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File 130499818745.jpg - (120.20KB , 472x1072 , deus_ex.jpg )
8815 No. 8815
We get several threads a day about this topic so I thought I'd make a general for it.

All questions about the proper styling of pony hair and all tutorials for it should go in here.
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>> No. 8817
File 130499831560.jpg - (399.04KB , 1300x885 , 130497341686.jpg )
For starters, here is customanons tutorial for Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 8818
File 130499851777.png - (1.78MB , 600x4166 , 130292053659.png )
Guess I'll post this again.
>> No. 8826

It's been said before, but I read this in Rarity's voice, even at the end.
>> No. 8832
I've been asked a lot for styling tutorials. I have had ponies all my life and it's all pretty second nature to me anymore. So I'm not even sure what to cover. Tell me what you want to see, and i'll put it on my agenda? The only exclusion is, I have not done Sweetie Belle's hair, and my Twilight looks awful
>> No. 8840
File 130500545326.jpg - (104.99KB , 1024x768 , 0504112214.jpg )
Heres my guide for Applejack.
1. Brush out tangles
2. Comb with a fine toothed comb for a bit
3. Tie the ends with red string or get some little red rubber bands or something similar
4. Get this.
>> No. 8843
File 130500742482.jpg - (61.82KB , 252x300 , mylbm.jpg )
Good job. I knew somepony would answer the call.

Of course, the best tip I can give is, throw away those stupid three pronged comes that come with your pony. They are absolutely useless.
>> No. 8844
I don't suppose anypony has a tutorial for a really good Pinkie Pie style?
>> No. 8845
that looks really awesome!
>> No. 8846
File 130500893837.jpg - (131.02KB , 1024x768 , 0501111703a.jpg )
Heres how I did mine.
1. Submerge in a bowl or sink of hot water
2. Use a little bit of conditioner to make the hair nice and soft
3. Make sure theres no conditioner left in her hair
4. Squeeze her hair out with your thumb adn index finger
5. Wrap around pens (The ones with the pocket clips are easier to use because the clips hold the curls in place)
6. Wait about 45 or so minuets
7. Take pens out
8. Let the hair finish drying
9. Get this.
>> No. 8918
File 130506106203.jpg - (333.97KB , 600x800 , Image04082011203028.jpg )
I'll just post the thatching-part thing.

Basically, for parting double-sided hair and making it look good, you have to take each individual plug and pull it to the other side. You're weaving it, to be simple. Mind you, you have to do every single plug, or it won't look very good. I recommend you have a thin thing that can divide while you grab. I just used my fingernail, but as most of you don't grow out your nails like I do, as I'm a girl, I'd recommend a piece of cardstock or even tweezers. It takes forever and it's easy to mess up if you've just started, so I recommend putting the divided hair into ponytails and taking breaks. When I did her hair, I took breaks between each color of her hair. The good thing is, though, is that when you finally finish, it more likely than not won't go back to its undivided state.

If you want to be sure the thatching stays, just pour boiling water on it while holding it so the thatching faces the stream of water.
>> No. 8944
I really want to style my Fluttershy, since deboxing left her a mess, but I'm a bit nervous that all these tutorials suggest fully submerging the whole pony.
I seem to recall that you're supposed to avoid submerging the old ponies because they have metal washer holding the tail in that will rust & cause discoloring. Anypony know if that absolutely doesn't apply to G4?
>> No. 8952

Just so you know - it is not mandatory to submerge your pony, nor to use boiling water. Although boiling your pony will make the curl "stick" better, cold curling will make it hold just as well, in most cases. The curls won't often hold as tightly, but it's a much easier situation to reverse if you mess it up/want to change the style.

To cold curl, you just wet the hair under the sink - hot water is best, although obviously your sink won't create water hot enough to boil - and then curl it as usual and leave it to dry overnight/however long it takes to dry completely.
>> No. 9032
the new ponies do have metal washers, in the flank. You just need to submerge the hair, you don't have to put the whole pony in.

submerging the pony isn't recommended really anyway, as water can get trapped inside the pony and start to grow mildew
>> No. 9156
True. With G3s you can squish most of the water out, but G4s are so hard that it's very difficult to do so.
>> No. 9159
I knew it might have been a bad idea to put running water on mine, hopefully nothing grows.
Also I sprayed my pinkie's tail would you say that was/is a bad idea?
>> No. 9164
File 130515851202.jpg - (69.72KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-05-02 at 12_27.jpg )
Yeah, the one that you posted by Miss Filly is a perfect tutorial for PP...

> I used the straw method on mine and she turned out perfect!
>> No. 9170
Wow, that looks great! I guess I'm just gonna use the straw method, once I get some clips or something. I was just wondering if there was any other technique out there that people were using.
>> No. 9178
I remember there being a Rainbow Dash styling tutorial where they used elastic bands around her face and front legs to fix her hair into position, did anypony by any chance happen to save it?
>> No. 9179
Yeah, I used pins rather than clips and just carefully wedged them into the hair follicles so I didn't stab her. I've found that using bobby pins or clips with the boil method leaves lines through the hair...
>> No. 9192
File 130517371490.jpg - (39.44KB , 1105x637 , 130237573674.jpg )

>> No. 9207
File 130518510174.png - (36.46KB , 945x945 , 130161925312.png )
Do you have a better explanation other than "Use straws, get this"? Like where to put the straws, and stuff?
>> No. 9214
File 130519034981.png - (239.19KB , 646x635 , squee.png )
Just did Miss Filly's method on my Pinky Pie... Hope she turns out right!
>> No. 9219
File 130519278603.png - (208.39KB , 1233x1199 , 130444281310.png )
Eyyyup! Use Miss Filly's tute, which is posted in the thread:
I separated her mane and tail into segments and put maybe four cut straws in her mane and three in her tail... the trickiest part is getting the hair to stay wrapped around as you curl it up, you just have to be patient and keep trying. Then I held the straws in place with pins (as is in the tutorial) but I stuck the pins through the straws and tried to get them into a hair follicle to hold them in place better, and to avoid scratching or stabbing Pinkie. Next I doused her in boiling water then left her to dry balanced upside down so that hopefully any water that got inside dribbled out... MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE HER UNTIL SHE IS COMPLETELY DRY!!! I made the mistake of uncurling the straws before she was dry and it totally fucks up then trying to rectify the situation is absolutely terrible... But once I re-did it I left her to dry for maybe two days...? and then uncurled the straws and ta-daaa! As it says in the tutorial, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BRUSH HER HAIR! It will ruin EVERYTHING!!! Heehee, hope this helps! ^_~
>> No. 9257
File 130520551145.jpg - (182.46KB , 1181x513 , 100_0761 (Medium).jpg )
Just got my fluttershy out of the airing cupboard. She seems dry, I do hope I didn't get any water in her.
Anyway, combed her hair with a fine tooth comb, pulled some out (there was a few loops between the holes, they were knotted and would've had to come out anyway).
Washed her hair, stuck some conditioner on it, squeezed it a bit, wrapped it round a straw, spun the straw in the loop to pull it tight, then slid it out the side and unfurled.

Admittedly it's more a rarity than a fluttershy look, but compared to the frizzly box hair the rest have currently it's miles better.

Also, first attempt and first post here :) (minus maybe like, one months ago?)
>> No. 9463
alright so

I broke down and got a Rainbow Dash brushable. I figure hell they're only five bucks.

I'm going to tackle her hair tonight, wish me luck bronies
>> No. 9477
File 130526676734.jpg - (0.96MB , 1280x960 , fluttershy.jpg )
Hot water, comb, shampoo, conditioner, and curled the hair with my hands.
>> No. 9481
I also did my g3 starshine but she didn't come out quite as cleanly.
She actually seems to have TOO much hair. It was a mission to keep it all apart while I was curling and straightening it and the like.

Still gotta go my other ones too, although my mane concern atm is getting them wet, since I don't want rusty ponies (esp not at 13 bucks a pop for basic figures)
>> No. 9495
File 130527822560.jpg - (192.25KB , 400x450 , 0513110202-00.jpg )
Wet her down, and banded the hair where I wanted it

Got the tail set how I wanted pretty quickly, just a mild twist wavy look and flattened out for balance. Trimmed about a quarter of it off.

Now to wait for the rest of the hair to dry and set. Until then, good night dear bronies~
>> No. 9521
Hmm, well in basic terms shampoo strips your hair of dirt and moisture and conditioner puts the moisture back in. It sounds kinda silly in theory...
>> No. 9522
Pretty much. Shampoo cleans your hair but also sometimes makes it dry and/or knotty. Conditioner is supposed to stop that by locking the moisture and stuff back into it.
In my case, (and many others) using conditioner on my hair makes it just grease back up faster if I use it anywhere but on the tips of my hair.

Thankfully for these ponies, you can use it knowing that they don't make their own grease, so you can stick it all over their hair and have it make it smooth and silky after you rinse it out.
>> No. 9547
Is gel recommended for pony hair? I'm just a little worried that they might damage the hair even though I want to keep their hair in shape for a bit longer so I was considering using some spray on gel.
>> No. 9558
It won't damage it but it will probably just make it gunky and gross. Gel is designed for real hair, real hair is absorbent and just a completely different beast. Pony hair is just lots of thin pieces of plastic, basically.
>> No. 9599
I've been using Fructis sculpting gel on mine and it works awesomely without making it gross since it promises no visible residue.
>> No. 9680
File 130534261763.jpg - (29.86KB , 310x438 , korkkiruuvit.jpg )

the curls will come out tight, but they're going to look like lolita curls instead of pinkie curls. pic related.

for pinkie's hair you have to pretty much roll it all in a one inch area on the straw. that's the key to getting really tight, short bundles of curls.
>> No. 9701
Hey all, so I've made a Derpy Hooves for a friend, and I got the hair all in, I was wondering if it was safe to use boiled water on it? Will it wash any of the paint off, or will I not have to worry about that?
>> No. 9709
What kind of paint? Acrylics will be totally fine, but I can't speak for others.
>> No. 9710
Yes they were acrylic, thank you
>> No. 9734

Looks good! you could brush out the hair a little with your fingers to give it more of a frizzy pinkie pie look.
>> No. 9749
File 130539175313.jpg - (362.03KB , 1841x1002 , styling pinkamena.jpg )
What i wanted to do here is to give Pinkie that straight Pinkamena-Style Hair without any curls. The outcome looks kinda like a '60s Housewive if you ask me, lol.

And despite i gave her 3 showers with hot water and color repair shampoo, the hair still is kinda messy as it can be clearly seen in this pic. Still i didn't dare to cut anything off due to fear that it would look shittay.

Well she's drying right nao, i hope it doesn't look completely like horseapples tommorow. :<
>> No. 9782

well they're fantastic curls, at least.
>> No. 9802
File 130541792076.gif - (245.15KB , 200x200 , 129545546610.gif )

That actually looks pretty great. I'd say all you'd need to do is trim some of it and frizz some of the curls together and you've got yourself a grade A Pinkie Pie
>> No. 9817
File 130542408035.jpg - (357.77KB , 816x488 , IMAG0050.jpg )
here's my friend's shot at pinkie pie. what do you guys think?
>> No. 9818
File 130542423236.jpg - (357.77KB , 816x488 , IMAG0050.jpg )
what. my VERY FIRST post on this site, and it derped. why does that even happen?
let's try that again
>> No. 9835
File 130543085450.jpg - (242.69KB , 500x501 , 0514112027-00.jpg )

And now I present my first styled pony! I'm pretty proud of how she came out for my first try.
>> No. 9839
File 130543122021.jpg - (153.51KB , 1280x1024 , Picture 1.jpg )
My first pony mod. I'm pretty happy with it, well, the tail kinda bugs me.
>> No. 9857
File 130544403237.png - (624.16KB , 908x500 , pdxdash.png )


I got adventurous and clipped at her hair a little more, giving it a little bit of a frizzier look. My cell phone doesn't do it justice, but she kinda looks like filly Dash now :3
>> No. 9890
File 130547855226.jpg - (157.61KB , 904x822 , result pinkamena.jpg )
At least i tried.. ;_;
>> No. 9931
File 130549738783.jpg - (165.21KB , 1280x960 , mlp gens134.jpg )
You now know the joy ponies have been bringing girls for generations, don't you? This is why girls love MLPs. I used to cut & style my ponies' hair when I was a kid... and give them pretty hooves with markers (usually a shade darker than their "coats." Fortunately, I'm pretty artistic, so the hooves turned out pretty good... I'd just do poorly to try to sell most of my G1 ponies, they were/are so well loved & it totally shows.. :p Plus, they almost always went in the bath with me.

This is my pony project. (in the back you'll see a G3, Sunnydaze?, & a G1 Hula Hula the tropical unicorn)
I totally need to re-do their hair with hot water.
>> No. 9935

Also the fact that their bodies are so much stiffer than older ponies means that less water will seep in.Tail rust is the big problem with submerging G1's, but I still submerge mine when I restore them- I've been doing it for about ten years. If you're careful and make sure they have plenty of room to dry nicely you shouldn't have to worry about it, especially with the G4's.
>> No. 9953
Yup, completely re-haired her. Biggest pain in the flank ever.

Also, the boiling water trick helped a lot.
>> No. 10077
I got a quick question about this tutorial, what temperature is the water that author runs over the pony? If it's hot water would hot tap water be sufficient?
>> No. 10085
Thanks! Now I just have to get up the confidence to actually try doing it.
>> No. 10218
I got another quick question, the tutorial seems to suggest cutting the hair when it's wet. Is that right? Or is it best to wait until the pony's hair is dry?
>> No. 10239
So I just attempted styling my Applejack. I boiled some water, submerged her mane and tail for a minute or two, applied conditioner, washed it off, submerged the hair for another minute, took her out, combed her hair a bit, and fixed it into place with some elastic bands.

Man, that was messy. That was my first attempt at styling anything, and it was a lot more complicated than I'd imagined. Damn hair wouldn't cooperate. >:C

I'll post pictures as soon as I come across a camera.
>> No. 10245
I'm going to start soon. I have all 6, bought a fresh pack of straws and bobby pins. I'll use hot tap water instead of boiling, it's overall better for the plastic as boiling water CAN cause damage to the plastic, even minimal, which is why I use tap water when I disassemble G.I. Joe limbs for customs. Less heat but more than enough for the job.
>> No. 10247
YES. how can i make rainbowdashes hair more rainbowdashish
>> No. 10248
File 130568225075.jpg - (399.04KB , 1300x885 , 130499831560.jpg )
Here's a tutorial. Hope it helps.
>> No. 10332
File 130573976966.jpg - (84.67KB , 623x701 , aMaZiNg.jpg )
Good hair stylings! MOAR!
>> No. 10358
File 130575084112.jpg - (535.66KB , 647x4000 , Hair Tie Styling.jpg )
Here's a little guide for a really simple styling technique mostly just using hair elastics. You might need a straw or two and some thick markers to help set wide curls.

It was pretty easy and I think it turned out pretty good, all things considered!
>> No. 10525
I'm almost ready as soon as my neighbor gets back with the pack of thick-bore drinking straws I need. I'm opening them as we speak and these things are more secured in the trays than most electronic items are.

I'll definitely cut hair shorter.

The best way to do Applejack's ties are red sewing thread. I've already done my McD AJ- guess where you want the red band to go and then loop several loops of thread around that spot. Tie it off with 2 or 3 good knots and snip the ends down flat. If you plan to cut the mane or tail short, do so after tying off the red loops because trying this before is going to be almost a nightmare.
>> No. 10575
File 130585226578.jpg - (142.11KB , 640x960 , PINKIE.jpg )
I just styled my Fashion Style Pinkie Pie! Wow, was it tricky... But it worked out OK in the end I think...
>> No. 10614
So, question for anypony who's done a Twilight one yet: what can you do to cover that bald spot between her bangs and mane?
>> No. 10666

Did you cut the hair shorter?
>> No. 10712
A little bit yeah... In retrospect I probably shouldn't have but it's really hard to do the straw method with heaps of hair... Anyway I'm happy with how she looks! (And I barely cut her tail but it more than halved in size!)
>> No. 10798

I (sort of) just used this guide on a Rarity doll my mom bought for me for my birthday. The first time I tried it I really messed up, but I tried again while taking a shower (makes it MUCH easier to get their hair right when you have continuous water flowing over you). I ended up trying to get everything jsut right and wasted a good 30 minutes cleaning and positioning her hair.

She's drying now and I'll post pictures tomorrow. I really should have started out trying to style AJ or RD since they wouldn't really care what their hair looks like. Rarity, on the other hand, will not let me see the end of the day if her hair comes out anything less than fabulous.
>> No. 10803
I'm sort of wondering though, what are the chances the ponies will start rusting?
I've done a few and haven't submerged them, but I imagine they still would have gotten at least slightly damp inside.

Also, I don't think I'll bother holding the hair down with straws or anything anymore for long. I keep getting ridiculous curls that way. I actually get better results (IE my fluttershy from >>9257) by just curling it round a straw tightly and either sliding it out or off.
>> No. 10835
File 130599642511.png - (374.44KB , 1366x768 , 130599635606.png )
I want to style my fluttershy like this.

Is hair gel and a chaser of hairspray a reasonable option?
>> No. 10836
File 130599674960.jpg - (336.10KB , 600x800 , DSCF1520.jpg )
That actually looks like a job for a hair straightener.
>> No. 10838

It stays that way if you use a straightener? what the heck
>> No. 10839

Well, it collapsed after five minutes, you would probably need to use a lot of heat and support it with hairspray afterwards.
If you melt fluttershys hair you can still rehair her with the correct color...
>> No. 10904
did you just use normal drinking straws for that, or did you use something bigger?
>> No. 10909
Normal. I'm currently cooling my Pinkie Pie in the fridge now. The smaller the straw, the better. Larger will just make larger circles.
>> No. 10931
Awesome. Wasn't sure if the small ones were too small or not. I've got a Rarity that I'm trying to get done, just not sure how to start going about it >.>
>> No. 10932
Anypony have advice on straightening Twilight's hair? I do not want to wet my ponies - is a straightener ok?
>> No. 10966
File 130604651228.png - (182.59KB , 468x490 , 1305547990218.png )
me again. I totally goofed and accidentally made Rarity's man go BEHIND her head, instead of in front. I don't know how I didn't realize that. Looks like I'm going to be trying again. Pic related, my face when I took the pens and rubber bands off and watched as her hair went in the complete opposite direction that I had imagined.

I do recommend just doing it all in the shower though. Super hot water all the time, easy to wash and rinse their hair with shampoo and conditioner, and as a bonus you get to never feel like a man again playing and styling ponies in the shower.
>> No. 10983
*mane (not man)

Does anypony have any pictures of a styled rarity? (other than the one posted in the guide above)
>> No. 10984
Normal... But I kind of think I should've used somthing a little bigger. Her hair's good, but it's trickier because there so much hair on the fashion style ponies. Regular drinking straws are perfect for the single brushables though.>>9164
>> No. 11007
File 130607450629.jpg - (3.87MB , 3888x2592 , custom_ish_rainbow_dash_by_captainbritish-d3gue05.jpg )
This was my first attempt at doing anything along these lines, I posted this in it's own thread yesterday but yeah.

It really bugs me how hard it is to get hold of G4 Pony stuff in the UK, had to pay just over £10 to get this over here.
>> No. 11010

Actually, on that subject, does anypony know of a place in the UK that sells G4 Pony stuff or a cheap way to get ahold of them here? I REALLY want to get some of the smaller plastic figures (such as the ones in the 4-pack) but the only places I can find charge like.. Three times the product's price in shipping.
>> No. 11020
File 130607696637.jpg - (45.19KB , 905x570 , rainbow dash and fluttershy.jpg )
Hey guys, how did I do? Tried to get the manes as show accurate as possible, but I didn't do anything to the tails yet.
>> No. 11044
File 130608312438.jpg - (182.34KB , 1568x1176 , IMG00101-20110522-1148.jpg )
Here's mine. I think I kinda screwed the hair up though. Doesn't quite look the way I had envisioned it at first.
>> No. 11074
File 130609225968.jpg - (399.54KB , 800x600 , DSCF1527.jpg )
Here is my second try on fashion style pinkie pie.
I used these 'soft curls', they're quite a bit thicker than straws.
Also I didn't submerge her, I just warmed up the curls with a hair dryer in hope to make them more flexible.

Has anypony tried to give fashion style Rarity her curls?
I'm tempted to make her 'wet hair Rarity' instead.
>> No. 11078
I never got around to starting my projects yet. I got a G.I. Joe head in the mail so I took care of another Joe custom figure first.

If anypony is looking for supplies, a box of 100 drinking straws at Target is $1 and they sell a pack of 90 bobby pins for $2.
>> No. 11083

Why is everything overseas so ridiculously cheap?

$2 for 90 bobby pins...
>> No. 11096

It's because while necessities stay low, toy prices and such tend to rise. Oh not even that because food prices are also going up. I find $4 for a gallon of milk at some stores to be insulting.
>> No. 11097
I'm thinking about getting a set of those soft curlers before I try anything on my fashion style Rarity. I just don't see normal straws working that well
>> No. 11323
File 130616180657.jpg - (374.70KB , 1007x583 , pinkie before and after.jpg )
My contribution to the hair styling thread...

