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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost to the annals of time
Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 142240961392.png - (171.67KB , 720x1280 , tmp_31913-Screenshot_2015-01-27-17-44-291697848876.png )
165017 No. 165017 ID: 0c9966 [View]
Does anyone else think the way filenames are displayed is annoying as hell, the way they make the screen unnecessarily wide if you're on a mobile phone and even just one post has a long filename? Do you think I should fix it?
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>> No. 165030 ID: 734001
I prefer it to having the filenames cut off without any way to see the full thing like on 4chan.
>> No. 165033 ID: 18c212
I like it how it is.
>> No. 165046 ID: 3bb89e
File 142247686449.png - (132.57KB , 611x742 , probability.png )

I think the random dice roll could use some randomness.

Not sure about filenames. I like filenames

File 142214018905.png - (126.40KB , 352x390 , 134402355260.png )
163933 No. 163933 ID: e7b99c [View]
/pony/ keeps getting lots of bad stuff posted
so let's delete /pony/ and it'll solve the problem
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>> No. 165021 ID: dfce1d
File 142241349138.png - (337.25KB , 507x570 , 133844301480.png )
I've seen that CP porn spam on /pic,/ too, so deleting /pony/ won't make it go away.

Besides, the spam bot is probably just attracted to /pony/ because it's the first postable board it polls, so the bulk of the spam goes there. If /pony/ was gone, it'd be some other board.

You're supposed to discuss the show and related official works on /pony/. Of course, since the show hasn't aired an episode in 8 months, give or take, things are a little slow right now...

Last edited at Tue, Jan 27th, 2015 19:55

>> No. 165034 ID: e7b99c
File 142245118657.jpg - (161.20KB , 1000x514 , Purge_in_the_holy_flame_by_defcombeta.jpg )
well let's just keep deleting every board it posts to
he can't spam cp if there's no place to post it
>> No. 165045 ID: 22aa52
File 142247122776.jpg - (259.22KB , 960x800 , Hear my prayers.jpg )
Well hopefully the Emperor will hear your prayers.

File 142213913307.png - (212.39KB , 1024x1095 , fluttershy_cannot_unhear____by_flutterguy317-d57vs40.png )
163927 No. 163927 ID: e6b3d5 [View]
Sorry Mods! I posted a picture which was deemed inappropriate. Really I didn't think it was against the rules to link a picture of a medical device used to stimulate the prostate, but I mentioned it as a sex toy and not a medical device (despite it literally linking to medical wellness site) and I'm not trying to argue with the mod decision, it makes sense given how I described the link. I won't post things like that again, I am sorry, I just wanted to offer an explanation so you knew it wasn't a phallic representation but a medical device which is FDA approved for some types of ED.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 15:39

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>> No. 165040 ID: e6b3d5
Okay so, part 2... well unrelated part 2

So apparently I triggered the spam filter this morning, and became banned? I don't know how this would have happened a la generating spam, I did however post a picture of nutella and was making a nutella thread in /oat/ that seemed to be the trigger.

Can anyone look at this for me and tell me what it was that I did that got me banned, exactly?

I've never run into the administration team but once before I've made this thread. Now its been twice in a few days. Are administrative actions up or am I out of line lately?
>> No. 165041 ID: 734001
You posted "socialist" which had the word "cialis" in it, which broke our new spam filter list that was recently implemented. Lots of people have run into this, and overall we're working to revert many of the filters and refine it so shenanigans like this doesn't happen.
>> No. 165044 ID: e6b3d5
File 142247002156.jpg - (13.31KB , 235x220 , 141851008835.jpg )
Okay thanks for letting me know!

No. 163922 ID: 556a0f [View]
cp on /pony/.
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>> No. 163932 ID: 87aeba
Ok where do we start should we all dos it?

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 15:54

>> No. 163934 ID: 3bb89e
File 142214042956.png - (576.36KB , 647x1000 , Exterminate.png )
Exterminate the Admins, owners and developers.
>> No. 163942 ID: 8a0b93
ok i want to delete ponychan you guys will tie up orange and inkwell and the others i will hit the delete key personally. its personal yo.

