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Hey, I know it's a bit early for a Christmas thread, but I need help. I need to find really cool pony merchandise for under $10. I want something neat for my brother, but I don't want to break the bank. Any ideas?
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>> No. 132796

Check all the usual sites (Hot topic, Toys R Us, FYE, etc.) on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. I guarantee you'll find some wicked sales & probably something cool for under $10.
>> No. 132797
I maybe take a look to megabloks products, because they have a discount until today.
>> No. 132929
>shopping for christmas two months after christmas

>> No. 132930
oh my god this thread is from november how did i get here
>> No. 132931
oh im on merch instead of /oat/

lol. nvm

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