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File 130499818745.jpg - (120.20KB , 472x1072 , deus_ex.jpg )
8815 No. 8815
We get several threads a day about this topic so I thought I'd make a general for it.

All questions about the proper styling of pony hair and all tutorials for it should go in here.
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>> No. 120351
I did it by taking two and going one way then two going the other, didn't come out too badly.. sadly I lack pics. Good luck!
>> No. 120897
File 135040591788.jpg - (559.82KB , 2128x2848 , ponies_oct shipping 013.jpg )
Seriously, what do I do with this hair?
I want to make it show accurate and flatten it, but it's WAY too strong!
>> No. 120900
Punk Rock Shinning Armor is toy-cannon lol.

If you really want him to look show accurate, the only thing I could figure would work would be to rehair him. Or maybe an intense flattening iron or something.

Let me know when you figure it out.
>> No. 121050
File 135053818611.jpg - (300.37KB , 1024x764 , 8E599687-9741-424B-AF89-5E031B9CF1FE-14427-00001181883982E7.jpg )
here are my ponies. I've had them all for a while and they are all in a WIP stage cause I am either afraid to go further or just don't know how, or don't have the supplies.

fluttershy is the only one I consider "done" pretty much. Rainbow's bangs need some work that may include just a trim.

Rarity, I don't know what to do with her. I've tried curling her hair wrapping it around a pen or pencil, but it comes out wavy, and even that does not hold more than a day.

Twilight also needs a trim, and I need to figure out how to get her bangs to sit right. her mane needs a trim too, but I hate taking scissors to them. terrifying. D:

Applejack has a stubborn group of hairs that likes to stick off in a completely different direction, but it's tamed for this picture, I hope it stays put. She needs a trim, some red rubber bands, freckles, and her hat.

You can see that I tried curling the front of pinkie's mane. It won't come out of that wavy state. Her hair is SO THICK for some reason, where my applejack seems to have thin sparse hair. I don't have any of the proper equipment to fool with pinkie so she is pinkamina for now.

So i'd like to ask... what supplies do I need to buy to work on them? As I said I figure I need to buy some rubber bands for AJ, a white-out pen perhaps for her freckles. don't know what to do for her hat, guess i'm gonna make her one out of paper or felt one day if I can figure it out.

I once saw someone's rarity that had been done with some dollar store curlers, and it turned out fantastic, so I will look into that. What did you guys use to style your rarity? I've tried wrapping her mane around her body or another pony (lol) but it never came out any good. I am also thinking of putting more eyelashes on rarity, but I am terrified of messing them up, lol.

Despite being a girl I don't have any hair supplies aside from fasteners. I don't even know how to use a bobby pin. :P But I know bobby pins or q-tips seem to be the way to go for pinkie. Anyone have any tips?

Finally, I really, really wish I understood thatching. I tried with applejack's mane, but I lifted my hands, and her hair went right back into place. And it did not look right, anyway. So I guess I was doing it horribly wrong. I want to have nicely styled manes, but I suck. .__.

My ponies sit on my desk at all times, but playing with them makes me so happy. My own little mane six right in my hands! :D makes me giggle. fluttershy was my first, then RD (I picked her up one day while picking up a second round of strep meds, I am convinced she helped me get better), then got rarity, TS, AJ, and PP all in one day. I was like a ball of joy walking through the store with my ponies. :D

Anyway, there's my novel of a first post. if anyone has any suggestions, comments, stories to share, please do :3 /)
>> No. 122010
My Rarity that I just tried styling is drying right now so we'll see how she turned out. I basically followed this tutorial: though I used a few more hair pins to help hold things in place. I also dipped her in boiling water and then rinsed it with cold water after the hair was styles as this is a common practice when styling hair on other fashion dolls.

that person has good tutorials for everyone other than AJ so it might be worth a look. They are a little finicky to work with and take longer than you might expect, but the results are pretty nice.
>> No. 122613
File 135343483824.png - (548.67KB , 650x1011 )
Hello thread,

Like in the Plushie general, I'm trying to gather as much info as possible for the new sticky / stickies.
Things like frequently asked questions, a list of tutorials or even just a list of the common problems that people tend to face.

Just think "Would it be useful to be able to reference this easily" when thinking of things that could go in the thread.
A central knowledge base that people can look to without having to ask questions and possibly get conflicting answers / no answer at all is what I'm trying to go for here.