File 142214933484.png - (220.04KB , 274x354 , dash-wtf-am-i-reading.png )
163936 No. 163936 ID: 536505 [View]
You know,... /collab/ is actually not dead at the moment. I'm tempted to post my project update there. Given that, I have a better idea:

Since /fic/ is so dead (mostly due to the burn out on the part of the particular ex-participants who used to hang out there), and /art/ and /collab/ seemed to "meh" at the idea of a merger -- whereas the /fic/ people are pretty tired and need a severe dose of cheering up --

Why not create a new /fan/ board but have it be (or include) a combination of all threads from /art/ /fic/ /collab/ and /merch/, which would be regrouped, as mini-boards, under /fan/.

When people post in /fan/ they would have an extra choice in the post form:

Post in: • art • fic • collab • merch • fan only (radio button)

Additionally, when people visit /fan/ they would have an extra link to the right of "Search /fan/ threads":
>> No. 163939 ID: 536505
File 142215362375.png - (137.76KB , 467x348 , bold curiosity for the adventure ahead.png )
The best part about my idea is that it doesn't matter how active the constituent boards remain. They'd become sub-groups of /fan/ providing the user with the instant added feature of topical filtering on a new /fan/ board.

All this would be done by each new OP on /fan/ being targeted to the relevant sub-group or to /fan/ itself (Post in: "fan only"), with all of them displayed in /fan/ by default (using a mechanism similar to /all/) and then the user can filter out so s/he chooses. Users will be encouraged to provide relevant content by treating the tiny boards as topic filters when they post in /fan/, and instead of us always mealy-mouthing and lamenting how this or that board is dead, etc. we can encourage new users to post in /fan/ for any and all fanworks, merch, projects, and be a clearinghouse for whomever wants to visit.
>> No. 163940 ID: 40a1fc
File 142215445306.jpg - (32.51KB , 500x558 , TCMC 49.jpg )
>> No. 163941 ID: 536505
File 142215486487.png - (73.40KB , 300x300 , great minds think alike.png )

No. 163894 ID: cd9764 [View]
We really need a capchia (like 4chan has) just to get rid of the spam/scam stuff
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>> No. 163919 ID: 33f1c8
File 142206738215.jpg - (71.07KB , 591x443 , 141963343500.jpg )
Step forward and be recognized, Schmaltzie. I got 9LIVES so bans mean squat to me. Why go anon?

>> No. 163920 ID: 82f2ba
if you have 9 lives shouldnt you only be able to be banned 9 times? maybe you should upgrade to infinitelives or something
>> No. 163921 ID: 95dfaa
>You'd have to essentially use a totally new device, to ban evade.
It's pretty trivial for even a non-technically minded person to install user agent switching extensions and things like that. Browser fingerprinting won't help.

File 142202492575.png - (2.49MB , 2415x2340 , 136620570072.png )
163891 No. 163891 ID: 587e5f Locked [View]
dear mods have you not noticed all the porn being spammed? do something about it
>> No. 163892 ID: 5caed4
File 142202738196.png - (39.79KB , 558x209 , xbK8X.png )
About 60% of /pony/'s front page right now is child porn spam.
>> No. 163893 ID: 768fc0
File 142202941905.png - (653.79KB , 2342x2999 , Fluttershy - Speak no evil.png )
It's been taken care of.

File 142128209242.png - (222.59KB , 1440x900 , Screenshot 2015-01-14 16_28_30.png )
163805 No. 163805 ID: 5b7457 [View]
Home v is not responding.
Option to turn on px is not even there.

Wat do?
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>> No. 163879 ID: 3caa94
File 142173466987.png - (31.57KB , 945x945 , DJ-,,,-Shrug.png )
Well, when it became fixed, I checked it out and someone had modified the kusaba.js file and corrected the broken code that I had pointed out here: >>163825

So if it wasn't you, I have no idea who it was.

Also, I now believe that chrome compiles code on a function by function basis as compared to firefox's and other browser's .js by .js file basis. Hence the reason it continued working in chrome.
>> No. 163880 ID: 31b110
File 142173930234.png - (88.45KB , 550x375 , computer on fire.png )
Oh I see, I didn't know when or why someone had modified it in the first place. People should just stop modifying code without letting me know, if they do it at all.
And v8 is the only (well known) JS engine that actually compiles code. Firefox, Opera, IE, etc all just interpret the code in realtime.
>> No. 163882 ID: 3caa94
File 142179802343.png - (45.67KB , 290x253 , DJ-?-Wut?.png )
Huh... Who else has access to the code?