This is a fashion style pinkie. I curled her hair up with drinking straws and pinned in place with bobby pins, then I dunked her hair & tail in freshly boiled water, and let it dry overnight. Took out the straws the next morning, pulled the curls apart with my fingers a bit and TADA, curly afro frizzy pinkie!
>> No. 11331
File 130616254747.jpg - (416.79KB , 800x2400 , 43513461463.jpg )
Oh well, have one more fashion style Pinkie...
>> No. 11335
File 130616388546.jpg - (489.08KB , 800x3600 , 43513461463.jpg )
While I'm at it, just have all my stylings so far.
>> No. 11343
Did you put some gel or something in her hair? Or use a hairdryer and melted it a little?
>> No. 11352

What makes you think that?

The only thing I did differently from Miss Filly's tutorial is that I didn't submerge her in boiling water but used a hair dryer instead.
That produces a lot less heat and caused the curls to be more soft.
>> No. 11375

Hairdryers can actually get a lot lot hotter and melt the hair, which it looks like has happened to your pinkie, but it might just be the lighting/photo. Boiling creates the softest results, as does using hot steam. I've worked with fake hair for a number of years.
>> No. 11376
The way I see it, if you submerge the curls in boiling water they get 'baked' into position.
Thus resulting in very tender curls.
I just warmed them up a little bit resulting them to come apart mostly after I removed the curlers.

The hair isn't molten whatsoever.
>> No. 11394

It's possible to do it with a hair dryer, but it can easily go wrong pretty fast so I wouldn't personally recommend it as a method. I mentioned that I've worked with fake hair for many years, what I mean to say is I talk from personal experience.

If you over-boil hair not a lot happens and it's difficult to over-do it. But if you leave a hairdryer on too long it can melt the hair and it crisps up and clumps together.

I'm glad yours came out soft though, you must have been very gentle with the heat.
>> No. 11417

Well, I put it to maximum heat and held it as close as possible to the curls...
>> No. 11446
Looks like I have use for this thread, now. HOORAY.
>> No. 11451
File 130619647373.png - (120.50KB , 320x306 , 130516775077.png )
Has anypony got a good Twilight tutorial? I've kept hearing how she's kinda hard to style, but I'd like to give it a try and make her look more lik ein the show.

Any advice?
>> No. 11468
File 130619832384.png - (93.17KB , 310x303 , 130534602301.png )
I just normally comb it, and If I want to... Style it.

But I lost the mini comb, so I stole a long on AND I HATE IT :U
>> No. 11480

but how do you get your hair like that before you styled it.

(also, in a newb on pony hair styling, and im a little scared to cut/wash/condition the ponies hair)
>> No. 11551
For Twi I pretty much put my straightening iron on the lowest heat and straightened her mane and tail, patiently and slowly applying heat, and following the way I want the hair to fall so it looks natural. I used lowest heat, to prevent the hair from getting stuck in position, so it still flows naturally. I'm going to go at her ends with a bit more heat because they are curling up.

Bangs I haven't attempted yet...I just don't want my ponies to have that look where the hair looks all stiff so I'm a bit on the careful side. :P
>> No. 11558
I have to admit, as a guy who manetains a short haircut, I have little use of styling products. Beyond scissors and shampoo my own hair sees no other manetenance so things like curlers, bobby pins and heating/curling irons are very foreign to me. Hair on toys has been one of those things that was prior an unknown to me and the closest I owned now was MOTUC She-Ra which replaced the comb with a spiked axe because it had no rooted hair.

But somehow I've been drawn to MLP through a wonderful show and now am going to venture into hair styling. I have to say it's an area I never expected to wander into yet seem to be looking quite forward to it. And it'll be nice to fix these bird's nests the ponies come with out of the packages.
>> No. 11598
hahah just got home with some bands and pins and a couple of straws i have medium-longish hair but the most i do to manetain it is shampoo and air dry

so this was quite a fun adventure for me... i stood in awe at the 5 bajillion different styles of hair pins there were .___.;;;

if all else ill use the left over bands to make my hair into braids and look pretty *sparkle* loenjoyment I anticipated experiencing after performing said activitytrength and
>> No. 11617
File 130625856588.png - (203.96KB , 640x360 , Awesome sauce Im.png )


Decided, today I will buy 5 of those.
>> No. 11632
File 130626508351.jpg - (31.18KB , 584x439 , 642309676_2296490166_0.jpg )
I've started my Twilight Sparkle work. I decided to use the thatching method that was linked here, because I really like how easily it went. It really didn't take me that long, thankfully my fingers didn't go too numb until after I was all done. Now, of course, I can barely type.

Pic shows Twilight at the halfway point, and my "tools" and impromptu "workbench": Hair elastics, a toothpick, and a spray bottle to keep it easy to work the toothpick between the plugs of hair. I used the hair elastic around her neck to hold her hair in place, and I'll leave her like that for a day before I give her a cut and boil.
>> No. 11724
File 130629294811.jpg - (1.30MB , 1600x1200 , DSCN0694s.jpg )
thanks for this guide, its been alot of help so far. check out the 4 i've done. still have to do twilight and pinkie pie.
>> No. 11732

I love your Rarity!

Puts mine to shame.
>> No. 11736
File 130629484809.png - (113.50KB , 414x404 , Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 1_39_11 PM.png )
Ohhhhh thanks! I'm surprised how well it turned out, it was so darn fiddly!
>> No. 11747
File 130630011894.jpg - (1.23MB , 1600x1200 , DSCN0701s.jpg )
just finished pinkie pie, i'm really happy with how her new hairstyle came out. i think i'll end up giving fluttershy a haircut and restyle her again after i finish twilight..
>> No. 11748
how did you get your rarity so perfect? I've tried three times now and I can't make her look show-accurate at all.
>> No. 11751
Pinkie Pie is probably the hardest because the way her hair and tail are drawn probably can't exist as a physical 3D object
>> No. 11790
File 130633025623.jpg - (59.34KB , 618x800 , 4cb9105a91b24d5cfd8f20e0f938497d.jpg )
True. Best thing here is to try different styles out for yaself untill it looks quite decent i'd say

or use that pinkamena style which looks better anyway :)
>> No. 11859
Got a question! So the thatching of the back of her hair went great, it's hanging down nice and straight like I want it to. So does anypony have any tips for doing Twilight's bangs? I've got them cut straight across so she doesn't look like she's got a five-head anymore, but I can't make them stay down for love or money. Maybe a small dab of hair gel to work as glue?
>> No. 11870
I had to boil perm mine to get the bangs to stay down, manely due to the fact that I don't have any kind of hair styling products
>> No. 11872
File 130635543407.jpg - (1.19MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_20110525_152856.jpg )
What are the odds anypony's ever tried to bleach Flutterhsy's mane closer to the in-show color? Would that work or just guaranteed ruin it no matter how you tried to do it? I don't think I'd even try it with or without a tutorial, just wondering.

Also, no elastics, no pins, no straws. Just hot water, comb, dry for a bit, and this is what I got. I think it's pretty close to correct. And there's two bunnies for her to take care of. :] No Angel, but these'll do.
>> No. 11893
I have a bad feeling that bleach would just melt the plastic fibers, so I haven't tried it yet. I'm waiting to see if any of the old school pony customizers do a photo tutorial before I try covering the body with tape and fading the hair with sunlight.
>> No. 11912

Rarity took forever to get anywhere close to whats in the series.. i think i ended up restyling her hair 4-5 times because i kept screwing it up.

started off with hot water(hot tap water, not boiling) to straighten it. then while it was still wet, i put a tiny amount of styling gel in her hair and started finger twirling it to get it in the basic shape i wanted. then when it was damp(single hairs starting to spring out) i wrapped it around drinking straws* and pinned it. where i wanted it. when it was dry i removed the straw and had super tight curls. i then wet my fingers and made the curls slightly damp and carefully pulled them apart and shaped them. let dry again, ???, profit!


my pinkie pie hairstyle was surprisingly easy. using the straightening/straw method described below, i pulled her mane/bangs into 2 sections and wrapped each of them on the sides of her head/neck that i wanted, i did the same to her tail curling it all the way to her flank. after letting them dry completely i pulled out the straws. i then wet them with a couple drops of water(more than rarity's curls) and ran the pink brush through them 2-3 times which broke the tight curl apart. used my fingers to place them approx where they should be and let them dry again.

* take 2 sections of drinking straw(each ~2 inches long), cut one completely down one side where you can 'snap' the other into the cut one. take the end of the hair and capture it in the straws by snapping it into the straw and twirl it up(poor ponies curlers).
>> No. 11989
I just usually brush my ponies hair since I'm scared f I put hair gel or paint on it, It'll turn bad :(
>> No. 12004
File 130638247753.jpg - (1.25MB , 1600x1200 , DSCN0706s.jpg )
the mane 6 are complete! couple of pix for the hell of it.

finished twilight just now, i'm probably going to attempt to straighten her mane more... even some hair gel didnt hold it down that well..
>> No. 12005
File 130638271919.jpg - (1.20MB , 1600x1200 , DSCN0707s.jpg )
here is fluttershy's new haircut/style, i like it. tempted to try to straighten dashie's hair a little more too
>> No. 12006
File 130638281500.jpg - (1.25MB , 1600x1200 , DSCN0704s.jpg )
then a pic of all 6. thanks to everypony who posted suggestions/hints/tutorials in this thread, it really helped.
>> No. 12018
File 130638540518.jpg - (1.53MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20110525_234612.jpg )
Okay, the bit hanging on the right side of her head was still a little wavy from being in the box, so I went ahead and wet it with hot water again, pulled it down around her foreleg, and strapped it down with the elastic that had been around her tail when I got it. I couldn't find any other elastics. I also pulled the front up a bit to make it closer to the show. That made it a lot straighter and gave it a better curl though.
>> No. 12023


Must get styling supplies.
>> No. 12063
File 130641274127.jpg - (331.43KB , 500x750 , pinkie_pie.jpg )
For those of you who complained that securing the curls with bobby pins leaves lines through the hair, I figured out an alternative method.

Cut a longer piece of the straw, curl the hair around one end, bend the straw in half to hold the hair in place and then put a needle or a pin through both parts of the straw (see pic). Leaves no marks whatsoever.

First I washed her hair with warm water and conditioner, curled it with straws (3 on tail, 4 on mane), let it sit for 2 days and ta da! I think Pinkie Pie would be pleased with my stylings :3
>> No. 12138
File 130644963542.jpg - (141.75KB , 1024x1360 , 2011-05-26_15-35-21_401.jpg )
using qtips for my Pinkie Pie... what do you guys think so far?
>> No. 12196

Damn...and here I already cut a bunch of straws up and threw out the bendy parts...also bought bobby pins *facehoof*
>> No. 12201
File 130646911393.jpg - (1.04MB , 3072x1728 , 100_0142.jpg )

Damn, I think I'll have to redo my Pinkie Pie that way...

I'm pretty happy with my Fluttershy though/
>> No. 12272
File 130652151305.png - (57.26KB , 250x256 , baffleblendhmmsketch.png )
My McDonald's Twilight is my lucky charm, but sometimes her tail feels strawlike. I'm worried I'm not taking proper care of her.

Any advice on McDonald's toy care?
>> No. 12276
Same as for other frizzy hair, a conditioner-bath?
>> No. 12278
i used hot water and gently pulled the hairs into place they usually straightened out for me... and then the frayed strays I simply trimmed with scissors....
>> No. 12279
Really? I used a bit of conditioner and I still have tons of hairs sticking out every which way from Fluttershy's mane, but I don't want to do any cutting. I'd definitely ruin something.
>> No. 12284
i haven't worked a lot with ponies but i use really hot water and just kinda pull the hairs in place its always worked for me n_n; i wasnt too afraid of cleaning up strays its like trimming split ends for me lol
>> No. 12320
File 130654696559.jpg - (1.08MB , 3072x1728 , 100_0143.jpg )

Ok, so I redid Pinkie Pie's mane. Much happier with it now.
>> No. 12334
File 130655068977.jpg - (1.05MB , 3072x1728 , 100_0144.jpg )
more pics
>> No. 12335
File 130655073327.jpg - (1.08MB , 3072x1728 , 100_0145.jpg )
Showin some flank
>> No. 12456
File 130663847447.png - (562.66KB , 1150x638 , AWESOME party.png )

Just bought three Pinkie Pie toys!
Two of those are hair-brushable.

The pet one AND the one with a light button.
Where can I start to give my Pinkie Pie the regular hair? I don't want to screw it!
>> No. 12504
File 130668313947.jpg - (1.81MB , 2656x1768 , P1130665.jpg )
So I tried to get Rarity's double curls by using a combination of straws and larger cylinders, but a day of drying and a whole bunch of brushing later...
>> No. 12505
File 130668353847.jpg - (1.00MB , 1500x2560 , Toys.jpg )
... all I got was a whole lot of fail. The only part that I can say I'm somewhat okay with is the tail. All in all, this looks more like Fluttershy's hairstyle than Rarity's.
>> No. 12517
That looks really cute! Don't be so hard on yourself!

If you want to tighten it up a bit, just do the straw method with the end parts to get a nice curl at the end :)
>> No. 12614
File 130672135238.jpg - (214.00KB , 1063x708 , P1130679.jpg )
Thanks, but I was dissappointed when it didn't turn out the way I expected, but I guess it does look pretty cool as an original hair style. At any rate, here goes take three!

Excuse all the stuff sticking out everywhere making this look more brutal of a procedure than it actually is...

With this try, the biggest change is that I used much smaller curls and gave up using the larger cylinders all together and intentionally spiral'd the curls. Will post result when it's done, but I have no idea how it will actually turn out.
>> No. 12637
File 130672784021.jpg - (753.44KB , 1338x788 , IMG_0811.jpg )
Pardon me if I sound pompous or rude -- I don't mean to be at all -- but I don't think you need all that to curl Rarity's hair. You can just use some every-day hair curlers.
That's what I did, and the results were exactly what I wanted. Now, you may be looking for something different, but for a more show-accurate Rarity, curlers are the way to go.

Pic related.
>> No. 12694
File 130675979931.png - (1.22MB , 1920x1080 , 130514442599.png )
I've tried something like that, but the problem is that I haven't been able to find curlers small enough for Rarity's curls. I mean, they're almost like double curls, with the larger curl at the root going in one direction and smaller curls at the tip of her mane going in the other direction! Anyway, thanks for the help, but I'm looking for something just a teeny bit more show accurate.

Pic related.... These double curls are crazy...
>> No. 12730
Use perm rods. They tend to be a little long (and fiddly as a result), but you can get them in sizes small enough for Rarity. They'll also hold the hair in place.
The first curl that divides the hair does not need to be curled by any curlers. Just water it, pull it where you want it to be, then it'll bounce up as it dries. Don't apply any rubber bands or related thingamajiggies (besides rods for the other curls). Pony hair is rooted straight up and it goes down with gravity, so let it be that way and that big curl will stay.
>> No. 12812
File 130678720395.jpg - (1.21MB , 1600x932 , styled_ponies.jpg )
Here's all my styled ponies! I just need to get Rarity and I'll have the set.

I used the boiling water technique for all of them except Fluttershy. For her all I needed was a shampoo in warm water, a trim and a quick curl at the ends. Applejack's hat was made with card stock and painted with acrylics. I actually used a tutorial that somepony posted but I can't find it... :(

I also painted AJ's freckles and added Fluttershy's lower lashes.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! think I cut Twilight's mane a little short but other than that I like it. Thanks for all the tutorials and suggestions!
>> No. 12816
Is Fluttershy really that bright yellow in real life?
>> No. 12823
Yeah unfortunately she is quite yellow. >_< Maybe not quite this saturated because I did brighten the photo a little bit, but she's definitely more yellow than she needs to be.
>> No. 12863
>> No. 12882
File 130680568008.jpg - (499.33KB , 2592x1936 , 2011-05-30_18-29-15_572.jpg )
shes finished but she has so many stray hairs... ):
>> No. 12891
Not a bad try!
>> No. 12910
File 130681723862.jpg - (123.66KB , 660x495 , DSCF9276.jpg )
Heres my attempt I did it back when this thead only had like 4 posts in it but never got to uploading it. The hair is a little short but I like how it turned out. I still need to fix her tail. I'm doing raity next but I need some bobby pins and cant find any.
>> No. 12918
File 130682314936.jpg - (132.36KB , 640x480 , IMG00427-20110530-0055.jpg )
My brony over here >>12320

came to help me style my ponies! I'm missing Twilight (they didn't have it when i went to the store) but I should be done styling them soon. He was restyling his ponies as well.
>> No. 12955
File 130685247403.jpg - (351.82KB , 600x800 , DSCF2065.jpg )
Just straightened my Rarity. I left the factory curl in when I took her ended up looking reaaaally ratty, so I'm going to do her hair.
I know her part is probably the wrong way.
>> No. 12958
File 130685425585.jpg - (99.09KB , 600x800 , DSCF2066.jpg )
Anyway, this is my styling dummy, Easter Fluttershy. I'm putting perm rods in her hair and seeing what happens when I pull them out.

You don't have to put straws or rods or whatever in their tails if you don't want to. Since their legs are thin, you can just wind the tail around one of them and it won't look too shabby.
>> No. 12974
File 130686184493.jpg - (1.76MB , 2472x3296 , 1.jpg )
I've been working on trying to get Applejack just right. Still might trim it just a little.
>> No. 12975
File 130686193604.jpg - (2.02MB , 3296x2472 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 12976
File 130686253808.jpg - (1.77MB , 2472x3296 , 100_2645.jpg )
This is how my Pinkie came out. I used Mc Donald straws and boby pins
>> No. 12977
Is it just me, or does cold water not hold curls/whatever in for very long? I curled my Pinkie's mane and tail last week, and 2 days after that, the curls were much looser than they were. I think her tail looks better now with them looser, but that's not my point. My point is, cold water isn't permanent, correct?
>> No. 12981
No, cold water isn't permanent. Use boiling water if you want the curls to stay.
>> No. 13103
Dash's mane is so hard to work with..
>> No. 13312
two Pinkie Pies... and rifles?
>> No. 13314

ponies and guns.. this is the manliest picture.
>> No. 13344
I've got Pinkie Pie in rollers. I may give it 1 or 2 more hot water treatments though.
>> No. 13402
File 130705923872.jpg - (32.03KB , 640x480 , 0602111930.jpg )
Just want to thank this thread, after looking at some of the pics here, I made Fluttershy look like the show. I'm happy to display her on my computer desk.

All I did was wet her hair, trimmed some of the excess (around her foot), and put it in her style.

Warning: I take no responsibility if you take my advice and mess up your Fluttershy.
>> No. 13429
File 130706716932.jpg - (1.06MB , 2472x2732 , hairwork1.jpg )
Helpful thread is helpful. Here's the process I ended up with, using a combination of straws, bobby pins, and push pins.

I linked the straws into groups of two or four to make for larger curlers. After a few washes under steaming hot sink water, I followed up by binding the hair down with bands or weighting it with extra bobby pins to straighten it.
>> No. 13430
File 130706726137.jpg - (661.08KB , 2472x1620 , hairwork2_pinkiepie.jpg )
The results!
I didn't realize how much hair Pinkie Pie had until I was done here. I may go back and trim it down just a little bit to keep the curls cohesive.
>> No. 13431
File 130706749874.jpg - (266.98KB , 1182x1521 , hairwork3_pinkamina.jpg )
Pinkamina turned out well, but her hair tends to try and bounce back up rather than hang straight. I cut her mane and tail shorter to keep it from curling up and to get that clean, sharp edge.
>> No. 13432
File 130706760933.jpg - (425.60KB , 1548x1936 , hairwork4_rarity.jpg )
And, of course, Rarity! She turned out pretty great on the first shot and I was able to get those thick curls spinning in the right directions without much trouble. Oddly, she was the easiest of all my ponies to style.
>> No. 13455
The table is usually in the closet and that's where I put some of my go-to guns. I like laying the guns flat on stuff like a table so if there's a bit too much oil it doesn't drip into the action/trigger bits (say if it was stored vertically).

Anyhow I threw them on the bed to get the table and my buddy ("Somepony", he's in this thread) was styling his pinkie pie at the same time.
>> No. 13472
File 130708439080.jpg - (512.23KB , 1250x837 , DSC_0602.jpg )
Here are the ponies I've styled successfully so far. I'm not too happy with Twilight's backwards pink and purple mane, so I might rehair her eventually and add more plugs in her 'bald patch' between her bangs and mane, but so far I'm pretty happy with them!

Check out this thread: for more pics of my "mohair" Fluttershy!
>> No. 13474
You guys are serious about your ponies, I see.
*begins working on hers*
>> No. 13478
Well, I may re-do Pinkie Pie, curling the hair closer to the body and such, plus some trimming, and allowing it to dry laying on the side so the hair isn't trained to hang down. But I think I've figured out the basics of curling the hair.
>> No. 13513
Does anypony know if it's safe to cut a pony's hair with normal scissors?
>> No. 13515

as long as you can cut other things without cutting off any of your fingers, yes. but make sure you know how much you actually want to cut before you do it.
>> No. 13516
Haha, I bet I can!
Thanks for awnsering me.
>> No. 13521
Yes, it's fine, just make sure they're sharp, it's much easier to cut if your scissors are in good shape, the more blunt they are the harder it is to get clean cuts ^_^
>> No. 13531
File 130711696251.jpg - (47.41KB , 640x480 , 0603111152.jpg )
Ok, so I did the straw and pins trick to Pinkie. I trimmed a bit of her hair, wet it, and wrapped it around the straws.