Let me know if you guy's dont want this and I'll think of something else for the sticky, but I'm just working with what I've got at the moment.
>> No. 122747
File 135375515650.jpg - (286.21KB , 1200x953 , IMG_1238s.jpg )
I just finished styling my Applejack, and I think she turned more spiffy than iffy.
>> No. 122748
. . . so, as usual, I decided to make a tutorial for styling her. I've had trouble uploading my tutorials here (they can get a bit long), so y'all would have to mosey your way on over to my deviantART page for a looksy:
>> No. 122778
Your tutorials are the best :) My rarity looks fabulous now. Any plans to do CMC ones?
>> No. 123538
>> No. 124094
File 135687730810.png - (64.67KB , 1109x720 , fierce_raking_cherry_berry_by_iocainepower-d4j5cj7.png )
I recently got a Cherry Berry brushable and I'd really like to style her the way she is in the show, but I have no idea how to do it! Anypony have a tutorial or something?
>> No. 124112
File 135694733744.png - (127.66KB , 894x894 , trixiehelp.png )
good thing i saw this thread.

i have just bought a trixie toy by hasbro, know nothing about styling, help me brony.
>> No. 124113
never mind, saw sparkler's tutorial

gonna try naow
>> No. 124114
File 135696436060.jpg - (4.23MB , 3000x4000 , DSC04944.jpg )
I tried my hand at Vinyl, only to realize at the end that I did the hair according to a mirrored picture, so all the long and short parts are reversed. v_v

Either way, I'm content.

On a side-note, I know this is the "Styling" general, but does anyone have a tutorial or something on /molding/ hair? I want to try it, but I'm as much of a novice at that as I am discerning regular photos from mirrored ones...
>> No. 124255
File 135746827880.jpg - (2.45MB , 800x13778 , hairstylingpt1.jpg )
I'd imagine just use the same thing you would for Cheerilee or Apple Bloom.
Just in case you haven't seen it, here. With my Cheerilee I just did the same thing I did with her bangs with her lower mane, and secured it with a small rubber band around her ears. Those hair ties that come with the ponies are useful for that, they're usually a good colour.
>> No. 124393
How do you get their hair so straight?!
>> No. 124492
So this was the spell Rarity used on Twilight in the first episode!
This looks amazing. I've got some really old ponies I'll be trying this on. Being a pegasister, I've been on the pony wagon from the very beginning &, indeed, have olllllld ponies. But if you are trying out pony-styling & don't like the result, you can probably use this as a reset button!
>> No. 124778
from what I've been seeing a lot of peeps use straws to help with pony hair. any ideas on what would be a good equivalent for a fashion style sized pony?
>> No. 125214
They make really giant straws- I think they're for like, slushies and bubble tea and stuff. They'd probably work pretty well if you can get them!
I've also made giant straws for curling fashion style hair by taping three normal size straws together XD
>> No. 125245
>> No. 125246
>> No. 126087
File 136205435450.jpg - (558.32KB , 1200x800 , DSC09175w.jpg )
damn, hairs ! why you not stand in place ?
trying different techniques, since it's plastic i'm going to try the infrared lamp later to fix them on a position.
keeping in mind there's an extra 20% heating requirement.
>> No. 126104
I was going to comment I've seen this pony on another imageboard but then I saw your name and it all fell into place.
Also, dear god, untangle that mane! Or have you painted it instead of re-rooting?
>> No. 126154
File 136213374875.jpg - (858.87KB , 1600x1200 , DSC09378w.jpg )
i'm gonna try to. also no rerooting here, but some industrial coloring/dye applied with a pencil over the old mane. also yeah her tail and hairs keeps being all schruffled like that but at least they *can* be brushed.
>> No. 127014
Can the tutorials for mane styling with water and elastic bands be used on the glitter mane ponies?

Last edited at Sun, Mar 31st, 2013 05:13

>> No. 127126
File 136509041849.jpg - (970.10KB , 2000x2556 , dfdsf.jpg )
Postin' my manes! I love my pones, theyre so freaking small.
>> No. 127164
Your Luna/Cadence look so awesome! Is there a tutorial for that specific style or did you do it yourself?
>> No. 127300
They also sell these giant pixi stix in these large plastic tubes that are pretty large-straw-sized
>> No. 127412
Any tips for Styling the pinkie pie build a bear dolls?
Is the official mlp brush a waste of time like they are with the toys?
>> No. 127841
File 136737056501.jpg - (1.52MB , 3072x2304 , 100_6479.jpg )
You could also use a marker and rubber bands, and hair can also be held with chip clips while working on different parts.

