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Just when you thought the Rambo Pinkie was bad enough.
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>> No. 132770

Reveser-serch brings me here:

"After debuting at the My Little Pony Hasbro Custom Show during New York Comic Con 2011, Sucklord is finally releasing his killer Star Bronies resin figure! These My Little Pony kitbashed figures look seriously fantastic. Who knew ponies could travel in space!?! Hand painted by The Super Sucklord’s special lady friend Sam, this cute little spacefarer comes with a removable helmet and tail.

The Star Bronies Resin Figure by Sucklord stands 3 ¾” tall and is limited to just 20 pieces. Each figure comes in re-sealable clear clamshell packaging, a first for a Sucklord release, with a two sided-printed card insert. This bad boy went on sale yesterday, Wednesday, August 27th, at the Suckadelic online store for $85 and sold out almost immediately upon release. But have no fear, as the Sucklord will be releasing more Star Bronies colorways soon!"

shame this one was so limited... I hope their new line is cheaper. I'd love one!
>> No. 132771
this have to be really limited, or hasbro will jump on them and chop their heads off

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