I'm happy with the results, and she looks like she's ready to party.
>> No. 13532
File 130711702254.jpg - (291.76KB , 616x828 , beforeandafter.jpg )
Just a before and after shot of both of my ponies. Thanks a lot for this thread!
>> No. 13540
File 130712112779.jpg - (136.85KB , 557x495 , rainbowdash.jpg )
After two days of inconsistent cutting and styling, I think I'm done with Dash's hair
To fix her split ends, I just used a styling serum

I'm waiting on Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity's hair to dry so I can put them up
>> No. 13575
They both really look great, funny what a little hot water and styling can do.

RD turned out great, I already cut some of her hair but I guess I was to confident and cut it too short. Maybe I can still save her
>> No. 13610
File 130713859159.png - (778.10KB , 730x486 , pony1.png )
I did the hair of all my ponies and cut twilight's bangs.
Sorry if the picture is a bit small.
>> No. 13617
Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to go even shorter, but I was too afraid of being at a point of no return D: You should post pics anyways, I'm sure it's not so bad

I am digging Pinkie's curls, they look so springy
>> No. 13619
File 130714015678.jpg - (150.14KB , 763x265 , applejack.jpg )
I didn't do much to Applejack, I trimmed her bangs a little and used a small rubberband to make them flip up better, and finally I used white nail polish to make her freckles (I was out of acrylic)
>> No. 13622
Oh wow, thanks a lot! I wasn't too sure about her hair. Glad you like them.
>> No. 13729
She looks perfect!
And so does rarity!
>> No. 13730
>> No. 13735
File 130718927366.jpg - (55.00KB , 640x480 , 0604110424.jpg )
I couldn't sleep during part of the night, so I worked on Pinkie Pie some more. treehugger suggested smaller straws, but when I did that, the curls wouldn't get smaller (still thanks for the tip. :) ).

So I tried using toothpicks and paper clips. I used 6 toothpicks on her mane, and 3 on her tail.
>> No. 13737
File 130718938468.jpg - (47.94KB , 640x480 , 0604110801.jpg )
The result is some nice curly hair that would do Pinkie proud. It's not as small as I hope, but still better than previous attempt. I think I'm gonna keep her this way.
>> No. 13753
File 130719992651.jpg - (48.04KB , 640x480 , 0604111042.jpg )
Scratch that, I'm gonna try it again.

Anyway to do this to Pinkie simply wet the hair, wrap it in the toothpick, and paper clip it.
>> No. 13788
File 130720852759.jpg - (56.63KB , 640x480 , 0604111325.jpg )
Done, looks like toothpicks work. Pinkie's curls seem to be right now.

Only downside is curling them. Since a toothpick is much smaller than a straw, it will take a couple of tries.
>> No. 13804
File 130721103584.jpg - (1.57MB , 3072x2304 , DSCF2086.jpg )
This is how my Easter Fluttershy ended up. I waited until she was dry then pulled out the rods the way I wanted them to go. Nothing else was done.
>> No. 13923
File 130723629821.jpg - (129.31KB , 1600x1200 , Flutter and pinkie.jpg )
Can you help me?
>> No. 14029
File 130726040057.png - (3.46MB , 1004x4768 , Rarity_Hair_guide.png )
so, I kinda started making this as a joke for my friend as an example of how I styled my Rarity, but then I kinda started explaining more, and then... redid it and turned it into a guide thing on how to style your Rarity without using any tools.

Note: I tried this with fashion style Rarity, but it SHOULD work the same for the little Rarity.
>> No. 14030

I must say, Rarity looks pretty good with her hair wrapped around her body. Reminds me of a more fabulous version of Bayonetta
>> No. 14136

Wow, that definitely makes working on her hair later much easier!
>> No. 14140
File 130731825367.jpg - (17.15KB , 320x240 , 0605111954.jpg )
Fluttershy with her hair wet. I kind of like the way the curls are loose, will it stay similar to this way or should I pin it?
>> No. 14166
I don't think it will stay. You really need to wrap it around something, I think. I'd considered cutting my Fluttershy's hair so the curls were smaller, but it's not like it'll grow back. :[ I didn't want to screw it up. I wrapped her hair around her legs both to make it stay straight and to get the curls at the ends.
>> No. 14172
File 130732959217.jpg - (22.72KB , 320x240 , 0605112302.jpg )
Ah, legs are a good idea. But it turns out the bit of conditioner I put in her hair held the style so well I didn't realize she was dry. I brushed it out to fluff it out a little and I absolutely love how she turned out, even if her hair is a little long, it's quite long in the show sometimes and I like that look on her.
>> No. 14285
Is there something i am missing. i only have the little rarity but i am having a very hard time getting the hair to stick to her body. if anyone figures out how to get the hair to stick, let me know
>> No. 14356
File 130741825524.jpg - (86.85KB , 1238x612 , Rainbow_Dash.jpg )
Here's my Rainbow Dash. Short hair really is the best, don't you think?
>> No. 14392
Looking good, I also fancy the shorter hair. My RD got that hair cut too but I need to bring it into shape somehow, maybe then I'm posting pictures.
>> No. 14540
File 130750532279.jpg - (1.83MB , 3664x2748 , 100_0313.jpg )
>> No. 14541
File 130750538965.jpg - (1.86MB , 3664x2748 , 100_0318.jpg )
>> No. 14553
I love how Pinkie came out here. Last time I tried to straw+bobby pin curl mine it came out looking way too tight and awkward. Did you just use water/conditioner/whatever, or did you go with a boil perm, or what?
>> No. 14657
File 130756145591.jpg - (170.18KB , 1440x539 , 100_0319.jpg )
Yeah all i used was water, let her sit and air dry for an hour or two.
I was alittle worried my Pinkie would turn out with old lady curls, but thankfully she turned out nice.
>> No. 14681
File 130756588600.jpg - (2.57MB , 3072x2304 , IMG_7572.jpg )
This was my styling Pinkie Pie....I did a different sort of straw curling that gave longer curls. I did them with wet hair and let them dry for a few hours because I got impatient. I know it doesn't really look like her hair in the show, so i might redo it eventually, but I think it's pretty and quite good for my first time ever straw curling!
>> No. 14683
File 130756602371.jpg - (1.59MB , 1827x2345 , IMG_7586.jpg )
And another angle. :)
>> No. 14687
I actually think your Pinkie looks pretty nice, haven't seen someone do that to theirs before.
>> No. 14766
heya, just finished moving in so I can respond to your question.

I always use shampoo followed by conditioner whenever styling any ponies hair, since I notice it makes it feel all nice and soft. That might explain why it "sticks" nicely in my picture.
>> No. 14828
Thank you! :D I used this tutorial.
>> No. 14851
File 130764567810.jpg - (246.97KB , 800x1200 , 3462357.jpg )
I redid my Pinkie Pie.

Whatcha think?
>> No. 14867
What'd you do to style your Pinkie's hair?
>> No. 14873
File 130765741702.png - (242.56KB , 1926x2107 , 37374347.png )
I tried braiding like in miss Filly's tutorial.

Shouldn't have combed the hair afterwards...
>> No. 14883
File 130765857221.jpg - (77.57KB , 375x500 , 2.jpg )
Just bought a Rarity today on a whim. I'm a guy, so what is the best way to give her close to show accurate hair without having to raid a hair salon?
>> No. 14896
I used the straw+bobbypin method and wet her hair, let 'em sit and air dry for an hour or two.

>> No. 14901
File 130766697771.png - (422.75KB , 635x474 , Picture 3.png )
Bobby pin and straw, attempt #1. Semi-success, certainly looks better than before. I'll try again when I'm feeling STYLISH
>> No. 14904
Doesn't look half bad, you'll probably get a good one the 2nd try.
>> No. 14948
File 130767723291.jpg - (498.40KB , 2592x1944 , 03062011737.jpg )
this is mine (2nd try) have you ever thought on make anoter hair style
>> No. 14967
File 130768086003.jpg - (1.10MB , 2272x1704 , IMG_0293.jpg )
Here's my Fluttershy. Just hot water, a little conditioner, and some straws and pins to set the curls. I don't like how long the hair is. I tried to trim it, but my scissors can't cut this stuff! I'll just let gravity pull the curls down a bit and make it look nicer.
>> No. 14978
How did you get that yellow up top with out thinning out the mane.
>> No. 15024
I think your Rarity looks pretty show accurate.

And i honestly think it looks nice on your Fluttershy
>> No. 15147
File 130771985643.jpg - (2.51MB , 3648x2736 , SDC12868.jpg )
Just bought it, no styling experience.
>> No. 15209
thank you. I was happy with the first attemp, but i wanted to do it again. Also i want to use diferents styles. Man what its wring with me?
>> No. 15276
File 130775740494.jpg - (80.96KB , 640x480 , Applejackwip.jpg )
Bought a Sweet Apple Playset yesterday along with Fluttershy. Added freckles using Liquitex acrylics. (mixed Titanium White with Naples Yellow Hue). I'm also painting AJ's hat.
>> No. 15341
File 130778765073.jpg - (1.29MB , 2560x1920 , P1160094.jpg )
um.... what do i do about this? I tried shampooing, conditioning, and combing while shampooing and conditioning.... what do?
>> No. 15344
you mean knotty hair?
If conditioning it and rubbing at the knots with your fingers didn't work, try a soft comb, but don't rip it through. It can take a while but yeah.

In a couple of cases I've lost hair despite being careful, so take my advice with a grain of salt too. (since I'd hate to be the wrecker of anyone's precious ponies, I know I was PISSED when a matty bit in styling rarity's hair came out, even though it wasn't attached, and worse was when I pulled a loop out of mini twilight's hair and a whole damn plug came out. So I decided to try cutting her hair. Not really noticable but yeah it's annoying for shit that's that expensive.
>> No. 15995
need help with my pinkie pie, DAT STRAIGHT HAIR!
>> No. 16134

I used warm water, conditioner, and um, aluminum foil to mold/straighten it. I'd say it turned out rather nicely. I'll probably post pics this weekend.
>> No. 16198
File 130818394494.jpg - (1.75MB , 2576x1920 , HPIM0244.jpg )
She was a mess out of the box so I used hot water, a good shampooing/conditioning and styled with my hands.
>> No. 16216
File 130819397220.jpg - (308.42KB , 1280x960 , PICT0008.jpg )
Well, I've finished my first attempt at pony hair styling.

I think she came out pretty well, might've taken a bit too much off the tail though, but oh well.
>> No. 16290
It's okay, short tails are in this season!
>> No. 16438
I'd love to know more about your fluttershy and any details you have about the hair.. Er yarn?
>> No. 16449
Did anyone archive that thread from the guy that rehaired their Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash with like... thing yarn/thread? Seems like it got deleted.
>> No. 16463
Thanks man, yeah I used yarn (wool) and brushed it out, just finished two for a commission for PurpleTinker, actually, I've got better photos and more info on my dA
Yeah, he did it with embroidery thread and it was AMAZING! It's where I got the idea to do Fluttershy with yarn... I don't think I saved it at all... -____- umm, but I think it was LonesomeJo??? Someone correct me if I'm wrong!
>> No. 16516
File 130831740985.jpg - (64.59KB , 480x444 , daintydahlia.jpg )
She looks like a Purfume Puff pony.
>> No. 16522
File 130831902093.jpg - (24.55KB , 640x480 , 1zwetdv.jpg )
Yeah, totally! That's where I got some of my inspiration from too!
>Also I saw hannaliten's ( red roses mummy and baby and fell in love!
>> No. 16526
Ha, really cool. I love seeing G4 ponies customized to look like older ones.
>> No. 16878
File 130837851637.jpg - (555.56KB , 1600x1200 , I____I tried.jpg )
I.. I tried... First time styling anything...

I kinda like how Pinkie turned out... Fluttershy is semi dry since I'm in the process of fixing her frizzies.
>> No. 16980
File 130841936233.jpg - (25.97KB , 258x258 , craphair.jpg )
My daughter's TS pony tail, from McD, looks like a rat's nest and has a almost-wiry feel to the fingers. Is this salvagable to a stylable tail (she really wants the flat-iron look for it) or should I start work with a storebought?
Pardon the image quality.
>> No. 16984
That's a pic of it? That's not so bad.
Lots of conditioner and work a comb through it from the bottom up, just like with a real hair rat's nest.
If you're very patient, you should eventually be able to fix it.
>> No. 16986
Much obliged, thanks. Last time I did hairstyling was 20 years ago on stage, so pony styling is a little new. =)
>> No. 17059
File 130844809054.jpg - (147.26KB , 932x680 , rd_twi_rar.jpg )
Well, Twilight looks much better. And upon seeing me working on Twilight, my daughter wanted to try her hand on her RD and Rarity. I don't think she did too bad for 9! =)
>> No. 17076
Anypony have any tips on styling Sweetie Belle? I can't think of how to get her tiny curls to look right.
>> No. 17236
I've never styled anything before, but I'm aiming to style my Rainbow Dash tonight. I've got straws, a hair straightener, boiling water, and hair scissors ready: can anyone give me a step-by-step with pictures to work with?

I'm. Uh. Kinda really pathetic. XD
>> No. 17241
Second post on this thread is pretty straightforward.
>> No. 17288
File 130853659186.jpg - (33.33KB , 640x480 , snapshot.jpg )
Going by that, I got this:

Her hair is strapped down to give a bit of wave. Do you think it'll work? I'm scared it's a bit short, really - I chopped off a fair amount.
>> No. 17328
File 130854878119.png - (260.13KB , 637x358 , 1297818612808.png )
Would somepony do a few hair styling tutorial videos on youtube? Please?
>> No. 17344
that's... thats genius. I don't know why that never crossed my mind. I love doing videos so that'd be fun to do as well.

I'm not sure how my friend would react though if suddenly there's a pony hair styling video on our youtube page, and our subscribers probably wouldn't be too impressed since all of them are pretty much exclusively gmod fanbase.

But I'll give it a shot anyway because ponies are awesome.
>> No. 17348
File 130855788398.png - (73.20KB , 316x268 , 1297624113189.png )
Thanks so much!
I couldn't believe that there are no gen 4 styling videos.
I'll let you upload your videos to my account if you want.
>> No. 17482

>gmod fanbase.

Okay so just mod ponies into gmod and do the styling tutorial in gmod. With a grav gun.
>> No. 17671
I do appreciate people giving the effort of making lookalikes of the show, but must say that personally I wouldn't have the heart (at least currently) to cut my ponies' hair, and also as a more or less creative one I enjoy coming up with my own style ideas more than that :) now to learn to actually do the 'do for the ponies :dd
>> No. 17770
Trying to cheaply style Rarity by getting her hair wet and straight with cold water, then rubberbanding it around her head and around a small medicine bottle. Tail is done with rubber band and a thing of chapstick.

We'll see how it comes out.
>> No. 17826
I almost want to pay on of you to fix up my ponies.
>> No. 17854

THAT DOESN'T WORK. Her hair just fans out EVERYWHERE. aghjjggsaffhds I'll probably cut her hair tomorrow / today and then try an actual strategy for curling it! Any tips for somepony like me who's just using cheap scissors and elastics?
>> No. 17871
If you (if you are female) or a sister/mother/female relative has some hair curlers that you can scavange for a few hours in the interests of pony styling, I would suggest that.


Unless you're REALLY poor and can't spring for an extra 2 bucks of supplies, a lot of ponies have been getting very good results with wrapping the hair around straws and holding it in place with pins (i bend my straws in half rather than poke extra holes in the pony, but you could really go with either). Or there is a tutorial a bit further up on this thread on how to style rarity using only her body to wrap hair around.

Just remember that if you want the curl to 'set' then pour very hot water over her - low boil, pretty much - or otherwise submerge the hair that you want to stay in place, and then let her dry before taking out whatever you used to curl. There is only so much that cold water can do.
>> No. 17873
File 130874192376.jpg - (38.90KB , 600x338 , 164 - bed confound_these_ponies macro meme twiligh.jpg )
Just got Pinkie.

Spent the last 3 hours in the middle of the night so that my roommates would not find me carefully winding her hair around straws and toothpicks and then paperclipping and pinning them in place and oh my gosh it is ridiculously hard to paperclip doll hair to a toothpick 8|

She's been boiled and is tied up and hanging upside down to dry right now, so we'll wait until tomorrow and see how she dries - hopefully this works, because that was a LOT of work.

Pic related; it's currently past 5 in the morning. orz
>> No. 17879
Nope, no curlers. I was going to use the strategy in >>10358 of a sort? I'm actually styling Rarity for my little brother, so who KNOWS what he wants...and my mom's not springing for two bucks of supplies so I can style the hair of a toy pony.
>> No. 17914
Ah. And nobody you know has a handful of pins and drinking straws that they'd be willing to let you have in the name of fabulousity? Tough break, man. >>14029 has a tutorial designed specifically for curling rarity with literally nothing but her body and perhaps a few elastics to hold the stuff in place, if you wanna check it out.
>> No. 17925
File 130877167875.png - (2.81MB , 1428x786 , pinkie before and after.png )
Woohoo, first time styling pony!

Overall I think she turned out pretty darn well! I need to go and trip a bit off her mane and stuff, but I was expecting that, and so I didn't trim anything before I curled it.
>> No. 17954
Closet wig
>> No. 17959
Haha yeah, I have a few cosplays I'm trying to work on.

Including probably a humanized nightmare moon. Not with that wig though.
>> No. 18177
File 130882868803.jpg - (741.23KB , 1920x1080 , DSC00718.jpg )
okidoki, first try here. i don't know... does this look any good? at least they're curly...
>> No. 18182
I see you have great taste in games.

I am going to try to style my Twilight soon. I also want to buy a new pony but are not sure.
>> No. 18235
She looks pretty good! Her hair might be sticking up a bit too much, but that's not hard to change, unless that's what you were going for and all. Just, you know, wet the roots down with a qtip and some hot tap water and pull and/or squish them down a bit so that they fall the way you want.

Still, Pinkie's styling is largely a matter of taste, because that dumb hair of hers is impossible. So if <i>you</i> think you got her hair well, that's great and you did it.
>> No. 18261
Is there any way to straighten a pony's hair w/o a straightener? Because I don't own one.
>> No. 18342
Crank up the fun spindle -- I mean, your sink all the way to the hottest it can get, hold your pony's hair so that it's straight, flat, and very tight in it's straightness, then have the water go onto the lock you're holding. (Make sure it avoids your fingers if your sink is like mine, where it gets so hot you can use it to cook pasta without a stove.) Push the water down and out of the ends of the lock. MAKE SURE YOU HOLD IT FLAT. Repeat as needed, then just let it dry wherever you let things dry.
>> No. 18395
File 130890103140.png - (2.60MB , 1232x1320 , PPHair.png )
Howdy, y'all! I just bought a Pinkie Pie figure and used some of the suggestions I found in this thread to do her hair up. Things turned out pretty well, I think.
>> No. 18399
File 130890173664.png - (2.82MB , 800x5760 , PPHairTut.png )
. . . so, I decided to make a tutorial as well. Hopefully some of y'all can find it helpful. If you have any questions, I'll be monitoring this thread as well as the deviantART page where I originally posted this. (The TinyURL for the deviantART page can be found near the bottom of the tutorial.)
>> No. 18400
File 130890180904.png - (120.79KB , 900x675 , 12311 - derpface pinkie_pie.png )
That looks neat, indeed.

I'm at my eight try by now...
>> No. 18417
Oh the curls turned out great, thanks for the tutorial ! I should really overcome my lazyness and finally style my ponies.
>> No. 18536
Excellent tutorial! Now, someone needs to make one for Rarity.
>> No. 18554
Perfect!! :) I love those curls.
>> No. 18788
That is a great tutorial for Pinkie Pie! I really like how it turned out. She looks great!
I need one for Twilight Sparkle... I have no idea what to do to get her straight-yet-slightly-curved look.
I figure I'll start by weaving her vertical mane, as seen in this post:
But after that, especially her bangs, I'm at a loss. :^/
>> No. 18816
Reisen and Tewi, that is awesome and wow and you only used hot water for the hair? I'll have to try just that
>> No. 18842
File 130909668315.gif - (550.57KB , 200x200 , 130835014809.gif )
does anyone have a turotial for styling a more accurate fluttershy? i just picked her up yesterday and have no idea how to style that sort of thing, if you can come through for me ill give you a biggggg hug!
>> No. 18959
File 130914495152.jpg - (180.72KB , 1024x768 , mylittlerarity.jpg )
Hi, /merch/. I've just bought this Rarity's figure and I wanna fix her hair just like the show. Can you please give me some advice?
>> No. 18971
File 130914663333.png - (3.46MB , 1004x4768 , how to style raritys hair.png )
>> No. 18986
File 130914761935.gif - (81.50KB , 500x439 , 1306454882916.gif )

Wow, that's very nice, thanks!
>> No. 19202
File 130923863394.png - (1.12MB , 944x708 , AJPP2.png )
So I trimmed Applejack's and Pinkie Pie's manes, painted AJ's freckles on, half assedly made her a hat (that I'm still very happy with) out of some brownish paper I had around, and then proceeded to style their manes.

