> No. 132724
me neither, i saw this on ebay.

and i hasnt seen this in stores.

and is the first time i see it.

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>> No. 132725
It's a walgreens exclusive [].
It's scheduled to come out October 15th, but some stores are slowly starting to get them and are putting them on shelves before that date.
>> No. 132726
then i guess i should buy it from ebay.

hwo much this walgreens shipping cost?
>> No. 132727
Can't remember. I preordered it like a month ago when it first became available on the website. I think it's costing me like $11 total so around $6 shipping?
>> No. 132728
mmm, i guess buying one on ebay for $15 still a decent deal.
>> No. 132729

I was just at 2 different Wallgreens in the past week (I was looking for those paintable hardmold pony figures) and neither had this *accidentally* yet...However, both stores were in the middle of resetting their toy isles, and other new pony stuff was showing up already.
Things like:
-10-pack Equestria Girls lipgloss set,
- a kids pony jewelry set,
- some of the basic "rainbow power" noodle-mane plushes
- A pony-themed kids marker and stencils Tattoo making kit.

These all looked like things that would be good Stocking-stuffers for Christmas, and if those are already out, I'm sure the Nurse store-exclusives are soon to follow.
>> No. 132734

Sounds like Walgreens is pulling a Toys R Us. Remember how TRU was putting the Nightmare Moon brushable set on store shelves weeks before they began filling preorders?

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