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File 141711133145.jpg - (268.48KB , 1000x1000 , Ponymania-Talking-Queen-Chrysalis-Packaging.jpg )
132804 No. 132804
Ok, so i just got a Pony Mania "Talking" Chrysalis... She's not talking at all. Only laughs and some sound effect. I'm from the Netherlands, so i guess i got a European version...but i can't find info on it. I was hoping there would be a hidden switch somewhere to turn on the voice, but can't find any. So is there any info on her voice being removed in the EU version?? This sucks cause it's the best thing about the figure :(
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>> No. 132805
Ok, found it in She doesn't talk in Germany or the UK either. Guess they removed all her lines in the EU version except for her laugh... gotta get a US version now! damnit!

>> No. 132806
and are you sure the american version speak?

the nightmare moon talk, but she doesnt have lines from the show or anything.
>> No. 132807

Yeah, the US-version has like 4 or 5 extra lines. I guess the other versions they didn't want to translate, so they just removed them.
>> No. 132808
>wears socks
>> No. 132809
pretty much, is the perfect mix.

It is fashionable and cute for the girls and it is fetish fuel and slutty for the bronies.

in fact if they return minty with her sock abits, that will fit everybody.
> g3 fans will have back an old favorite
> girls will have a new funny silly pony
> minty can put on the mane 6 socks, so it pander to the male demographics.

Is the perfect pander plan.
>> No. 132821
Okay, why socks and not pants?

I'd understand pants.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 8th, 2014 21:33

>> No. 132829
So that they don't have to put in the leg holes.

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