I used warm water, conditioner, and aluminum foil for Pinkie's ridiculous setup. I'm very pleased with the results, especially with the fact that I didn't have to use a straightener to (mostly) straighten Pinkie's mane. I do think I trimmed AJ's mane a bit too short, but whatevz.
>> No. 19213
I'd like to see Pinkamena from the side for the full effect and of course a repaint of her eyes for the full crazy.
>> No. 19216
File 130924504427.jpg - (644.87KB , 1916x924 , 100_0925.jpg )
Re did pinkie's hair, got a good result. Straws, bobby pins, hot water. Blow dried her and left her in the airing cupboard overnight, curls have fallen slightly loose thanks to gravity but they still look rather show accurate. Boiling water obviously would hold better.
>> No. 19225
File 130924927689.jpg - (522.80KB , 1536x2048 , 7Spv1.jpg )
I can't believe I actually bothered to style it. xDD;;
Does anybody know how to make the fringe look more... Rainbow Dash-like?
>> No. 19286
Well first off, you'll need to make it flat.
Start off by using a rubber band to make her hair flat against her head, then boil the kettle.
Leave it yo stand for a couple of minutes to cool a little bit, so Rainbow's hair doesn't melt, then pour it on her fringe, then leave to dry.

You should get hair that stays close to her head, but with a nice natural curve.

When its dry, rub a teeny tiny bit of hair conditioner in her fringe, to stop the frizzies. Don't use too much, otherwise her hair will just get sticky.
After that, if you wish, cut the fringe to the shape you want it.

Its what I did with my Rainbow Dash, I would post pics but unfortunately my camera broke.
>> No. 19297
File 130928192571.jpg - (20.45KB , 584x439 , 649969809_2323899255_0.jpg )
Here's my attempt at Sweetie Belle while I wait for the European expats and Apple Bloom to come join my ranch.

For Sweetie Belle, I used small foam rollers like these: You can find them for a buck at Big Lots, that's where I got mine. I divided her mane into two sections and curled it on either side of her head, boiled her and left her be. Her bangs I used the straw/bobby pin method and I'm not at all happy with it, it's a little messy for me, but I guess it's close enough for government work. Her tail I also used a small foam roller on.
>> No. 19320
File 130928765510.jpg - (1.01MB , 3648x2736 , IMG_0639.jpg )

Currently styling my new Rarity using this method.
I hope it turns out well :)
>Currently waiting for her hair to dry.
>> No. 19326
File 130929019459.png - (121.15KB , 324x285 , Fluttershy YAY.png )

Just when I was about to ask has anypony styled Sweetie Belle. I bought her to day, and her mane's nearly impposible to style, I guess, but yours is very well done! YAY!
>> No. 19331
You can rubber band her hair down and boil it, though keep in mind that can cause kinks and things. Usually what I do if I just want things to look a little, not drastically, different is I turn on hot tap water, wet the pony's hair with that, and then just pull it how I want manually. It seems to work decently.
>> No. 19460
Does everypony use that method for her? I tried it, but her hair wasn't staying curled around her legs.
>> No. 19465
File 130931535061.jpg - (60.35KB , 640x512 , rehaired_fluttershy.jpg )
For starters, I sent her off to be rehaired with the proper shade of pink. Once I got her back, I used small foam curlers in the ends of her mane and tail and dipped just the hair in boiling water. Then I took a straw and put it under the top of her mane on one side to get the little "boufant" she has in the show. I'm much happier with her since she has the right hair color. :)
>> No. 19521
File 130934670161.jpg - (86.46KB , 847x595 , PINKIEYES.jpg )
I did my Pinkie using this tutorial and I got this.
Not perfect, but I am very happy with the results regardless :3
>> No. 19617
File 130938350067.png - (779.49KB , 679x486 , ponis.png )
Hmm my first attempt at Pony hair styling. I trimmed Applejack's bangs a little(May do a little more), and I need to paint her freckles on. I'll probably reattempt Fluttershy sense shes got more frizzies then I anticipated. But overall I think not bad for first time doing anything like this ever :D
>> No. 19643
Anypony got a tutorial on a hat for Applejack?

I Tried That Method And Failed Also
>> No. 19645
File 130939334887.jpg - (25.14KB , 661x481 , 130887829604.jpg )
where did you send her? i might do the same
>> No. 19705

I sent her to Strawberry Fair's rehairing service. Fluttershy was the first G4 she'd ever done and I was thrilled with the rehairing. She did have trouble getting the plug back into the head. From what I hear, a lot of people have the same problem, so I don't blame her for it. She asked if I wanted the head glued on, but I told her no, if I couldn't manage to fix it I could glue it myself. Luckily my husband managed to get the head back on once Fluttershy was back home.
>> No. 19809
File 130946544372.gif - (1.51MB , 350x260 , jumpyjumpjump.gif )
Hey everypony.
Right now I have pinkie pie,Rainbow Dash,apple jack,And rarity (almost all six! :D) And I love them to peices.
The only problem is I can't take them with me in my pockets.I can hide em just fine when i want to but the hair always turns into a disaster when i take them out.
Pocket plastic ponies arent an option (yet.) Anypony got a solution?
Like me being able to gently pocket them without them getting a wacky hair day immedatley after?
Sorry for wall of text,Here,Have a cute pinkie gif.
>> No. 19810

The woman at Strawberry Fair has vowed to never do another G4, I just emailed her to inquire on price myself and she told me as much.
>> No. 19831
Do you know why?
>> No. 19861

Mostly that their heads are just too difficult to work on, what with the post that holds the head and body together.
>> No. 19873

This lady did email me and said she was willing to try it. I'd already sent Fluttershy off to Alissa by then though.
>> No. 19902
File 130949984792.jpg - (102.30KB , 817x389 , twilight.jpg )
I really don't see why all you guys find Twilight to be so hard to style; I thought the hardest part of styling her was steeling myself to cut her mane. Other than that she was really easy, and I think turned out very well. She'd be more accurate if I felt confident/determined enough to do a full rehair job, but for just default hair I think she looks pretty close.
>> No. 19980
File 130957780178.jpg - (2.30MB , 3648x2736 , P6210248.jpg )
i tried to style rainbow flash.. forgot which side (and apparently colour) the extra curl was meant to be on.

i tried? :P
>> No. 20035
File 130959667823.gif - (1.10MB , 165x115 , 130901856095.gif )
Guys, I have the stupidest question.

Can you take out a pony's head? I don't want to break them!
>> No. 20051
File 130960909597.jpg - (2.51MB , 2736x3648 , P6220283.jpg )

it is possible, that's how people do re-hairing jobs on their ponies. thing is, there's a plug inside the head that holds it to the body, and that can be real tricky to remove and replace so unless you know what you're doing it's probably best to read up and get a dummy pony to practice removing the head from before you go and decapitate fluttershy or whoever :P

here's my attempt at rainbow dash.. i can't get her fringe to bounce the right way, but i guess i'm happy with how she turned out.
>> No. 20119

Yes. Me and my friend decapitated my Pinkie, just pull real hard. It is however very hard to pop back on, we did manage to do so without removing anything though.
>> No. 20148
File 130964697559.gif - (1.77MB , 420x486 , 24010 - animated cake candy_cane dexterous_hooves .gif )

thank you gentlemen for the information :)
>> No. 20199
Does anypony have a suggestion on how to get the metal clamp off the tail? I'm rerooting a backup Twilight Sparkle - for greater accuracy - and since the toy's hair is perfectly colored for the stripes in her mane and tail, I'd like to keep as much of the tail at that length as I can to use when I get my new nylon.
>> No. 20224
General awesome link:

Your question is answered here, basically: Removing the washer is step 2, and it provides information on putting the tail back in, too.
>> No. 20239
File 130967949194.jpg - (888.85KB , 2593x1936 , RainbowDashHair.jpg )
I didn't really know where to post this....but this isn't hair styling in the general sense of this thread but I thought I would post here because it seemed the most fitting.
>> No. 20249

i saw you/this dude on /co/ the other day. my only question is WHY?
>> No. 20269
File 130971610206.png - (228.50KB , 700x700 , 130754718680.png )

hair is fine, just needs to be about 20% cooler.

No, really, this time I mean it. If the dark part was a lighter blue, it would be very neat. Looks too much like black now! ALso, his face needs to be about 20% more clean to be able to pull of such bright colors. Otherwise, nothing bad to say.
>> No. 20270

had problems with that method too on the small Rarity doll. The hair would always end up being ropey and the results would never be anything remotely resembling her curls.

I then went for a completely different approach and dropped the whole curl thing.
>> No. 20276
when you thin her hair out for each curl, are you spinning the hair to get a better grip so you can curl it, or are you laying it flat over the plastic without the plastic hair "bunching"? hard to explain what i mean.. if you twist your finger around your hair in real life, it bunches into one big kinda rope of hair. if you try and curl that around her it won't set. the hair needs to be flat. also using warmer water + conditioning the hair beforehand helps i find :)
>> No. 20297
File 130973047904.jpg - (1.64MB , 1064x1515 , Rarity1.jpg )
This is my Rarity, as close to show accurate as I care to get her (for now, at least). Body wrap method didn't really work for me, had to use straws and bobby pins to get the huge, firm curls I required. Conditioner and boiling hot water were also necessary. I'm pretty well pleased with how it turned out.
>> No. 20299
File 130973102714.jpg - (1.94MB , 1238x1512 , Rarity2.jpg )
Another to show off the tail and Vault Boy.
>> No. 20300
File 130973116721.png - (95.41KB , 830x712 , 130679397201.png )
I see a fallout toy. :3
>> No. 20303
>see Vault Boy bobble head
>Totally doesn't care about Rarity (hair looks nice, btw)
>> No. 20314
Anyone else tried styling rainbow flash? Or got hints on how to?
>> No. 20380
Anyone style CHEERILEE yet?
>> No. 20385
File 130975812832.jpg - (929.60KB , 1600x1200 , IMAG0005.jpg )
Yeah, it tried that.

In other news behold Shorthairity.
On her way through the Everfree Forest to help the fashionably handicapped Zecora she came across a couple sad seaserpents. Someone had been playing pranks again. Being the spirit of generosity , she couldn't stand such crimes against fabulosity and the rest (of her mane) is history.

She's a bit unusual, bit I find her pretty cute.
>> No. 20386
File 130975819432.jpg - (899.42KB , 1200x1600 , IMAG0005a.jpg )

and here's another
>> No. 20393
Hey, thanks!
That's really cute, actually. I'm starting to feel like the quest for show accuracy, while a noble goal, ultimately ends up precluding many cleverer and better-looking options.

...not that I got that close to it with mine, but it was a fun challenge I guess. Anyway, nice work, looks good!
>> No. 20408
Hell yeah this thread is a lifesaver

I saw ponies at Walmart and caved in and decided to just get one pony out of the bunch, and I picked Rainbow Dash. I plan on going all out and styling her out like there's no tomorrow, and it seems like there are a lot of great jobs on here people have done with Dash so hopefully my lack of hair styling ability will be compensated through training and extensive reading!
>> No. 20436
File 130980199916.jpg - (2.05MB , 2736x3648 , P6240313.jpg )
IT IS DONE. i have tackled the beast that is twilight sparkle. sweet jesus that took forever. i cbf doing anything now, i think she looks okay.
>> No. 20512
I know exactly what you mean. Looks good to me though!
>> No. 20519
thankyou friend! looks kind of tacky in that lighting.. meh. silly factory curls wouldn't budge. her fringe is still sideswept even after boiling water, conditioner and a hair straightener effort. T_T
>> No. 20586
Looks great! That's exactly what me and my friend are trying to get our twilight to do e.e; Why must her bangs be so difficult?
>> No. 20599
thanks :)
ugh i know. took me ages getting it to stay in the one spot. i left her overnight in front of a hot lamp getting them to set straight, and the moment i went to manouvre the different colours into place it sprung to the side again. silly non conformist twilight.
>> No. 20613
File 130990394174.jpg - (36.45KB , 800x600 , 49NHX.jpg )
Somepony upthread was asking about styling Cheerilee. I went the simple route. Her mane is SO long that it's a pain. I cut her hair using the method customanon did for Rainbow Dash's mane and let it do a little swish on it's own. I should curl it and maybe eventually I will, but for now I'm happy with it. Her tail I curled with a small foam curler.

Yes, I know Lily Blossom is looking a little haggard. I need to rebraid her all around and try again.
>> No. 20659
I will take anyone's help that offers it.

You see i have pruchased a rarity brushable, and had her hair styled by my Aunt (she works at a hair salon) and i loved it. One day the wind had blown her mane around, i cried, but it was manageable. She was my favorite out of all the others i had.

Now for what i need help with: Im moving. and i need a way to keep her mane/tail in the same way for 2-4 houres or so for the drive down there.

The Question: Is there something i can make or put her/the rest in to keep their manes still? Like a spray or something? I dont want to touch them to much, and a last resort would be putting them back in the plastic they came in. But i know what would also damage the mane.

Can anypony help me?
>> No. 20669
Can somebody reply to this? I have the same problem myself...
>> No. 20680
File 130992496750.jpg - (937.64KB , 2048x1536 , DSC00086.jpg )
I just bought an Fashion Style Applejack and I want to style it to make it more show accurate and I have no idea how since this is my first ever pony.
>> No. 20697
Use hot water and whatever styling implements you think would work (which can be anything, really - popsicle sticks, straws, rubber bands, whatever) to hold her hair in a different shape if you wanna redo her bangs or something. Other than that: I'd suggest wetting down her mane and tail and putting a little bit of conditioner in it, brushing it out, then taking some red string or little red rubber bands, and putting them at the ends of her mane and tail.

AJ is one of the easiest to style, unless you want her hair to be more 'poofy' like it is on the show. In that case you need to pull her little pony head off and try rehairing her (ps I would not recommend this - she looks pretty darn good with just default hair, and rehairing is difficult.)
>> No. 20708
Thanks! My AJ is looking waaay better ;D
>> No. 20709
How do you people do this with normal size ponies? I tried to wrap it around a pen and it just wouldn't stay on it. Trying to elastic band there was just a pain in the fucking ass and fiddly as hell.
I ruined a poor Daisy Dreams hair... I should probably stick with Fashion ponies that my ham fingers can actually work.
>> No. 20711

I think that's a problem of those in general. I don't have ham fingers and I still had a hell of a time before I said fuck it and went for my own ideas instead. Show accuracy is nice and all, but sometimes frustration can lead to nice original designs
>> No. 20755
I was able to salvage her hair at least. I don't think I'll be trying anything super special with normal sizes from now on.
>> No. 20819
I hold them down with my foot while I use both hands to work on the hair. Odd looking I'm sure, but it works
>> No. 20824
Is there a hairspray that works on G4 Hair?

I need it so i can put them in plexie glass cases for when im moving.
>> No. 20834
Oh man I didn't know zoos let orangutan on the internet.
>> No. 20888
Alright, how do I go about giving Applebloom her "poof"?
>> No. 20891
I haven't done this yet since I don't have an appropriate bow or clip for it, but if you separate a front bit of her hair you can then curl it around her forehead and pull it back, and then clip it in place against the rest of the mane.
>> No. 21008
File 131007544489.jpg - (79.86KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20110707_2.jpg )
I just used some straws to curl Rarity, pretty typical stuff. What I'm proudest of though is the tail. I have no idea how I did that, but it's perfect.
>> No. 21033
So, in my traverse to find the coolest ponies, I've come across the shine line, at least shine RD and Pinkie Pie.

Anypony around here have experience styling their hair? I have a sneaky feeling that the different consistency and material would be a disaster when combined with the heat method.
>> No. 21049
I'm pretty sure that heat - especially through liquid, like boiling them or steam - is the best way to style most synthetic hair.
>> No. 21168
hair straighteners are an absolute no-no. hot water however is perfectly fine. :)
>> No. 21176
I actually use a miniature hair straightener, but I don't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have experience working with restoring/styling ponies.
It's been PERFECT for me so far, but yeah, experience counts and a miniature straightener one is a fair bit less hot than a human one and more manageable. That's just me though.
>> No. 21181
File 131010839733.jpg - (90.02KB , 915x412 , fluttershy.jpg )
Just styled fluttershy! I think she turned out really well :)

Man, since I don't have any large curlers or anything, my current favorite method for largiesh loose curls:

1. Wet hair
2. Curl around straws, pinning in place.
3. Let rest for a little while
4. While hair is still wet, remove straws. Tug curls into shape if necessary.
5. Finish drying process
6. Profit!!
>> No. 21233

Holy crap that looks amazing!
>> No. 21249
File 131015281505.jpg - (832.10KB , 2592x1552 , IMAG0104.jpg )
So... I finished styling my 3 ponies.

...and now I have a question.
>> No. 21250
File 131015295418.jpg - (586.37KB , 2592x1552 , IMAG0105.jpg )

...What do I do with these?

I cut loads of Twilight, and I think she looks gorgeous now. But the cuttings seem too pretty to just dump in the garbage.

Anypony got any creative ideas for ways to use pony mane?
>> No. 21253
File 131015327018.jpg - (966.87KB , 2592x1552 , IMAG0102.jpg )

Pic related - shame about the hair colour, but I think she turned out much better than I expected.
>> No. 21254
File 131015340579.jpg - (779.58KB , 2592x1552 , IMAG0096.jpg )

And here is how I did it.
>> No. 21256
File 131015364174.jpg - (825.84KB , 2592x1552 , IMAG0100.jpg )

And yes, that is an empty bottle of paracetamol (aka tylenol in the USA).
>> No. 21261
Thank you! She was really pretty easy :)
>> No. 21381
File 131021937405.jpg - (28.41KB , 640x480 , snapshot (2).jpg )
Here again, with Dash. I'm quite proud of the way she turned out, too.
>> No. 21428
>>21381 Ooooh! That looks awesome! Dash looks closer to how she looked in the show. :)
>> No. 21644
File 131032307384.png - (198.66KB , 373x421 , Braeburn bewildered face.png )
>> No. 21711
File 131033754096.png - (1.01MB , 965x681 , fluttershy1.png )
Butchered my new Fluttershy's hair today since the out of package look was driving me crazy (and it was bought with a Wal-Mart gift card.. so no wasted money.. perfect for a first time experience!). Didn't have much around the house to really style.. but I think she looks cute...
>> No. 21712
File 131033766240.png - (938.59KB , 885x663 , fluttershy2.png )
And another angle
>> No. 21831
File 131038532849.jpg - (293.42KB , 2048x1536 , 11072011331.jpg )
Tried to style my Fluttershy today. Started by hot water with conditoner, but I was silly and fooled around with her hair before it was dry. So then I straightened it and left it over night, so it was completely straight and fanned out. Then I tried making curls with the straightener, with curlers and a hairdryer and with my fingers. I tried to set it with hairspray but I was silly (again!) and combed it out, so obviously that was useless.
I don't love how it came out, but it's as show accurate as I can get it right now. I'm going to wash her out and condition her again tonight and set her in rollers overnight. Also going to cut some more hair off, I've already trimmed the cutiemark side bang.
>> No. 21837
Here she is, all rollered up for the night. I'm hoping this gives show accurate curls!

"O-hh, Rarity...isn't this is a bit much?"
>> No. 21838
File 131038698002.jpg - (395.04KB , 2048x1536 , 11072011339.jpg )
Here she is, all rollered up for the night. I'm hoping this gives show accurate curls!

"O-hh, Rarity...isn't this is a bit much?"
>> No. 21863
File 131039552698.jpg - (2.55MB , 3264x2448 , 2011-07-11 10_40_32.jpg )
After several attempts, I finally got something that I am happy with. Now waiting for someone to laugh at it when they see it on my desk.
>> No. 21867
Somewhat related post. Is it possible to combat frizz on pony hair with a hair curler just as well as a straightener? Cause I have 3 curlers and no straighteners...
>> No. 21914
File 131040686920.jpg - (68.82KB , 640x480 , HNI_0060.jpg )
My methods are... I don't even know. The front turned out GREAT. Not like the show but it still looks really good. The back is a little frizzy though.

Will post the finished result.
>> No. 21915
File 131040695297.jpg - (60.74KB , 640x480 , HNI_0061.jpg )
There were three combs in the back because they were small. If I redid it I'd only use one.
>> No. 22092
File 131043865983.jpg - (92.93KB , 640x480 , HNI_0053_MPO.jpg )
Not the best, but good enough
posted by 3ds
>> No. 22106
File 131044527851.jpg - (485.24KB , 1600x1200 , 0712010023.jpg )
Finally did my first pony mod. Jumped right in with Twilight Sparkle, which might have been stupid, but... meh.

The trickiest part was the weaving part of the mane, as outlined here:

Honestly, it's arguable whether it would have been better if I hadn't done the part and had just swung the mane all onto one side. Pictures only ever show one side, but -- as with everypony else -- which side depends on from where they're being viewed. The part allows for that a little bit more.

Only other real trick was the tail, which I did as described here:
I have a picture of the back, but it's pretty much the same as the one provided there.

Beyond that, I just combed it out, conditioned it a bit, then cut and styled it.
>> No. 22123

Just got Sweetie Belle and I'm trying to style her - but since her forelock is all purple and her mane is all pink, instead of each being a mixture of the two, I've been forced to resort to creative parting (since I don't want to try rehairing her but want more correct colors) and holy crap that was a pain in the flank.

Training the hair into its new position now (hopefully this works; then I can get to styling for real). I hope she turns out well.
>> No. 22148
File 131046390529.jpg - (435.48KB , 2048x1536 , 12072011340.jpg )
Here's the result of the curlers, I think the curls came out quite defined and close to the show, but it took a lot of hairspray to make it hold. I think I'd like to get a more natural look for Fluttershy, but I don't know if I can be bothered washing her out and styling again.

