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File 141823998664.jpg - (389.95KB , 2048x1536 , 10818254_1668702206689851_1152102972669260208_o.jpg )
132823 No. 132823
So apparently there have being appearing Luna funko.

Some one know the size of the this?
i hope it is slightly bigger so it kind of is in scale, i dont want it to be perfect, but at least if she look bigger than a normal pony.
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>> No. 132824
File 141824009333.jpg - (34.82KB , 400x244 , $_1.jpg )
and there is a celestia too.
>> No. 132826
File 141834194057.png - (568.94KB , 892x463 , lulus.png )

I found this on Google, though it's a prototype, I have a feeling the mold is most likely the same size. She seems to be a tad smaller than the standard size spitfire funko, so I'm assuming Cele is the same way.
>> No. 132827
File 141840887185.jpg - (270.27KB , 1300x861 , 1300x-Queen12.jpg )
yeap, that pretty much show that they are not going to make them as big...
which is kind of sat on some way, but at the same time what i was expecting, it was really to much to ask for a ultra gigantic figure.

At least if i wanted it to be my dream line.
I would like some Neca ponies. like 3" tall the normal ponies, and the Celestia and Luna and discord and all that can be Delux figures.

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