I love styling ponies, and thinking up new hair styles for the brushable recolors.. Here's a bunch in a video! I forgot to add Honeybuzz and Feathermay into the video, and I've since added DJ, Flower Wishes, Lemony Gems, and NMM to my collection, so I guess it's time to update the video again..
>> No. 127864
want to know how to make lyra hair, and thouse 2 too.
>> No. 127869
I'll try to get a tutorial then! I have very limited extras, so I might not actually cut the hair, but I'll draw where and how to cut it.
>> No. 127964
I'll certainly make a wee tutorial if it will help some peeps! Glad you like my ponies :)
>> No. 128000
Tutorial done! Hope this helps :)

Image size is too big for here aparently heres a link!
>> No. 128020
File 136791744072.jpg - (505.31KB , 1200x1800 , pony.jpg )
Finally finished styling :D Scared to do the FS ones though ._.
>> No. 128022
what did you use to paint future Twi?
>> No. 128034
just some black gesso/acrylic that I had and then sealed her with a matte spray coat.
>> No. 128061
File 136817205237.jpg - (420.45KB , 1200x1800 , 2013-05-10 03_42_52.jpg )
Yay! AJ and her freaking hat are done! I thought about possibly making a few extra hats to sell but holy crap it took a LOT longer to make than I thought it would ;_;
>> No. 128384
I'm not going to slog through this whole tread to find it but I want to ask, has anyone attempted to style the Build a Bear brushable plushies? I would normally use boiled water to style pony hair but obviously I don't want to ruin my pony made of soft material.
>> No. 129223
Is there a way to get tinsel out?
>> No. 129227
Separate the tinsel from the rest of the mane first. You can use tweezers to pluck out the strands or you can use a craft knife to cut them out.
>> No. 129255
If you're worried about the cutting part, put the blade at the base of the tinsel and just pull the strands against it to snap them. Combing it with the tweezing of whatever you can still see helps finish it off.
>> No. 129259

Thank you! Just got a newer model Luna and the tinsel is impossible to work with.
>> No. 129692
could you please tell me how to do fluttershy's hair? I cant seem to figure it out and her mane always comes out terrible. please help /)
>> No. 130693
Maybe someone already posted here about it (And im not digging through these hundreds of posts to find it) but...does anyone have any tips on simply maintaining the hair for the build-a-bear Rainbow Dash? I don't need it styled...just need it not tangled and neat so it doesn't look like she just rolled out of bed.

If there are posts regarding that already here...can someone please link them for me?
>> No. 130732
I don't own any of the BaB plushes, but based on what I've read on other sites, it's best to comb her hair with (preferably) a metal comb while her hair is wet. This is to help reduce static that builds up in the synthetic hair. I've also heard that a bit of detangling spray, or using a hair straightener on the lowest setting can help.
>> No. 131064
File 138291421951.jpg - (192.25KB , 1280x960 , Picture 15.jpg )
Detinselled my alitwi, and now i'm getting started on the baYOU HAVE SEVEN DAYS
>> No. 131163
File 138386399278.jpg - (71.03KB , 640x480 , IMG_20131107_160358.jpg )
Here's a picture of my rainbow dash's
Hair people always cut her hair down
But here's how-to do hair without cutting
1. Split hair in two you know split the red and orange
Parts 2. Wash her hair you can use bubble bath to make them hair silky and nice. 3. Roll her hair in markers roll the red and orange parts like bangs. 7. Wait until dry.
>> No. 131164
File 138386402432.jpg - (71.03KB , 640x480 , IMG_20131107_160358.jpg )
Here's a picture of my rainbow dash's
Hair people always cut her hair down
But here's how-to do hair without cutting
1. Split hair in two you know split the red and orange
Parts 2. Wash her hair you can use bubble bath to make them hair silky and nice. 3. Roll her hair in markers roll the red and orange parts like bangs. 7. Wait until dry.
>> No. 132064
What kind of seal coat/spray was it? I've used a brush on one on a Celestia custom, but it yellowed her a small bit.
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