Also, any suggestions on how to stop the hair from fanning out? It doesn't seem to hold in place without separating horribly.
>> No. 22150
Oh god I'd love to see an 80's cheerilee
>> No. 22164
File 131047264301.jpg - (187.53KB , 900x541 , custom_cheerilees_by_twilightflopple-d3izlq3.jpg )
Your wish is my command master

Only one with Cheerilee I could find
>> No. 22187

Oh now that is a nice custom and one I'm tempted to do if I can ever find that toy. Is that Cheerilee/Lily Blossom wave starting to saturate?

I need to get time set aside for my hair styling anyway though I am going to eventually do some custom work to the hit air balloon set. The show has a purple basket so I'm going to get quality purple spraypaint and coat it, then yellow enamel to repaint the rim, clips and the stars.

Note that I've bought 2 of those balloons and I don't regret buying them.
>> No. 22231
Hasbro claims that wave was shipping to stores, and that we have to worry about retailers throwing stuff out.. meaning whenever corporate feels like doing that.

But anyway.. 80s Cheerilee ftw.. it's so damn cute.
>> No. 22260
So cute! I've got a Cheerilee on it's way and I'm so tempted to give her the 80's look.
>> No. 22306
Basically: how you curl it is how it will hold. So if you curl (and boil) it with the hair together, it'll be inclined to stay that way. Brushing out the curls after they've been set can cause them to separate and everything go crazy, especially if you're brushing out multiple curls, and usually it looks messy and kinda terrible. What I usually do though is I'll curl my pony hair, soften it by brushing it out, and then reform the curls by curling them loosely around my finger. This works really well, provided you've only got like, 1 curl per section of hair to work with (so it'll work for fluttershy or rarity, but not Pinkie, for example)
>> No. 22437
File 131057714539.jpg - (179.82KB , 770x846 , P2120019.jpg )
AppleJack is pretty much the simplest pony to fix her hair.

And I still screwed up.

I'll learn to like her super short cut eventually, I just have to style it right.

Bottom picture is just ol' pinkie and re-painted hairbrush and saddle for AJ.
>> No. 22438
Kinda silly to paint the comb don't you think? What if the paints chips during combing?
>> No. 22439
I'm not using that comb ever and instead use other things. It's just decoration to me.
>> No. 22443

Dunnoh, I always though AJ didn't need any treatment out-of-the-box other than a ribbon for her tail (since her mane is already ribboned kinda) and a hat.
>> No. 22445
Couldn't stand how long her mane was though. I just thought it needed to be trimmed D:
And then since I have shaky hands and bad attention--- whoop there went all her hair.
>> No. 22446

true, her braid really doesn't need to reach all the way down to her hooves
>> No. 22464
If you just secure it with an elastic band and some red thread it would look fine
>> No. 22471
That's what happened with my Fluttershy (>>21712).. her hair was just so long and frizzy.. I just wanted to trim a little and then suddenly so short.. /sigh.

Still looks cute at least! (Both to your AJ and my Fluttershy)
>> No. 22556
cutting is one of the most nerve wracking parts of styling. Best thing to do is just trim little by little. You can always remove more if needed but you can't put it back. Don't get scissor happy on your brushables as it rarely turns out well. The most I cut off was on Twilight and Dash, and that was quite nervewracking.
>> No. 22588
File 131061125790.gif - (0.98MB , 300x300 , sheepish rainbow.gif )
Just got a Rainbow Dash today. I've seen a few tutorials on how to do her hair, but I was hoping I could get a recommendation on which one I should use?
>> No. 22612
use this one >>9495

i did and mine turned out good.
>> No. 22798
File 131068841966.png - (120.50KB , 350x300 , Candy_Mane_id.png )
So... I want to give my pony a mane like this. Any tips?
>> No. 22803

Place bacon on head.

>> No. 22902
File 131072272724.jpg - (429.54KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00220-20110712-1552.jpg )
Recently came into acquisition of the 4 Ponies I was missing (love birthdays.) Styling em little by little.
Don't mind the crap quality; pics are from my cell and my cell is teh suckz.

Here is my Fluttershy.
>> No. 22905
Maybe place a straw close to the head and curl around then cut after it dries?
>> No. 22908
shorten the hair until it reaches down to about the ponies chin, then do the curl trick
>> No. 22909

I'm not taking responsibility if it doesn't turn out like you wanted, btw.
>> No. 22952
No cutie mark? I guess some ponies just DON'T have any talent.
>> No. 22964
Now, i got my Rarity from a friend, and i dont know he styled it.

How do i get the hair to stay in place for a long time?

im moving, and they are going in a plexiglass case
>> No. 22998
You'll want to use Pinkie Pie as a base rather than Applejack. AJ's made to accommodate bangs, so there's a row of holes for hairplugs that wouldn't be used for the style you're looking at. I suppose you COULD fill them with something and paint over it, but Pinkie'd just be a safer bet.

Beyond that... curl according to the tutorials given. I haven't styled curly pony hair yet, but I'd guess... give it a very broad curl over to the side, possibly without even using a straw, then give it a very tight curl near the very end, with a coffee stirrer or something.


There's actually something similar that I'd like to do at some point, so let me know what you do and how it goes!
>> No. 23015

Agreed, the hair on AJ is arranged in the wrong way.

For the haircut shown on the screenshot you need a Pony who's "hair holes" are arranged like a I not a T when seen from above.

Rarity would work, e.g.
>> No. 23110
File 131084448731.png - (173.29KB , 649x556 , I HAVE HOOVES FOR HANDS.png )
My friend has a Pinkie Pie, a Twilight, and a Sweetie Belle that she wants to style - we need to do it in about...hmmm...two hours. Any tips for a fast style?

Especially the Sweetie Belle; I haven't seen any tutorials for her.
>> No. 23238
Lol good luck! most styles require the boil perm method so you'd have to style, then wait to dry, then hope it comes out ok and if not start again. I suggest going through the thread and using a low heat hair dryer but with a time fram like that...
>> No. 23239
File 131088968274.jpg - (79.07KB , 480x641 , horse1.jpg )
So I read through the whole thread and got all excited to give it a shot myself. Spent a couple hours working on the rat's nest of a mane. Here's my test subject straight out of the box.
>> No. 23240
File 131088977182.jpg - (273.38KB , 600x800 , ponychanpony.jpg )
...and post-brushing. So as I understand it, just wrap the mane up in straws and pour boiling water all over?
>> No. 23245
File 131089061481.jpg - (54.71KB , 600x594 , 131044251858.jpg )
>> No. 23272
File 131090926675.png - (221.26KB , 280x337 , lilyblossom.png )
>pic related

The Lily Blossom, Pinkie Pie and Rarity I ordered came yesterday. I know how to style Rarity and Pinkie's hair, but I was wondering how I would style Blossom's/what tutorial I should use for her hair.
>> No. 23283
File 131091448817.png - (680.23KB , 1600x1500 , 16144 - C4tspajamas make_over rainbow_dash rarity.png )
Ignore the 'two hours' thing, actually. We're clumsy, kind of unexperienced, and lacking much besides rubber bands and hot water: what are the easiest ways to style her ponies?
>> No. 23340
File 131093499748.jpg - (40.97KB , 442x443 , Snapshot_20110717.jpg )
Finally finished my fashion style Pinkie Pie. I think she turned out really cute.
>> No. 23360
File 131094183527.jpg - (53.55KB , 654x688 , 131085054920.jpg )
I got myself an Applejack and wanted to style it properly, but it's the physical mold makes it difficult.
The tail hole is too low, while Applejack always has her tail high to keep it off the ground.
There's a big gap between her bangs and her mane, which wouldn't look that bad if she wore a hat, but sans hat it looks terrible.
And the head shape is just so wrong... The snout is too low and these cheeks are just terribly frightening. The eyes are also problematic, too girly.

I think I have some idea on how to style the mane, but what do I use if I wanted to modify the eyes or add the freckles?
>> No. 23370
Is that possible with the small Pinkie Pies?
>> No. 23389
File 131095298655.gif - (34.84KB , 514x350 , skeleton.gif )
Unlike MLPs which just have a bunch of hair sprouting from the rump, real horse's tails have a section of vertebrae (the dock) which is hidden by all the hair. I don't think it'd be cheating to hide a bit of rod under the tail hair to emulate the dock. You might have to use some glue to keep the hair in place and keep it from looking like a backwards unicorn.
>> No. 23390
File 131095317775.jpg - (397.81KB , 638x527 , DSC_0118 Odyssey running with handler after winnin.jpg )
Here you can see the dock raised, which is pretty close to how MLPs tend to hold their tails in FiM. (The undersides of tail docks are bare skin btw--just the top and sides have hair.)
>> No. 23411
File 131095890296.png - (452.57KB , 640x480 , HNI_0058.png )
My collection so far!
>> No. 23489
File 131098292747.jpg - (454.56KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00223-20110713-2137.jpg )
I present to you...Emodash.
>> No. 23553
What's funny, is that I noticed that fashion style ponies (or at least Rarity) have their tails much higher up in proportion to the normal sized G4s. It might have to do with size. This is to say nothing of previous generations.
*insert picture of fashion style pony rear here*
>> No. 23628
File 131102505810.png - (883.93KB , 900x726 , 12149 - Artist-luna-sedata pinkamena_diane_pie pin.png )
Accidentally fried Pinkie's tail, cut it far too short to escape the hideous melted hair.

>> No. 23630

I probably have an extra Pinkie Pie tail if you would be able to replace it yourself. :) Send me an email if you want it?
>> No. 23644
File 131102737449.png - (153.79KB , 1000x983 , 11819 - exploitable not_amused pinkie_pie.png )
I'll be getting into customizing ponies later in the year; so no thanks. It almost reaches to the end of her feet, so that's not too bad, right?

Eh, I'll live with it. It's only the second time I've ever styled a pony.

...on the other hand, if I ever want to make a Vinyl Scratch / rocker-haired pony...well, I know what to do~
>> No. 23646

Are you sure? It would be no problem to mail out just the little tail, and I have plenty of them from Pinkies I've baited. Replacing her tail would be good practice for when you get into customizing!
>> No. 23679
Nope, I'm good. When I really want to start customizing, I'll buy a couple of ponies and do it step-by-step.

Really, I'm good; it's not quite as bad as it looked - hopefully, anyway. I'll check tomorrow once her hair is done.
>> No. 23890
Sorry for the newpony question but where do you find these
small pocket-size stylable ponies? I thought the blindbag and McD-toys were full plastic, so can you just buy them anywhere?
>> No. 24057
File 131112286099.jpg - (81.29KB , 663x885 , DSCF2465.jpg )
Lily Blossom has some "braids" in place to get some wavy hair... should come out decently, I hope.
>> No. 24087
File 131113166994.jpg - (93.33KB , 968x682 , DSCF2467.jpg )
Eh, not perfect.. but still so bucking cute.
>> No. 24089
File 131113208638.jpg - (82.16KB , 885x663 , DSCF2469.jpg )
And another pic! She looks all shy.
>> No. 24090

Try braiding them tighter. Very tight. And then dip her hair in hot water, or run it over her head, it'll get you the nice wave you want. My G3 Autumn Skye wore braids like that all the time when I was wee.
>> No. 24093
That's what I had done, I just couldn't get the braids tight enough. Though that might have been due to having a massive sinus headache causing my hands to shake. Will probably restyle when I get around to doing Cheerilee.
>> No. 24398
File 131120111700.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , 130733202747.gif )
Are there any styling guides for Fluttershy?
>> No. 24556
to style my fluttershy I parted the mane and curled some of it to get the wave that goes over her eye and then wrapped the other half around her leg to get the flick of the other half. will post pics in a min
>> No. 24728
File 131129253569.png - (305.81KB , 376x499 , Picture 4.png )
Here's my Applejack so far. Used some brown Sharpie markers for the freckles. Now all I need is a tiny brown hat.
>> No. 24784
File 131130543507.jpg - (90.02KB , 915x412 , fluttershy.jpg )
It is totally possible, but I'll warn you right now that it is REALLY difficult to paperclip doll hair to toothpicks. Expect to spend a lot of time doing it, and even then it's hard to get the ends the curl you want.
Those are just the normal brushable ponies. They are TINY, much smaller than you'd probably expect.
Try more braids - 2 or 3 instead of 1 - and braiding them tighter, as was already suggested. More braids will automatically give you a tighter weave.
I just used straws for my fluttershy. Seperate the mane so that the sides fall the way you want them to fall, wet them (hot water!) and tug them into place if some of the hair isn't falling as you want to. Curl the ends of the hair around a straw, fold the straw over to pin it in place instead of pinning it to the pony itself. Do one ringlet in the tail instead of trying to curl the entire thing, and make sure that you have it wrapped around the tail so that it curls in a spiral, not a cylinder - the hair being curled does not overlap, and it's pointing in the direction you want it to point in the end.

Allow her to dry in this way. What I've done for my fluttershy, who I think turned out very well, was waited for a while with the straw in her hair, but did not allow her to dry completely. Instead I let it dry maybe halfway or a little more and then took out the straws and held them loosely in shape as they kept on drying until they were all the way dry. This will create looser curls than keeping it curled around the straw the entire time would.

Hope this helps!

Pic related, it's the fluttershy I styled :)
>> No. 24937
File 131135478429.jpg - (724.51KB , 1576x804 , baconshy.jpg )
been working on giving her a new haircut, I'm not really liking how her mane drags on the floor and stuff
>> No. 24938
File 131135487124.jpg - (918.48KB , 1200x1600 , baconshy2.jpg )
and that's another angle
>> No. 25167
File 131140801066.jpg - (33.67KB , 640x480 , snapshot (1).jpg )
I was wondering if the methods described in this thread would work for different material for the hair. I am mainly concerned with acrylic yarn. I have one rarity, rainbow dash, and pinkie pie and am hoping to make some progress on their hair and am paranoid about messing up so please help.

I am also planning on adding cutie marks this weekend so any suggestions appreciated. (but I am mainly concerned about the hair style for now). I feel lit it is too long to work atm :(.

If it would be useful to see the other please ask.
>> No. 25189
I think that's very cute regardless. You could stylise it with the cutie marks and try to do something with the hair if possible, but I'm sure people would realise that it'd be very hard to style yarn or wool.

On a slightly different topic too, how do you guys deal with loops in your hair? As in, you put the comb in real close to the plastic and find a loop between two hair holes.
I pulled the first couple I found out, but after losing a hair hole of hair from a twilight somehow (that I then cut the hair of because it was a double too) I started cutting them in half where possible.
>> No. 25298
Late here, but I got a wicked wavy look on a Pinkie Pie by braiding the hair into three braids, then braiding the braids into one super-tight braid. And when I say tight, I mean TIGHT. By the time I was done, the mega-braid stood straight up like it had starch in it. After that, I ran hot water over the whole thing (the braid was tied) and let it sit for a couple of days.
>> No. 25443
Just got done with my fashion pinkie pie. She's drying in the airing cupboard after being shampooed, conditioned, strawed and blow dried.

Only bummer is two pieces of her hair are kind of ratty and waxy and keep going knotty, kind of like what you expect from string at the end of a reel. Slightly annoying, since it frizzes and whatever even with conditioner on it. (i recall I cut her hair in two spots when I got her due to un fixable knots)

Ohwell, hopefully the curls come out nice and stay up thanks to the blowdrying. Brushable pinkie's curls were beautiful, but ended up drooping. Still, she looks pretty fab. Aside from the problem of my niece touching my damn ponies EVERY TIME SHE VISITS.
I mean sure, she can gawk. She can touch occasionally. But really, she cries if she can't touch them every time, and she comes over like three times a week or more, and will NOT go until she's touched every one at least twice.
Even my rarity fashion pony, that had pretty perfect curls, now has strays because she's been fuckin' turned up side down.

3 year olds try my patience. sometimes.
>> No. 25445
I know that feel bro. My 4 year old niece and 1 1/2 year old nephew ruined my fluttershy's perfect hair. On my birthday, at my party.

Oh and some little 4 year old brat that I don't know (kid of my mom's friend) went into my room while i was gone and took ALL my ponies (Even the ones still in packages) out of my bedroom.

Oh and my Celestia's crown is now missing.
***ing kids.
>> No. 25452
stick em high up. or bolt your door. if that shit was collectible (which some of it WILL be) then you could have thousands of dollars of kit stolen by bastard children
>> No. 25497

While I feel sorry for you and would probably rage if that happened to me, I wonder.
Can you really blame a kid for wanting to play with kids toys? Sure, they shouldn't take stuff without asking, since respecting other people's stuff is friendship too, but still.
>> No. 25590
my niece is smart enough to run and find the nearest person that will care before crying after i tell her off.
Last time she got rough with my balloon, i told her off. She whimpered, ran off looking for mum.
I told her she was outside, so she ran outside and then promptly balled her eyes out.

Kids are smarter than you give em credit for. And they're certainly more devious than you think.
>> No. 25714
File 131158079178.jpg - (138.37KB , 1440x1080 , 100_0982 (Large).jpg )
welp, she came out different to what i expected, but this is her before gravity gets to her. we'll see what happens in a few days after it does.
>> No. 25722
File 131158254726.jpg - (454.44KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00245-20110725-0409.jpg )
I have a question for anyone else that picked up the fashion style Luna+Celestia duo.

I plan to get to styling them soon, but....what's up with those purple....things...that Luna has in her mane? I mean..her hair is comprised of 3 colors here; a shade of blue, a shade of purple, then this weird flashy purple material that looks totally different than the normal hair. At first I thought it was just glittery stuff in the box to make it look prettier for little girls, but it's literally part of the hair.

I may soak the hair, straighten, then style it to see if it looks alright, but I get a feeling I'm going to need to remove all those weird little purple glitter strand things on her head (which, btw, I'm not sure what's the proper way to do..pulling them out could cause damage to the other strands of normal hair nearby, so maybe use a scissor to cut them near the very roots? that may still leave small strands of them though.... idk.)

Celestia has a similar thing going on, but it doesn't stand out as much and instead makes her hair shiny. which I like since her hair is all mystical flowish to begin with so I'm okay with that.

Luna on the other hand...
Idk...I think I may need to remove them.

Anypony done anything with these yet? tried to remove those purple streaks by chance? styled either of them? etc.
>> No. 25723
I wouldn't know how to get rid of it, but it's tinsel that is in her hair. I'd assume it is not unlike the kind you put on Christmas trees, just thicker to withstand child's play... probably be a pain in the flank to get out :/
>> No. 25726
Well really the only way I've thought of doing it so far is to pick out a single individual strand, follow it to the root, then snip it as close to the head as I can with a very small scissor. Rinse, repeat. While it would take some time, there are far less of these shiny material ones than there are strands of normal hair, so it wouldn't take like hours either.

The only problem with this is that the left over will still be there (a tiny piece of the "tinsel" as you called it would still be visible, but just very close to her head.) I get kinda picky mode when it comes to getting these pony manes just as I'd like em, and I would hate to have all these tiny little tinsel strands sticking out of her head after I snip em : <
>> No. 25731
this might be a better question to wait for other's input on (or perhaps ask at MLParena) since I get the feeling these ponies will be VERY special edition (so you mightn't want to damage em or anything), and also tinsel ponies are harder to style, if i remember anything of what I read there.
>> No. 25742
From what I can remember, the tinsel-haired ponies are kind of notorious for the trouble they caused with previous generations. If you do a quick google or dig around in older-gen fansites there should be plenty of information on how to deal with it.
>> No. 25863

To detinsel a pony, just pick out a strand of tinsel to the base and pull. It'll rip out and mostly without a trace. I wouldn't worry about devaluing ponies (No one does when they trim RD's hair!) because these will probably be full US release ponies and not too rare, even if they're not available overseas-- europe/etc exclusives stay high but US ones aren't usually so pricey.
>> No. 26802
File 131183987024.jpg - (263.32KB , 1023x684 , IMAG0046.jpg )
Here's my Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Pinkie was a bit difficult, but Rarity kind of happened on accident. I ALMOST CRIED. For Pinkie, I used straws to wrap reeeeally tiny pieces of hair around and I wrapped Rarity around her own body like in one of the tutorials above.
>> No. 27019
if you find something, please share. i just bought the pack today and don't know where to start really.
>> No. 27028
I've yet to do anything with either so far, but Luna shouldn't be too hard to style I'd figure, her mane is relatively simple (show wise)

Celestia on the other hand, I have no clue how to give it the "flowing in air" look, pretty sure it's impossible without taping it to the wall or something, lols.

I'm sorta waiting to see if anything crops up before I do anything. I'm also unsure if I should detinsel Luna or leave them.
decisions, decisions..
>> No. 27035
The best you can do for Celestia is get it into really tight braids and get some hot water on them, let them dry and you will at least get that wavy-ness and just have it all sweep to one side.
>> No. 27036
I got an Apple Barn Apple Jack... What sort of paint would you recommend for the hat? It's just a solid, unpainted blue.
>> No. 27037
yeah i just did luna, used a few different styles to try to get it right.

should dry in a little while and we shall see. first attempt at styling any pony.

im with you on celestia though...ill have to stop by a store to pick up some curlers or something for her.
>> No. 27061
Did you leave the tinsel in the hair? or take them off? (for Luna)
>> No. 27071
File 131190494442.jpg - (107.35KB , 800x600 , Picture 3.jpg )
just finished styling McDonald rarity. unfortunately its really frizzy so if you look really carefully you can see all the stray hairs. along with that her 2 of her legs where pushed together while she was in the water so she is not on her tippy toes. ohh and that is a giant quartz crystal in the backround
>> No. 27083
Dərp, if I look carefully I can barely see any hair. Sorry bro, but that is a terrible quality picture.
>> No. 27088
How should one go about styling shinebright/luna ponies that have tinsel in the hair? Can I go about it as I normally do? (Hot water-conditioner-straws/rubberbands/bobbypins-heat lamp) Or should I take extra care because of the tinsel?
>> No. 27133
I think tinsel is notoriously irritating to style, heat makes it go curly and out of control! I'm not sure if any of the more experience pony stylists have any tips? If not just google "My Little Pony tinsel hair styling" or something, haha something should come up!
>> No. 27181
I read a thread on how to straiten tinsel on the MLP Arena.

