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I've just been offered a table at EverfreeNW, and expect to hear back about Bronycon and a couple other conventions too. Whether or not I'm able to go depends on if I can sell enough! Help me out by checking out my Ebay store - I have TONS of MLP stuff, including MIB toys, rare cards, and of course my custom ponies!

(You can email me directly to purchase off ebay and save a few bucks!)
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Oh, I also have a couple Funkos I'm looking to sell, $30 for the Lunas and Discord, and $40 for the Glitter Celestia
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I have a number of Fallout: Equestria customs available for sale as well, and I'm trying to avoid having to list them on ebay to keep the prices down on them. More info with pricing provided in the link:

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