Right here I believe.
>> No. 27204
File 131195546151.jpg - (882.13KB , 1200x1600 , IMAG0002.jpg )
Dashie :3
>> No. 27233
File 131196528429.jpg - (389.93KB , 1600x1200 , IMAG0001.jpg )

updated group shot

i wish my camera wasn't utter shit
>> No. 27376
File 131199178786.jpg - (348.08KB , 1024x768 , SAM_0079.jpg )
WITH a horribly paper crafted gala outfit to boot.
>> No. 27397
I took the tinsel out of mine, and she looks SO much better.

It's really pretty annoying to do, but IMO, it's so worth it
>> No. 27466
Hi everypony. Quick question- Is it at all safe to dlat iron toypony hair? I have a small travel flat iron which would make it easy to control, but I'm terrified of melting their manes.
>> No. 27505
It is but only on a very low setting and for short periods of time. MLP arena has a few good tutorials on it
>> No. 27560
I tried straightening Pinkie Pie's mane and tail once. I overstraightened, and ended up having to chop her tail short because it was totally melted together.

Be careful, but it's possible.
>> No. 27641
I wonder, would a curling iron due just the same?
>> No. 27661
File 131205369376.jpg - (235.07KB , 960x720 , -1.jpg )
Here's my Pinkie, Applejack, and Rarity with fixed hair. I like how Pinkie's hair came out especially.
>> No. 27679
File 131205811844.jpg - (401.99KB , 510x1068 , pinkiehair.jpg )
well since you have to actually hold a curling iron in place for a few seconds to get results, I think it would be a bad idea. with straighteners you just move it down the hair rather than holding it in one spot.
ANYWAYS, attached is my first attempt at doing my Pinkie's hair! it's got a few frizzies and strays tbecause I took the pins out less gently than I meant to, and the curls aren't quite as tight since I didn't really do much in the way of heat, but I like the results just the same. I LOVE how the tail came out.
>> No. 27689
Wow, that looks gorgeous.

How can I stylize my Applejack? And I need a hat, but I don't want to buy a toy just for it, any idea?
>> No. 27691
ya could make a hat out of felt maybe. It shouldn't be too difficult.
>> No. 27791
I was actually thinking of doing that.
>> No. 27831
Need a proper Applejack tutorial.

Along the lines of this:

Or This:

While keeping with this:
>> No. 27840
File 131208788662.jpg - (45.68KB , 738x363 , MLP styling.jpg )
So I styled my first pony's hair yesterday (it was Fluttershy), I think I went a little bit too scissor happy on it but I'm happy with the results.

Today, I tackled the beast (a.k.a Pinkie Pie's curly mane).

I found a little someting to help you all on your mane styling.

While trying to find Bobby pins, I found flat hairclips that holds the hair very tightly around the straw, I took some pictures to show them to you. I think we bought them at the dollar store.

I hung it upside down for the night and hopefully the mane will turn out perfect.
>> No. 27874
File 131210389087.jpg - (475.36KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00255-20110729-0252.jpg )
What did you do to detinsel? Just yank them out?

Also a pic of my AJ, since I just finished her.... Only hat I had around that would fit her, lols.
>> No. 27876
File 131210670337.jpg - (225.99KB , 1024x768 , SAM_0084.jpg )
i'm going to try get rid of the stray hairs, but i think i did a good job.
>> No. 27923
File 131212628239.jpg - (2.59MB , 4000x3000 , SAM_0846.jpg )

Here's the results

I think I did a pretty good job for a beginner
>> No. 27926
>>27874 nice selection of video games. :D

Anyways, I tried to use my toy woody hat for my Applejack, but it was too big. Guess I'm gonna have to make one out of paper or felt...
>> No. 28001
File 131214593702.jpg - (422.82KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00230-20110714-1511.jpg )
Thanks, I set all my ponies in front of my game cases, they are my little guardians lols.

Posting a crappy pic of my Twilight. Came out real good, though possibly hard to see in the image.
>> No. 28098
Is there a tutorial anywhere (or did I miss one in this thread) that shows how do de-hair a G4 pony? I found how to do older gens on deviantart, but I'm wondering if G4s are any different.
>> No. 28099

All the same really, though G4's have a smaller neck hole though so it's a smidger harder to get out.
>> No. 28110
File 131216303955.jpg - (1.88MB , 3968x2232 , Picture 055.jpg )
....I think I messed up somewhere..
>> No. 28114
If you where going for braids you didn't, if you wanted her curl from the show...then..yeah. Lols
>> No. 28127
All the people wondering about tinsel - I've heard that clear tinsel is the one that's really difficult to work with, so the purple tinsel in Luna's hair might not be so bad. I haven't played around with it myself though, so I might be completely wrong.
>> No. 28128
File 131216708473.jpg - (2.01MB , 3968x2232 , Picture 057.jpg )

Well, the actual intent was to make a style of hair that would make Rarity throw up. So, I was going to do Cornrows, but it seemed really hard with the way these ponies are made.
>> No. 28172
File 131219139376.png - (169.99KB , 500x399 , 130810915617.png )

>>Well, the actual intent was to make a style of hair that would make Rarity throw up.

dramatic Rarity mode: How could you?
>> No. 28262
But that's impossible; she still looks great in braids.
>> No. 28444
File 131226349341.png - (1.26MB , 1065x706 , twilighthair.png )
Slowly getting my mane six done.. still need to do Applejack and Rainbow Dash (not gonna bother with Pinkie, I kinda like her outta box hair.
>> No. 28445
File 131226358045.png - (171.28KB , 247x288 , rarityhair.png )
Had to cut this out of a picture from a day or so ago, but Rarity.. not great but eh. I can deal :3
>> No. 28531
File 131230581816.gif - (144.90KB , 450x253 , 130775786904.gif )
Ah'm kinda havin' trouble with my Rarity. Ah've been trying to use that "wrap around the body" method, but the hair never stays in place and ends up all over the place.

Anypony have any tips fer keeping the hair in place for this one?
>> No. 28532
I used a hairtie to keep hair in place when I wrap it around the body.. otherwise I can't help you.
>> No. 28560
I'm reaaaally thinking about cutting Rarity's hair, as awful as that sounds. I, too, did the wrap around technique, and while the hair curls in the right ways, there is simply to much length to them. Has any pony else given Rarity a successful haircut?
>> No. 28581

It's very short, since her hair was pretty much too fucked up to be used for a canon hairstyle. Too stringy and impossible to flatten for curls.
But I find her still adorable. Hell, I would find Rarity adorable even if she was bald for whatever reason.
>> No. 28607

Is there any tips I should follow for just straightening the mane? Also wondering if anypony has done some styling of the new Luna figure.
>> No. 28616
Is there an actual tutorial specifically for Twilight? I'm completely lost here...
>> No. 28620
Alright, read it, starting to pull the tinsel out. Should I just then boil the hair flat or use a flat iron?
>> No. 28623
It's been said that if you're not careful, flat iron-ing can melt the hair, ruining it. So if you're going to flat iron, make sure it's on a low setting and don't run it over the hair more than a couple times. I also read that if you flat iron the pony's hair while its still wet with warm water and conditioner, it is better protected from the heat. Hope that helps c:
>> No. 28624
File 131232447417.jpg - (321.57KB , 1280x960 , 0801111257.jpg )
Alright, everypony. I've got a challenge: Does anyone know how to style DJ-PON3? I just recently created one (pic), and I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to style their customs?

Any help would be appreciated. :D
>> No. 28633
Any specific method to use for this process? Or specific conditioner? (I have suave brand conditioner here, and I really can't go into town for the next few days due to a car breakdown.)
>> No. 28635
File 131232581574.jpg - (206.40KB , 1539x450 , DJPon3.jpg )
Great job dude! She's kinda tricky cos you've gotta go pretty short with her hair... I made a custom Fashion Style one, and I pretty much just cut it all shaggy and flattened it down with hair ties...
>> No. 28684
This yahoo answer describes how to do it step by step. You can also check out My Little Pony Arena for more discussion on the topic :
>> No. 28703
File 131234251654.jpg - (425.63KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00259-20110802-2301.jpg )
Here's my Luna, (finally) de-tinseled and straightened. For the before picture, check out:

Wasn't going for any specific look with her, but nice to get rid of that "out of the box curly mess" look, not to mention finally getting rid of the tinsels.
Too bad she doesn't have a cutie mark on both sides of her flank, but whatevers.

Celestia is up next (one of these days, anyways.)
>> No. 28712
Her hair looks great! So smooth and pretty without the tinsel. I hate to go off topic for a sec, but does the glitter come off at all on her wings/horn? I'm thinking of buying the set and turning Pinklestia white, but the glitter has me stumped.
>> No. 28720
Just use acetone. Works like a charm.
>> No. 28723
Nice, it's that simple? Sweet, thanks for the info!
>> No. 28725
Nice, it's that simple? Sweet, thanks for the info!
>> No. 28790
>Finally de-tinseled

Ha. I'm having that problem too, it's taking me forever to get the tinsel out of the small one! Can't wait to see how you style it.
>> No. 28886
I hate tinsel. Pain in the flank. Just styled my Big Celestia, and I think her mane is messed up. The tail was really easy, I got a nice tight braid, but her mane is another story. Oy vey. The clear tinsel was all bipolar, some of it curled, some of it stayed straight. Might just pull it all out later, Iunno. Gonna try my Luna now. Hopefully she'll be easier since her tinsel isn't clear.
>> No. 28959
Glad you liked. ^^
>> No. 28961
Woops, forgot to add my name there. Anyways..

I'm trying to think of how to make Celestia's hair look very..."Celestia-ish" as in all wavy in the air...but I'm not sure how to pull that off.
On top of that I want the tinsels to stay intertwined with her hair when I straighten it, that way it gives her the shiny look.
>> No. 28964
Have you thought about doing the braiding technique?
>> No. 29064
File 131246722642.jpg - (122.92KB , 1080x720 , RarityBrushable.jpg )

Do it! It's not awful at all, just be careful. I just got done cutting and styling my Rarity and she turned out great!
>> No. 29115
File 131248241859.jpg - (288.21KB , 1600x1200 , IMG085.jpg )
First post here.
I finally found some pony toys in England, and bought myself a Fluttershy.

Washed, conditioned and combed, she's currently drying. I'm using a comb to hold her hair in place.
There's the odd stray hair in the pic, but I think I got them all after.
>> No. 29129

>> No. 29191
File 131249740395.jpg - (249.27KB , 1200x900 , 100_0680 small.jpg )
Local toy shop. I checked a different shop on Monday, and they had nothing. Went to this one, suddenly ponies.

Hair has dried, and IMO looks quite good. I don't think I'll trim the ends, I kinda like it long.
>> No. 29341
My lord she's lovely!

Great job!
>> No. 29349
File 131252173721.png - (956.50KB , 1078x438 , blossomforth.png )
Tried styling her like this >>22798
Not quite it, but I'm really happy with it!
>> No. 29350
File 131252185802.png - (3.34MB , 2469x753 , mane cast.png )
Styled the mane cast too. I'm so proud of how Pinkie and Dash came out. I'm also happy I got the "heart" effect with Fluttershy!
>> No. 29353
File 131252213199.png - (2.30MB , 1417x777 , styling size.png )
Last of my styling-spam. Another Pinkie I'm proud of :D (and yes I gotta paint AJ's hat...)
>> No. 29365
File 131252511540.jpg - (23.11KB , 476x344 , brilliant.jpg )
Thats'....HOW DO I DO EET!?
>> No. 29441
Anypony know where I can find a tutorial about how to put hair back into a custom Gen 4 pony?
>> No. 29642
This tinsel hair is very frustrating. My Canterlot series Fluttershy has it, and when I went back to check on the rest of the ponies they had, it seems she has the most. It's like, up in the 30-40% range. Getting id of it isn't really an option either with how little hair they actually gave her.

I'll have to use a curling iron on minimum heat or something... (The one we have here, minimum is still touchable on the surface.)
>> No. 29752
I'm de-tinseling my Canterlot set Pinkie Pie. I swear this tinsel is growing back as I remove it.
>> No. 29756

I keep finding tinsel all over the house. I haven't even finished Celly or Luna yet.
>> No. 29776
File 131266313815.png - (73.72KB , 325x308 , 130774279551.png )
>> Need custom Rainbow Dash tutorial for roommate's birthday present
>> Find thread
>> First reply is exactly what I need
>> No. 29789
plastic bags help with this issue. Also while your pulling it, if you just put it into a neat little pile on the floor, you can vacuum it up in about 10 seconds.
>> No. 29802
File 131266827802.jpg - (113.76KB , 490x368 , Untitled-1.jpg )
So I just bought a Rainbow Dash McD off of Ebay. Any tips on fixing the tail?
>> No. 29807
>> No. 29819

Specifically, wet her hair first, then comb a bit of conditioner into the tail. If the tail is scraggly, work out the tangles with the conditioner still in, then rinse it out. You can style it however you like, the tail will hold the style better if you style it while the hair is still wet. Try wrapping it around a pencil or something, if you feel like giving it a curl or something.
>> No. 29840

This gives me the idea to use the Rainbow Dash McDonalds toy I got at a garage sale for a quarter as somewhat of a test dummy.
>> No. 29843
Her back leg works perfectly to curl it, same for for basically every other pony in existence. Pretty convenient.
>> No. 29953
File 131269068218.png - (867.87KB , 500x1210 , Twilight_and_Cheerile_are_best_ponies.png )
Picked up Twilight's balloon today and went straight to work on styling her hair. I pulled some of her mane forward to bridge that awkward gap between her mane and bangs. She looks a little angry in the pic, almost like she's glaring at me. :P

I styled Cheerilee a few days ago. I absolutely love how her bangs turned out, but I curled her mane the wrong way, and the curls were too big. I plan on cutting them a little shorter and recurling to see if I can get it as close to show accurate as possible.
>> No. 30167
Well, I finally had an accident. I was styling a Rainbow and had the great idea of using brown rubber bands to hold down the bangs and mane while it dried.

When I got back from work and removed the rubber bands... Ok, the hair was in the correct position, but the the damn bands have left brown stains in the places where they were touching the pony's body. Tried to clean it with soap and alcohol, but no luck at all.

I suppose I will need buy another rainbow and a few hair bands, hoping they will be less aggressive.
>> No. 30178
Really? I've never heard of a rubber band doing that before. But I suppose thats why people reccommend hairties on here. You can get a huge bag for like a dollar at walmart
>> No. 30187
File 131275190091.jpg - (31.48KB , 640x480 , disaster.jpg )
More or less like this. I never thought something like this could ever happen, yet there it is. At least we learnt something new...

Guess I will wait for the national release in September to get a new one, and think about using this one for a custom.
>> No. 30199

Was there any heat or moisture involved? It seems funny that would happen from only brief exposure since it should take months to years. Were they old, or maybe a cheapo dollar store brand?

I know this can happen- I've scraped paint off some of my G.I. Joe customs to find that lighter color PVCs had absorbed some of the paint's dyes- but this happened rather fast.
>> No. 30258
This kinda disturbs me since Rarity cut her tail so short in the second episode of the show.

It made me wonder how much of the tail was bone. Now I know. o.o
>> No. 30343
File 131279208500.jpg - (106.39KB , 800x600 , img2323aha.jpg )
Not a lot, I think. I only submerged the toy's hair in boiled water (no full inmersion), gave it a bit of conditioner, rinsed it in cold water and after a few cuts I put the rubber bands. Except for the hair, the pony almost didn't have any water drops left over the body.

Since I have a lot of electrical equipment lying around, I usually avoid having a lot of humidity in the ambient. Anyways, I did all of this at about 23:00, and removed the bands 24 hours later. This happened last week, and I did't notice until yesterday when I tried to lower the bangs again.

Speaking of the rubber bands, it was a brand new pack of 100+ units that was lying around the house. Yesterday I checked them, only to find that they were 0,75€ and probably came out from a chinese shop. I'm going to kill my parents...
>> No. 30405
File 131281731360.jpg - (0.99MB , 1400x1050 , IMG_0029.jpg )
Just now I'm using the Rainbow Dash McDonalds toy I found as kindof a crash test dummy, I used some fringing methods on her tail (With a kitchen shears, I'm going to have to stop at walmart and get some smaller clippers and hairbands) I also washed her tail and used conditioner (now she smells like strawberries! lol)

Hafta wait until she dries before I take of the hairband. I'm so excited!
>> No. 30418
Just been to Devizes again to get ponies. They don't really have many standard brushables, just Fluttershy, Blossom Forth and Dewdrop Dazzle. But I now have Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.
Anyone got any tips on how to style them?
>> No. 30495
Quick question here, most of the pics of Twilight I've seen on this thread look as if the top part of her mane runs laterally like AJ's or Rainbow Dash's. The one I got though runs medially like Rarity's or Fluttershy's. Am I seeing the pictures wrong or is there some differences in the latest release of the the brushables?
>> No. 30500
Seems like all the new releases of ponies with hair lack the forelock/bangs for some unknown reason.
>> No. 30527
QUESTION! Could I bleach the hair to make it white? O:
>> No. 30540

No. Pony hair is synthetic fiber, that is, made out of plastic. Bleach will not affect hair color, as the color of the hair is made into the actual plastic of the hair- much like you can't bleach a pony's plastic. your only chance would be letting it fade in the sun- but that could take very, very long and it is rough on the hair and will make it brittle
>> No. 30544
You'd have to get ahold of real hair, rehair your pony with it, and bleach it. Then color from there.
>> No. 30559
Darn it! .... *googles to leave how to rehair a pony*
>> No. 30573
File 131286053740.jpg - (132.34KB , 1280x719 , 2011-08-08_22-23-00_349.jpg )
So I've finished my AJ and Pinkie Pie and have straightened Luna's hair after picking all the tensile out of it. I just don't know how i should ultimately style it and should I trim the mane and tail some? They always seem to drag on the floor.
>> No. 30575
File 131286068045.jpg - (95.65KB , 1280x719 , 2011-08-08_22-23-10_573.jpg )
ohh and here's AJ and Pinkie Pie
>> No. 30578
Here's my guide for a cool pony hair style (Sorry, no pic) (I used this on my Twilight Sparkle).
Step 1: Tame the bangs so that the ends touch the forehead in the curled shape.
Step 2: For the back, first, brush it out so that its either straight backward, or slightly curled to the right (faceing your pony's face)
Step 3: Keep coming the back hair toward the right until it stays to the right on its own.
Step 4: Then start brushing the hair, so that the ends are curling back toward the face, do this until it stays there on its own.
Step 5: Brush curl near face more and more toward face until it is looking as desired!
Hope you like the hairstyle! Hope this helped! :)
>> No. 30583
You might be able to scrub that off with a Mr. Clean Magic eraser. I've used it to scrub permanent marker off of walls, it would probably get that weird stain off of your pony.
>> No. 30631
I've had good luck with nail polish remover for removing unknown stains. You have to watch on the type of plastic though. I've found that the pets that the some of the ponies come with do NOT like nail polish remover.
>> No. 30654
So I took the hairtie off, and the tail puffed out a bit (But that was because I didn't straighten it before I cut it) Post pics later, I've got to go run errands in a few minutes
>> No. 30674
>> No. 30689

How'd you get the tinsel out? ;o
>> No. 30692
File 131290553405.jpg - (386.61KB , 1600x1200 , 0801112246.jpg )
Started on Applejack. Cut down the pony tail to make it shorter. Trimmed some tail and frizzies. Gave up on trying to but the rubber band back on. Not much done, but I'm sorta happy with it. She now servers as my Park warden.

But I gotta find something on Fluttershy, and I'm to afraid to mess with it without a really good tutorial.
>> No. 30773
File 131291927181.jpg - (179.20KB , 630x400 , pinkie try1.jpg )
This thread is awesome.

Started working on my first ponies, the others need work but I think Pinkie Pie turned out pretty cute, not sure how long it'll hold though.
>> No. 30786
I just wanna say "Wow" to some of these styling jobs. If only they came that way out of the box. Alas, I have neither the skill, patience, or balls to style toy pony hair.
>> No. 30797
Neither do I, but that doesn't stop me! But maybe you should practice cutting yarn or an old barbie doll's hair to practice.
>> No. 30805
I'm not the original poster, but what I did for my Luna was go plug section by plug section (they have four rows of hair plugs!) cutting out the tinsel with an xacto. Tie back the hair except for the section you are working through, and separate the tinsel from the hair. Then put your xacto blade as close to the tinsel as possible and pull the tinsel toward the blade. You can then pick out the little tinsel pieces left behind with tweezers (or just leave them there).

Originally I had tried pulling them out with tweezers, but my tweezers were so crappy it just made the tinsel stretch and break, leaving weird frizz spots behind. If you have good tweezers I'd recommend that method, since you won't damage the pony if you drop the blade and you won't lose as much hair.
>> No. 30810
I keep on trying to style my Fluttershy with shampoo, conditioner then hot water, but her hair alwas seems to end up frizzy on the ends. Any tips? I also tried streightening her hair, but still frizzy at the bottom...Help?
>> No. 30822
Don't use Shampoo, just use the Conditioner. Also be gentle with it, it's plastic hair. Run your fingers down the length of the mane. Also to get rid of the friz at the end, use a small scissor to cut it.
>> No. 30828
File 131293525103.jpg - (115.43KB , 800x643 , IMG_2226.jpg )
First ever pony hair mod and I couldn't be happier.
>> No. 30837
Thanks :)
>> No. 30852

Sounds like a plan
>> No. 30990
File 131299480314.png - (1.26MB , 832x1020 , ponies.png )
Just styled my ponies...
For Rainbow Dash, I used the RD guide from the top of this thread. Worked out pretty damn well :)

I gave Fluttershy her usual style, which wasn't too hard... though unfortunately I mirrored the whole setup at first, covering her wrong eye, so her blank flank was facing the side of her visible eye. When I redid it, the end of the hair over her eye didn't like to be curled exactly the other way. I might redo it later.

For Sweetie Belle, I kinda experimented, putting the middle part of her dark purple head mane through the back rows, while combing the front of the light purple back mane to the front. I put hot water on it and then curled it into a safety pin. I also cut her mane... a bit too much actually, but it's still kinda nice. I love the way the head hair curls behind the horn :)
>> No. 30994
File 131299515774.png - (26.70KB , 301x301 , 130842615698.png )
Hey bronies. I've got the Luna and Celestia fashion ponies, and I adore them, but Celestia's mane is a bit scraggly. Does anypony know if, given the presence of the tinsel, would it be okay to style her with conditioner as long as I don't use any heat?
>> No. 30997
Most people just remove that stuff.
>> No. 31000

I'm aware of that, but I'd rather not. I did actually thin out Luna's tinsel a little bit, but for the most part I actually like how it looks.
>> No. 31004
Fair enough. I just used hot water though, and it came out nicely.
>> No. 31025
File 131300088300.jpg - (183.98KB , 1920x1080 , luna 1.jpg )
I used really small scissors. I took a section of mane, starting from the front of the face moving backwards, found each strand of tensile then moved the rest of the section and held it over her ear. I then went to the very base and carefully snipped the pieces off. It took several hours but it was worth it.
>> No. 31027
Oh and if you are doing an AJ I saved some of the red tensile and used that for her hair it worked really well.
>> No. 31430
File 131307638379.jpg - (1.56MB , 3264x2448 , IMAG0788.jpg )
Here's my four. Yes, shine bright fluttershy is the correct colours! I'm probably most proud of rarity.
>> No. 31433
you sure can be proud about her, Rarity can be such a pain to style with show accuracy in mind.
>> No. 31450
I know! I've heard it's hard to tackle the curls and can take multiple tries. Luckily enough they turned out like this on the first try. It must be that boiling water.
>> No. 31693
File 131316484937.jpg - (186.36KB , 900x740 , IMG_0807.jpg )
I finally finished up the hair on my first two ponies. Twi's forelocks were tough since the one I got had them in a line front-to-back instead of side-to-side like I've seen in most pictures. I had to thatch it, pull it forward and secure it before heating and letting it set. She turned out pretty well though.

I also added some hair that was left over from their manes to each of their tails to make them thicker and add more color. I found a pretty easy way of doing this without having to take them apart. I could make a tutorial post if anyone's interested in doing this too.
>> No. 31694
Tutorials are always welcome! Not everypony has the courage to post asking that they need one.
>> No. 31765
File 131317982335.jpg - (1.38MB , 3264x2448 , IMAG0791.jpg )
If anyone needs help styling an Applebloom, the "Rainbowdash method" should work out just fine!
>> No. 31766
File 131318008365.jpg - (1.38MB , 3264x2448 , IMAG0791.jpg )
Styling Applebloom is just like styling Rainbowdash.
>> No. 31776
Tell me more about this big silly bow, please?
>> No. 31782
Woah, my first post never went through. I guess it decided to show up awhile after I posted again. Damn phone.

It's just some colored sculpey clay. c: it can easily be attached to her with a clip or super glue. (if you part her hair right she ends up having a bald area on her neck. I glued the bow there to cover it up. Even if you take it off there's no mark as long as it dries clear.)
>> No. 31783
File 131318392782.jpg - (329.84KB , 2048x1536 , 11082011069.jpg )
My Dashie's hair.
It's not entirely show accurate. But I like it.
>> No. 31966
File 131320417090.jpg - (133.89KB , 640x478 , allsixmanesdone.jpg )
I've been lurking this thread and decided to show off my six. (I've done pony hair for years).
>> No. 32176

Who's the non-dərped Dərpy?
>> No. 32190
That would be Lily Blossom.
>> No. 32195
I just got my Twilight Sparkle, and I'm debating whether to try styling her...

One problem is, I'm poor and have no money for any supplies I don't already have. I should be able to do the thatching, though I'm a bit overly cautious about the idea of using boiling water on my pony. If only on the off-chance that I might get water inside her...

I guess I'm just debating whether I should even try to work with it or if I should worry about not being able to salvage it if I mess it up. Because I won't be able to afford another one to work with anytime soon if I really ruin it.
>> No. 32205
File 131325607632.png - (1.26MB , 1065x706 , twilighthair.png )
I was able to style my Twilight decently with just her body, a hairtie, and a pair of scissors and normal hot water from the tap.

I cut a bit too much of the mane for my liking.. but ah well.

Anyway.. you don't have to submerge your pony contrary to popular belief. For my ponies I either went to the sink, got the water hot, and just wet the mane/tail and then went to styling work or put a cup of cold water in the microwave for a minute to get it hot and dunked the mane/tail in there.
>> No. 32209
Fun fact: Pulling tinsel sucks.

It might actually be faster to reroot the hair than pull all the tinsel out of it.
>> No. 32217
Yeah and it can break before the root, causing thin, stringy plastic to stick up. :/
>> No. 32227
File 131326165315.jpg - (180.63KB , 1024x768 , 100_0845(2).jpg )

first time toching a MLP toy.
>> No. 32236

I've got a technique down that seems to be working well

You will need:
Hair clip
Flat head tweezers

1. Separate hair into three parts: Left mane, Right mane, tail
2. Brush all mane to one side and clip.
3. Start from the inside of the roots. Use the pick to pick out individual strands of tinsel.
4. Put picked tinsel between two fingers as you work. Don't worry about getting hair in there as well.
5. Flip over hair, repeat on other side.
6. Pick out hair from fingers.
7. Twist tinsel into a rope. Wrap around your tweezers.
8. Pull firmly, but slowly. It should pull out most of the tinsel by the root.
9. Use your tweezers to get any pieces that broke off near the base.
10. Repeat for other half of head and tail. The tail is much easier.

There's probably about 150 pieces of tinsel in their hair. It takes about an hour of solid work, but it's not hard. Just turn on a few episodes, sit back and pluck.
>> No. 32299
File 131327860010.jpg - (10.40KB , 400x400 , lily blossom.jpg )
I need some aid here, bronies. I just picked up Lily Blossom here at Walmart today, and when I got her out of the package it became a game of find the pony in the mane. Seriously, it's EVERYWHERE. On her boxart, she's supposed to have wavy hair. Anypony know how I'd go about doing that?
>> No. 32307
I had the same problem!! I just conditioned her hair (let it sit for 10 minutes and then ran her under hot water) - then I wrapped it around her and let her dry that way. She has wavy hair now (not exactly like that, but I can live.) -- so give that a try if you're lazy like me. ^^
>> No. 32309
I found a tutorial, so I'm alright there. My question is: Are the G4 bodies hollow? They sound really solid to me. Also how do you tell if you have gotten water inside a pony?
>> No. 32310
I found a tutorial, so I'm alright there. My question is: Are the G4 bodies hollow? They sound really solid to me. Also how do you tell if you have gotten water inside a pony?
>> No. 32314

Beautiful :D

I haven't dared to try anything with my Pinkie Pie's hair... it's rather stylishly half-curled from how it came in the package, and I fear my messing might not produce anything better.
>> No. 32315
From just pushing on Rarity a bit, it seems the legs are solid, but the body and head are hollow.

They're not hard plastic you know... you CAN just try pushing them in a bit :p
>> No. 32345
Yeah but I'm weak. I was just wondering where the water would accumulate if it got in, so the head and the main body would be it. Got Lily Blossom all banded up for the night, gonna let her dry overnight, then show y'all how she looks in the morning.
>> No. 32420
File 131332728697.png - (933.25KB , 1333x1000 , lily blossom comp.png )
Okay, I found a tutorial >>10358 < that one, and I did it to the best of my abilities, the only problem I had was that the hairties kept slipping of the slightly damp mane around her head.

But here she is, all finished. I love the way her tail turned out, and I'm really happy! This is my first pony style since I did my McDonalds Rainbow Dash's tail a few weeks ago.Gonna try Doing Applejack next, anypony got pointers for her?
>> No. 32434

Thanks :)

It’s Pinkiepie we are talking about, so messing up her hair is exactly what we want hahahaha.

But seriously you should totally try it; the results really pay off, just follow the tutorial I posted in the last comment.

Ps.After tying her hair i boiled mi pinkie for a while (as in u put her in normal water first and then heat it until it boils), then a heat lamp treatment, then leaving her cool overnight, and lastly hairspray, Maybe than helped to gain so much volume.
>> No. 32459
You might want to start over after washing that hairspray out. hairspray actually destroys pony hair if you leave it in too long. hairspray keeps it's hold by reacting with the natural oils in human hair, but there are no oils in nylon hair, so it actually reacts with the nylon.

the effects won't show up immediate, but long term, it's a really bad idea. just stick with the boil perm method.
>> No. 32565
Aw man, I guess I’ll have to redo it, but damn....feeling kinda down now :( , I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the same results.
Thanks for the tip tough
>> No. 32597
So what exactly does hairspray + nylon pony hair do over time? I suppose I could test this out myself by taking some of the pony hair I've trimmed off ponies and put hairspray on it... Though it seems you know what would happen. (I'm just curious about what happens, is all. I don't even think there is a can of hairspray in my house)
>> No. 32612
Dries it out. A lot. It's possible the hair will never recover. Makes it brittle.

More concerning is, if the hairspray gets on the plastic, it changes the property of the plastic- it changes texture and is shiny.
>> No. 32642
File 131339631295.jpg - (1.14MB , 1536x2048 , IMG_0017.jpg )
Thanks to you two I found the courage to style my Shine Bright Pinkie Pie and Playful Ponies Rainbow Dash
Pinkie still needs some work, but compared to 'default' they look SOO much better, thank you :)
>> No. 32655
Wow your Pinkie Pie looks great! She's the one I'm afraid to style the most ><
>> No. 32657
Does anypony know if it's possible to dye a pony's hair? I've never re-haired a pony, and don't really want to.... I want most of it black, with a small bit of white.
>> No. 32668
File 131341370936.png - (468.05KB , 943x943 , Shrug Dash.png )

I imagine something would work for the black, but I doubt there's anything you could do to make some white...
>> No. 32685
You are epic, thank you, and use of a computer is better, its less noisy and can sit without being held, my rarity looks much better now
>> No. 32690
Step 1: Aquire real hair.
Step 2. Bleach and dye real hair.
Step 3: Dehair your pony, and rehair with dyed hair.

The plastic hair they use can't be dyed or bleached properly.
>> No. 32757
I'm kind of a newbie brony who has never really done much more than comb his hair and throw hairspray/paste into it before. I have, however, been picking up supplies for my new little collection here.

I feel incredibly noobish for asking this, but should I comb dry first, or wet the hair first? My fluttershy, Rarity and Dash look extremely scraggly right now straight out of the box, and I'm wanting to get things prepped right for my eventual curling job.
>> No. 32759
for rarity refer to this posts refer
>> No. 32819
*sigh* That's what I figured. I'll probably end up using some kind of modeling compound instead. Anypony have any recommendations for a modeling compound? I guess the best one would be one that you just let set overnight, since baking a pony probably isn't a great idea.
>> No. 32833
Eyyyup, you want Apoxie Sculpt, it is excellent.
>> No. 32881
File 131352030590.jpg - (399.17KB , 1600x1200 , styled pinkie.jpg )
I finally did Pinkie Pie, and I think she came our great. I even have that little curl at the very front of her bangs, which was extremely important to me.

For the most part, I followed this tutorial:

I changed a few things -- I clamped the curlers down with sliced open straws rather than bobby pins, for instance. But, for the most part, I was faithful to those instructions.

I just want to note one important thing that the tutorial didn't mention: after you're done curling and start into poking and prodding at her hair to get it to look right, do not panic if it turns into a giant, hideous mess of frizz. I encountered that and was afraid that I'd ruined the entire thing, but the frizz was mostly just at the ends of the mane, which left room to poke and prod things into place while occasionally trimming off some of the mess. Don't be afraid to use water or a rubber band to get things to hold where they're supposed to.
>> No. 32931
That looks really good! But that table looks like a terrifying massacre.
>> No. 32934
File 131352666118.gif - (288.78KB , 480x410 , awkward twilight.gif )
Ah, yes... customs in progress. Wasn't thinking about that.

Poor Fluttershy there isn't even usable. After de-hairing her, I found out that something like eight or more of her hair plug holes had ripped open into one giant gash in her head... which, given how it was falling out from the moment I'd opened her, I should probably have guessed well in advance.

But, yes. Pleased with Pinkie Pie. Thank you.
>> No. 32970
File 131353200192.jpg - (8.96KB , 257x356 , lemonhearts_damnhublogoinmyface.jpg )
That looks great! Almost makes me tempted to try my hand at a brushable.
>> No. 33011
Has Fluttershy's hair colour been changed? I'm looking through these pics for a styling tutorial and all of the Fluttershys have really bright hair, mine's quite show-accurate. Soft yellow, soft pink.

(Mine's from the UK, maybe a redo?)
>> No. 33023
You could try hairspray. It should work.
>> No. 33038
I read a tutorial on styling pony hair somewhere. I can't really remember where it's from, but it works really well. And it's cheap. 1. Take the hair and wash it with some shampoo (or hand soap, it really doesn't matter), and rinse. 2. Then slather the pony hair with conditioner (just the stuff you're using) and let it sit for 5 minutes or so. 6. If your pony's hair is silky, rinse it out and ignore the following step. 7. If it's still kinda fuzzy, heat an iron to a low setting. 8. Lay the pony on the ironing board so the hair lies as straight as possible. 9. Iron it! Try not to stay on one spot for to long, so the hair doesn't melt. And try not to burn the poor pony's ears. 10. Now with silky and straight pony hair, it's time to curl! If the hair's is dry or lacks conditioner wet and squirt more on. 11. You should have some bobby pins or hairclips. Wrap the pony's mane around her neck, and pin into place with a bobby pin, or clip. 12. Wrap the tail around the leg and pin. 13. Go do something else for the rest of the night/day. 14. Unpin and take off the leg and neck. 15. Hairspray it so it stays. I find that the dollar stuff works great. And smells like green apple, so it's great for apple jack. 16. Enjoy the pony. Try not to mess up the hair. Ponies have glue and metal washers to keep the hair in, so water can mess that up, so try not to wash it to much.
>> No. 33044
What have you guys been doing as far as styling your Twilight ponies? I want to style mine, because I'm really getting sick of looking at her curly mane.
>> No. 33069
Woohoo! Thanks to you guys, I successfully styled Fluttershy's hair! It's not accurate by any stretch, but I got the curls to work (and double-back), and it looks SO much better than it did. It's still kind of frizzy because I didn't straighten it well enough or curl it tight enough, but it's definitely a start. I just think I need to trim.

Hoo, boy. Rarity's up next.
>> No. 33076
File 131355223516.jpg - (39.42KB , 456x625 , pinkie pie.jpg )
Here's pinkie pie, it's my first time styling. I used a crap ton of these toothpick things and bobby pins to get really tight curls. When I actually took out this morning I hated it, but I added some conditioner washed them, and brushed it out then fiddled with it a little and was happy with the result. :]
>> No. 33078
Now Fluttershy's hair is all puffy... I tried to straighten it twice and did a leave in conditioner treatments, then washed it, and brushed it as it dried, and it is soft, but... fluffy. Any ideas to smooth it out again? On the plus side- it is a lighter pink, as opposed to neon-ish.
>> No. 33080
Now Fluttershy's hair is all puffy... I tried to straighten it twice and did a leave in conditioner treatments, then washed it, and brushed it as it dried, and it is soft, but... fluffy. Any ideas to smooth it out again? On the plus side- it is a lighter pink, as opposed to neon-ish.
>> No. 33081
Now Fluttershy's hair is all puffy... I tried to straighten it twice and did a leave in conditioner treatments, then washed it, and brushed it as it dried, and it is soft, but... fluffy. Any ideas to smooth it out again? On the plus side- it is a lighter pink, as opposed to neon-ish.
>> No. 33165
Wet it, put conditioner in it, then I would suggest re-styling it if you can, style it a bit flatter. I wouldn't be the best person to tell you though, I don't have a Fluttershy.
>> No. 33172
File 131359711689.jpg - (846.48KB , 2592x1552 , IMAG0412.jpg )
Okay guys, WHAT DO DDD:

also, has anybody noticed a discolouration on Rarity's body? It's bothering me...
>> No. 33233
Not on any of my Raritys though the color difference between Twilight's head and body urks me. Almost considering repainting both to match.
>> No. 33331
I believe all the newer repacks of her have the lighter hair now.
>> No. 33335
My friend needs advice on how to style a Sweetie Belle with five hours, rubber bands, and hot water.
>> No. 33540
Gonna need some straws for the curls. Wet down the hair and use some conditioner, use the straws like curlers, and keep them in place until try. Remove, brush if needed/wanted, and enjoy.
>> No. 33622
Any thoughts on how to style Applejack? I can't get her mane or tail to stay all fluffy before they hit the rubber band. :<
>> No. 33625
File 131371305184.jpg - (310.09KB , 2272x1704 , S4020003.jpg )
Is it the Fluttershy from the 2 pack with Daisy Dreams? I noticed on the one I have the hair is lighter on that one.

The pic doesn't do much justice but you can tell a bit.
Left is Daisy Dreams 2 pack-Right is The Single
>> No. 33643
File 131371521799.jpg - (859.72KB , 2592x1552 , IMAG0418.jpg )
I wish. All we have over here are the mane six brushables and some other sets. I'm gonna assume it's some kind of haulover in the UK based on USA feedback?

Ignore the state of her hair, but this is my Fluttershy xD Maybe it's just my eyes but I hink it's lighter?
>> No. 33645
File 131371597903.jpg - (813.95KB , 2560x1920 , 2011-06-28 12_27_54.jpg )
Ah, I traded some items to somebody it Australia to get my Daisy Dreams/Fluttershy pack. I was just wondering if you got it some other way than just purchasing it form the store.

And yea, it is definitely lighter than mine. I got mine about a month ago though, so maybe they are changing them.

I gotta go check. If so I'm gonna buy another Fluttershy for my collection.
>> No. 33647
Double Post....This is the single by the way. Not the 2 pack Fluttershy.
>> No. 33651
I baleeted one (:
>> No. 33806
File 131376917335.jpg - (2.10MB , 4000x3000 , 100_0467.jpg )
What do you suggest for Cheerilee?
>> No. 33808
File 131376984191.jpg - (2.24MB , 4000x3000 , 100_0478.jpg )
And what about Lily Blossom?
>> No. 33875
You guys know those eyelash/brow comb things? They have a bush on one side and a comb on the other? Those things are the BEST when it comes to combing Pony hair, where it is so tiny and the bristles are so close together...
>> No. 33887

This guy did a tutorial with Lily Blossom, I did it to and she's super cute.

>> No. 33965
So I'm going to be doing 80s Cheerilee for my husband (she's his new fave) but I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for getting those classically 80s sharp crimps. In real life, you'd use a special hair iron, but obviously that won't work here.

Right now I'm considering small, tight braids. Any other ideas out there?
>> No. 33977
I finally got a chance to try my hand at pony hair styling today. After an age of fiddling with impossibly slick hair and straws and rubber bands, I ended up with Pinkie looking like she'd been trussed for roasting but otherwise good to go. I was just dunking her into the kettle when my roommate came home. There really is no good way to try and explain why one is boiling a bondage pony.
>> No. 34008
File 131379944638.jpg - (486.90KB , 1296x968 , luna.jpg )
I've de-tinseled my Luna and I'm going to fit her with the purple crown from the Royal Ball at Canterlot set. >>31193

How should I style her hair, bronies?
>> No. 34349
File 131386720785.jpg - (118.08KB , 1280x1024 , 0820111456a.jpg )
I just finished my Pinkie. I'm super happy with the results!!!
>> No. 34365
I have been trying to figure out how to style Luna as well, but sadly I'm really not good at comming up with hairstyles.
>> No. 34395
Quick Question:
Are y'all sure that boiling them doesn't harm them? The first time I styled my Pinkie, the day after I noticed some purple-ish discoloring near her eye and by her ear. I don't remember seeing it there when I bought it, either. And now I'm sort of afraid to boil her when I try again (She came out horrible the first time)
>> No. 34399
You don't boil the pony... You boil water, and dip the hair in. >.< Otherwise water gets inside and can cause mildew.
>> No. 34404
I also hear ponies have some kind of metal near where the hair goes into the body (not sure what) but if that gets wet it can cause a discoloration of the pony itself.
>> No. 34413
There's a metal clasp/washer around the tail.
>> No. 34420
I know, that's what I meant. I did what was done in the Miss Filly's tutorial near the beginning of the thread. I just don't know why it would get all purple near her eye. it didn't do that for my Rarity, which I styled the same way.

I can deal with painting over the spot or whatever, I'm just worried that it will happen in the future.
>> No. 34440
Maybe posting pictures would help people determine the exact cause of the problem?
>> No. 34537
File 131389975904.jpg - (496.86KB , 1296x968 , luna2.jpg )
After some trial and error, I came up with something I liked! Once I figured out I could actually use the crown to help style the hair, it was easy to come up with something Luna-esque. I just wish Hasbro would actually make the colors show accurate.

But I'm preaching to the choir here!
>> No. 34553
File 131390234545.jpg - (972.75KB , 767x1729 , destro_12.jpg )
I have not styled any of mine yet and I really need to.

Admittedly, I will probably not de-tinsel Luna. Beyond just the fact it takes forever, she is a princess and possibly closer to deity status so the tinsel doesn't really seem as strange. I may even leave Starbeam Twinkle alone because the tinsel matches her hair and the glitter-coated cutie mark.

Also, a thought for bronies afraid of the brushables... I have owned 12" G.I. Joes and such in the past. I've customized a few. Here is an image of Destro, I took the head and all clothes from the 1993 version and transplanted them to a new body(the 1990 Joe bodies are terrible). I think once you've changed clothes and dressed a 12" action figure, you've essentially crossed the line into the realm of brushing hair and dressing up dolls. And the 1990s G.I. Joe bodies WERE doll bodies, made for a doll line that Hasbro canned. They had limited articulation and ratcheting doll-type joints hidden under rubber.

So no, styling their hair no longer feels odd to me because I've basically changed doll clothes several times. "Action figure" is just semantics.
>> No. 34561

The detinseling is more for the fact that the tinsel is nigh impossible to style than for any aesthetic reason. The other methods I've seen for making tinsel style-able seem like more trouble than they're worth.

I just switch on MLP and start pulling. It really doesn't take that long!
>> No. 34607
First of all that looks amazing! Secondly, TUTORIAL PLEASE!!
>> No. 34690
I don't want to mess with it again, because it really did turn out perfect!

But my method was pretty simple:
1) Taking the mane into four different sections, two to go in front of the crown past each side of the horn and two to go behind the crown, over the shoulders. Put the crown on.
2) Pull the two sections on Luna's head and the other "shoulder" section on the left hand side together into one big section, covering the left side of her face. Then wrap the new big section around one of her legs.
3) Wrap the last "shoulder" section on her right side around one of her legs.
4) Rubber band the hair in place around the bottom of the legs, making sure the hair is pulled pretty taut.
5) Fold up the tail into a loop and secure it with a bobby pin (just to give it that little curl).
6) Soak the hair under hot water in the sink and stick it under a desk lamp to bake for a couple of hours.
7) Unband it, and if it's to your liking, trim the mane and tail to about show length.

Don't be afraid to start over, and shampoo and condition before you start!
>> No. 34696
File 131394730795.jpg - (2.51MB , 2592x1936 , ponycollection.jpg )
My pony hairstyles. Excuse the other merch, I'm too lazy to take another picture.

Pinkie Pie's mane turned out well, but I what I really wanted was to do Rarity's hair justice. 'Cause if there's one pony that deserves to look good, it's Rarity. I've tried several times but I can't get it to look anything like the show.

I'm most proud of the way I did Luna, because it turned out great and it's the one pony where I didn't base the styling method off of a tutorial or another brony's picture!
>> No. 34770
File 131396011939.jpg - (123.86KB , 500x485 , applebloom_custom.jpg )
I want a custom Applebloom...
>> No. 34772
I've been trying to psych myself up to cut my Rainbow Dash and Twilight's hair for like a whole day. I'm terrified of cutting off too much and ruining them. (Especially since they were a birthday present).
>> No. 34774
File 131396076591.jpg - (11.06KB , 225x225 , endwraps.jpg )
Having curled my Rarity, these are the only thing that kept me from going crazy.
>> No. 34792
Anyone know a way to style yarn? I'm nervous about doing a Rarity plushie with yarn hair, as I can't really avoid making it anything other than just straight hair, maybe a little bit messy - and she'll all about the hair.
>> No. 34829
File 131397468168.png - (109.58KB , 400x518 , tumblr_lhx3qsJ9uU1qhh45wo1_400.png )
I do rehairs with embroidery thread, and I've been procrastinating with Rarity for the same reason! Cotton thread refuses to curl, so I'm thinking of just putting her hair up in a beehive, a la Boast Busters. If wool is anything like cotton, I'm afraid this may be your best bet as well.
>> No. 34833
Use Rayon thread
>> No. 34839
File 131397625384.png - (608.36KB , 900x675 , rarity_by_jackiekie-d428vsm.png )

I think thats what Jackieckie (however thats spelled) uses for hers?
>> No. 34858
File 131398113942.png - (137.25KB , 480x358 , 5.png )
I want to make my brushable like the beehive OR her spa-do. Any tips?
>> No. 34874
File 131398386374.png - (19.27KB , 122x112 , 130750469543.png )
The beehive doesn't look convincing unless you have a whole lot of hair to work with, so you might not to be able to do it with her original hair unless you stuff it with something. Other than that, I can't offer much help! Those interwoven locks are pretty intimidating- as it is, I'm not even sure if they're physically possible!
>> No. 35015
This is actually VERY cute! I want to make these curls on my custom...
>> No. 35029
Aw, thanks. :) I thought they were good for my first time ever.
>> No. 35097
File 131405183954.jpg - (1.66MB , 3264x2448 , IMAG0453.jpg )
Decided to try styling some of my ponies. Barely touched Fluttershy, just wet her hair and she looked PRETTY.

All the others, I tied hair down with yarn and wrapped it around pens. They're not PERFECT (save for AppleJack and Rarity), but I'm happy with how they turned out.
>> No. 35100
File 131405204126.jpg - (1.61MB , 3264x2448 , IMAG0452.jpg )
Also, had 2 Pinkie Pies, so I decided to make one Pinkie and one Pinkamena.
>> No. 35101
File 131405244323.png - (1.27MB , 1003x752 , blossomforthhair.png )
Did my best to fix up the horrible box hair that Blossomforth had.. probably the worst out of all the ones I got.

Haven't thought of anything different for her hair, but I like this for now.
>> No. 35252
File 131410239233.gif - (36.93KB , 100x100 , 131248279621.gif )
>> No. 35284
Nice. It certainly looks better than my attempts at styling Apple Bloom.
>> No. 35285
Is there a tutorial to style Pinkie to give some resemblence to her western/saloon singer look from Over a Barrel?
>> No. 35290
File 131412667947.jpg - (1.52MB , 2592x1936 , photo.jpg )
Well I styled my Luna according to >>34537 and I'm super happy with the result. I just need to paint the crown dark blue and I think she'll be perfect!
>> No. 35314
File 131413573876.png - (2.24MB , 1338x1542 , rarity_on_the_rocks.png )
Here, my Rarity!

Fun fact: I did NO styling whatsoever on this. IT's just the Rarity from the Carriage pack. All I did was remove the stuff keeping the hair together, and she was just perfect.

In this pic, you see her in her natural environment: Standing on a block of amethyst roughly four times her own size :)
>> No. 35330
From my Ctrl+F-ing efforts, it doesn't seem there's a guide for styling Twilight. Can someone give me instructions for styling her? I have 2 brushables thanks to buying her individually and as a part of Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon, so I can start from scratch if I mess up.
>> No. 35336
I'm looking for that as well...I want to give my ponies a different style than normal, such as their extra costumes and hair styles (western!Pinkie)
>> No. 35355
Ignore that title. Dunno why my computer auto-filled that.
>> No. 35565
File 131420970551.jpg - (2.24MB , 2592x1944 , DSC01015.jpg )
This was my first attempt at styling Pony Hair...I'm actually re-doing itt today!
>> No. 35715
...I...I just want to smell Rarity's hair and face.
>> No. 35816
File 131424876374.png - (327.70KB , 836x693 , 47489 - derp macro pinkie_pie what.png )
>> No. 35818
Lily Blossom is causing me the most trouble. I'm trying to replicate her boxart and it's proving to be difficult. I'm trying small braids to get the wavies and it comes out frizzy. What do?
>> No. 35820
File 131424989704.jpg - (132.99KB , 800x478 , imag0960r.jpg )
I just got Fluttershy! And she has terrible box hair! As soon as I get home from work tomorrow I'll be attempting to get her hair in order... We shall soon see what effect Bumble & Bumble conditioner has on pony hair...
>> No. 35865
File 131427396650.png - (161.46KB , 831x962 , Fluttershy Stretch.png )
How do I get an effect similar to this?

Somepony is going to have to dumb it down for me, I've never done anything like this.

So somepony describe please- in detail if you would !
>> No. 35899
File 131428631141.png - (1.28MB , 1175x890 , eeyup.png )
Got Pinkie, styled her with >>18399 tutorial, and I think it came out great :D Pic related, it's the only photo of it I have so far, will get more angles if needed.
>> No. 35901
File 131428691216.jpg - (65.34KB , 600x562 , Fuck Yeah!.jpg )
I love that hair, that's definitely what I'm doing when I get my Pinkie Pie :3.

PS: Can somebody answer my question?
>> No. 35904
Actually, I think I might try this. I'm not too sure about how to wash the hair though.

I'll post results when done, tomorrow.
>> No. 35910
File 131429063073.jpg - (24.92KB , 534x399 , fluttershy hair set.jpg )
Washed and conditioned mai Flootershai, and have the hair all held in the right place.

Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and do some trimming.
>> No. 35972
What conditioner are you guys using? Moisturizing? Volumizing?
>> No. 35975
I just grabbed a random conditioner, not sure what it was. But the effect seemed to be quite nice, although I can't tell for sure considering the hair is still semi wet (and my precious Fluttershy is all banded up and bobby-pinned. T.T)
>> No. 36007
File 131432194145.png - (3.46MB , 1004x4768 , rarilong.png )
OK, everypony. I'm at a bit of a loss.

Between mid-July ( >>22106 ) and mid-August ( >>32881 ), I've styled five of the mane six ponies, starting with Twilight and working my way up to Pinkie Pie. I've gotten better and better as I've worked, and I've generally been very happy with my results...

...but now I'm facing down the big one. The sixth and final mane cast pony is Rarity, and I am at a loss.

Nothing I've been able to dig up with Ctrl-F has filled me with any measure of confidence about styling our gorgeous violet-maned fashionista, let alone anything close to how good I felt about Pinkie by the time I finally took a crack at her.

The best tutorial I've seen on Rarity is the one attached to this post, and the results do look beautiful, but I'd like to do something more show-accurate. That means shorter. That means curlers.

So... while I'm not optimistic that there'll be anything, if anypony knows of a tutorial for a really rock-solid, show-accurate Rarity, I'd really, really appreciate it.

She's sitting on my dresser right now, giving me this discontented look because all of her friends are finished already.
>> No. 36011
File 131432302996.png - (315.12KB , 663x730 , 130301582536.png )
I did mine using bobby pins and my fingers, so she's not the best, but if I were going to redo her to be more accurate I'd probably try this:

- Separate into the two sections (front and back on different sides)
- Pin her hair into curls slightly tighter than I really wanted, but only just.
- Dip her curls in the heated water.
- Let curls dry, then remove the pins (to get rid of the extra weight)
- Use more heated water applied gradually (and precisely) by hand to create the shallow reverse curve that goes from her scalp to the start of the curls.

I more or burnt my fingers off doing Fluttershy this way to get her hair to flip into different directions, and I may tweak my Rarity again the same way (only she's already curled).

Notes: I'd make the curls tighter since they'll probably loosen up when you start working on that little reverse curve (the water will soak in and give some weight). I would also curl and remove pins first since I feel that part is easier and doing it later might weigh down the curve enough to ruin it.

Just my thoughts, though.
>> No. 36045
File 131432960310.png - (762.51KB , 785x1127 , FS WANT.png )
Does anypony now how long you're supposed to keep the hair like this? I know it's supposed to be a decent time, but her hair is completely dry, and I just can't wait to see what she looks like.
>> No. 36056
Glad I was of help! Yours looks better than mine!
>> No. 36122
Aww I wouldn't say that! But thank you for the compliment!

Trying to figure out styles for the non-mane 6 ponies is a tad difficult. But I got styles I'm happy with, I'll post pictures tomorrow!
>> No. 36131
Just let her hair out, looks amazing.

Not completely what I expected, but with a little trimming it'll be even better. I'll post pictures after I get back from school.
>> No. 36145
When I bought my Fluttershy at Toys R Us here in the states I noticed the same. I was trying to decide between the vibrant one and the subdued one. I went with the subdued one because she seemed more show accurate.
>> No. 36182
File 131438124657.jpg - (138.14KB , 800x600 , Rarity stylized.jpg )
So, here's my first try at hair styling and I like the final result pretty much. Though I think Rarity's hair are the easiest to style. First I washed her hair in hot water, then used some shampoo and conditioner, straightened and curled hair again with straws and bobby pins
>> No. 36210
File 131439541601.png - (230.13KB , 831x961 , 131346286617.png )
Her mane is so beautiful... I can't believe how good some of the Raritys in this thread are... Now I want one too. :3
>> No. 36219
>> No. 36221

Haha, I know, right? :3 Thank you very much anyway! I also like Rarity for shape of eyes, that toy really matches the character, unlike, for example, pink Princess Celestia >.<

Go get yourself one :3
>> No. 36222

SMELLS LIKE STRAWBERRY (because of conditioner I used XD)
>> No. 36224
That is so awesome. I have to get one of those :3.

I'm taking a picture of my Finished Fluttershy to post after this.
>> No. 36225

Thanks! I didn't expect such good result, conditioner really helped, along with all the tutorials I found in this thread
>> No. 36226
File 131439859118.jpg - (28.14KB , 534x399 , flootershai.jpg )
Crappy webcam, can't really see her in true glory- but you get the idea.
>> No. 36364

Wow, nice one! And you made tail similar to my Rarity ;D
>> No. 36446
Any suggestion on a Rainbow Dash from Tesco (UK) Need a bit of help with it :).
>> No. 36456
File 131447703724.jpg - (136.79KB , 816x488 , IMAG0963.jpg )
I had a friend come over and bring some hair care supplies... after 2 and a half hours of straightening and curling and rolling and everything this was what we ended up with... I think I'm gonna try setting curls with hot water next since that appears to have worked for most. We could get really nice curls doing what we were but they wouldn't hold.
>> No. 36457

Yup, hot water. And remember about conditioner, effects are great
>> No. 36459
File 131447805531.png - (161.46KB , 831x962 , Fluttershy Stretch.png )
Thanks! And I guess I kinda did didn't I?
>> No. 36480
File 131448190948.jpg - (47.27KB , 500x394 , rarity fluttershy.jpg )

>> No. 36593

could you please tell me the method you used to get rainbow dash's hair like that?
>> No. 36745
File 131456604434.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , 40379 - Sweetie_Belle Unicorn crossed_eyes dumb_fa.png )
I did it exactly after custom anons tutorial.

see >>8817
>> No. 36783
could anyone here tell me the fastest way to dry a ponies hair, or is it best just to let it dry by itself?
>> No. 36801
File 131458003597.jpg - (2.96MB , 3072x2304 , IMG_1258.jpg )
My pinkie pie dried super fast from having a regular room fan on her on low, and have her laying down on papertowel.
>> No. 36892
File 131463296885.jpg - (391.16KB , 768x576 , I AM RARITY WAHAHA.jpg )
Using this tutorial, and a lot of patience, I have a now styled Rarity!
>> No. 36926
File 131465126578.jpg - (35.83KB , 384x640 , 381509224.jpg )
I've got an Apple bloom who is currently prepped for styling, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

I'd like to style her show accurate but not sure which method would be best. In the show her hair is rounded and fluffly looking, but it doesn't look curly to me. I'm really unsure weather I should curl her hair, or try and cut it so it has that rounded look?

There aren't a lot of Apple blooms that I've seen so far. Anyone have styled Apple blooms to show off? Or advice on how to style it?
>> No. 36933
perhaps for her bangs for the poof use a straw and bobby pin and wet that after its cut to length?
>> No. 36934
File 131465439455.jpg - (114.15KB , 534x399 , Collection.jpg )
Okay everypony, I've got a lot of styling to do.
>See pic. Bought 'em all yesterday except Fluttershy

I know what I'm doing for Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie. I need ideas for Applejack and Twilight. Preferably as show accurate as possible.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 36952
There are two earlier in the thread:

>> No. 36960
How do I get my Rarity to look like this?
>> No. 37105
File 131467968140.jpg - (101.38KB , 640x479 , 6s7nv.jpg )
My two best pony hair mods so far. I've also got Twilight and Rainbow, but I just can't get their bangs to look right.

For one reason or another, Rarity's hair intimidates me more than Pinkie's, so I'll probably do hers last.
>> No. 37114
Is that a Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor doll that I see?
>> No. 37167
Rarity is actually surprisingly easy.
>> No. 37213
File 131471319566.jpg - (23.18KB , 640x480 , Picture0014.jpg )
Finally got my Pinkie Pie doesn't show in the pic very well (taken with my comp's webcam), but it actually turned out exactly how I wanted.

I always imagined that Pinkie's hair is supposed to look kinda like a bad perm. This one looks very similar to the ringlets hair style (I got this by making several small curls around straws, then drying until it was just barely damp, then combing it twice (more than that will mess it up). The combing put all the curls together into a big bunch, thus making it look more poofy and jew-fro like than just curls like what Rarity would have.
>> No. 37214
File 131471324566.jpg - (22.69KB , 640x480 , Picture0015.jpg )
Other side
>> No. 37235
File 131472687714.jpg - (1.53MB , 1638x1500 , Comparison.jpg )
The result to my Fluttershy. How do you get rid of all the danged frizzes?
>> No. 37237

Hair conditioner. Before I used it, my Rarity looked reallly messy, like here

And here's the final effect, after I used conditioner
>> No. 37252
File 131473068664.png - (186.07KB , 492x428 , I dunno what to say.png )
Rolling Pinkie Pie's hair around straws is impossible.

Any tips on how to do it? I'm getting too frustrated with it, just going to style Rainbow or Rarity's hair instead.
>> No. 37254
It's infuriating no matter what.

That said, the trick for me was to take a second straw (or length thereof) and cut down one side of it so that it could be clamped around the first straw (or straw length).
I'd use my fingers to hold the second, cut straw open behind the end of her hair, then shove the first (uncut) straw into the space, pinching the hair between them. That reliably held it securely -- the difficult part was making sure it held everything evenly.
Still, when I got it even, it held everything very nicely when it came time to roll the hair up towards the base. Ultimately, it came out pretty well..
>> No. 37321
I used two bobby pins per curl...One to hold it to the straw and one to hold the curl closed. Works pretty well.
>> No. 37379
File 131475487043.jpg - (969.93KB , 3664x2748 , 100_1030.jpg )
I started Pinkie Pie's hair a few hours ago. Getting the hair to roll around the straws was definitely a pain. And I'm not really sure how well I did...
>> No. 37578
File 131481697687.jpg - (36.92KB , 640x480 , 321046_107620139342344_100002830752542_39387_70199.jpg )
Is anyone else into non-show accurate styling? I've been doing it with all of my duplicates. Except Rainbow Dash, I styled both Rainbow Dashes at the same time.

I'm still trying to think of something for my other Fluttershy.

(This picture looked so much better quality on my DS)
>> No. 37594
Those look cute.
I don't style mine accurately.. the funny thing about that is I re-rooted their hair for it to be show accurate.... but then I didn't really care to style it show accurate. (My RD looks too cute with her longer hair)
>> No. 37598
Well I just epic failed on Twilight and Rainbow Dash.
I really want them do I do it? I couldn't get the forelocks right on both of them and TS's mane on the side...Any tuts for TS in particular?
>> No. 37599
Well didn't go at all well. :\

I'm redoing her now.
>> No. 37662
You could give her a high ponytail with two long trailing bangs in the front (maybe gently curled). Or you could curl her hair. or braid it and wet it to make it wavy,
>> No. 37696
I'm still trying to figure out the whole ponytail with pony hair thing. Has anyone given them a successful ponytail? It just seems awkward to try and do.

I've been playing around with something similar to nurse redheart but not quite the same.
>> No. 37744
For a good ponytail, use tiny rubber bands.Tiny as you can get.
>> No. 37919
File 131490483538.jpg - (0.99MB , 3664x2748 , 100_1049.jpg )

I redid her hair a bit more evenly and while it was wet, so it got rid of all the frizzes.
>> No. 37923
File 131490493414.jpg - (1.13MB , 3664x2748 , 100_1077.jpg )

Hung her upside down...
>> No. 37924
File 131490515803.jpg - (0.98MB , 3664x2748 , 100_1082.jpg )

...and I think she turned out quite well. It helped with curling when I used two pins to block the hair from moving outwards along the straw.

From what I've read, using red sewing string is also a really good idea. That's what I plan to use with Applejack, who is next on my list.
>> No. 37931