Also, Firefox uses a JIT(Just In Time) compiler made of systems they call 'Monkeys'. The collective name of these systems is called 'SpiderMonkey'.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 20th, 2015 17:11

File 142120446472.png - (98.60KB , 1359x607 , 142120378808.png )
163774 No. 163774 ID: 156564 [View]
It's not that I personally care about this, but I would like to point out that there is no mod name attached to this, and I would like to ask why there isn't one.

Considering what I have heard about staff not being able to keep much track of each other, I think have the name of the mod who did it next to the post is important for things like complaints, and reporting unwarranted warnings and bans.
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>> No. 163876 ID: aa4152
well !!twilight is a fucking clown
>> No. 163877 ID: 8db568
Youtube embed play button
She is a Spook.
>> No. 163878 ID: e0b160
You are a fucking clown :^)
Also tell Audrey a new replacement charger should get there within the next couple days

File 141904417307.png - (51.89KB , 794x163 , again.png )
162920 No. 162920 ID: 410c2e Locked [View]
Can we do something about this "pork" guy? He's been spamming /pony/ (and sometimes /oat/ too) just about every single Friday for over a year. Like literally over a year he's been doing this, every Friday night. And nothing seems to be done about it except deleting the thread every time.

y u no IP ban or spam filter certain words/phrases from the post?
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>> No. 163869 ID: fc79f3
i didnt call anyone anything

wtf are you talking about?
>> No. 163870 ID: bacc7b
File 142161883516.jpg - (66.12KB , 800x600 , wishing_of_spring.jpg )
Hello, friend. I was just thinking about you and praying for your family.

>> No. 163871 ID: 40a1fc
File 142161977179.png - (426.10KB , 700x840 , I'll punch a cloud, this plan can't fail.png )
>If he was posting gore or CP, I can guarantee the mods/admins would have already taken further measures to prevent him from posting.

Yep, thats exactly why we still get advertisements for CP, we just neglect to use our magical "fuck off forever" button on them.

We're doing all we can short of being on 24/7 watch for the guy, i apologise about him being such an inconvenience to you.

Locking thread because there isnt anything to discuss that hasnt already been said.

File 142120615242.png - (855.32KB , 765x1254 , 364796__safe_solo_princess+luna_armor_night+guard_artist-colon-herny_luna-dash-afterdark.png )
163779 No. 163779 ID: edd5ad [View]
So, that image I just posted that got the warning...

Was that breaking the visible genitalia rule or another rule?
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>> No. 163840 ID: c6831f
>posting something against the rules is not against the rules
>> No. 163841 ID: 82f2ba

normally i am of the opinion that these pictures dont need to be posted anyway because i dont comprehend why a person just -has- to post this one gray area picture or else their shitty existence will come to an end or something

but "maybe it is ok and maybe it is not, gaze into my crystal ball" is a horrible position to take on things. a discrepancy between what mods do what shit made sense long ago when ponychan actually had a decent population and there were too many people to keep up with and police, but you've currently got few enough people that that should not be an issue that comes up anymore

if something is ok, it needs to be ok regardless of whether (insert mod) is having a bad day or doesnt personally like something
>> No. 163842 ID: 40a1fc
File 142153360616.gif - (242.25KB , 600x800 , 211502__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_animated_filly_princess-cadance_shining-armor_coffee_gif.gif )
What he means is, going near the line occasionally is okay since i'll be emperor of earth before everyone will be on the same page with that.
But what is not okay is constantly posting things that are are near the line since at that point you're just taking the piss out of the rules based on a technicality.

Or to keep it extremely simple:

If a mod asks you to stop doing something, stop doing that thing or you may get banned.

File 142145980980.png - (68.19KB , 774x541 , Untitled.png )
163828 No. 163828 ID: bd6696 Locked [View]
Um, hi, soooo why is this 'Pork' guy allowed to spam /pony/ and /pic/ every week, again?

You'd think he'd be banned by now. Just axin'.
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>> No. 163835 ID: e7b99c
File 142146986997.png - (167.06KB , 766x546 , 137956299699.png )
i want his babies
>> No. 163836 ID: e48af5
File 142147015183.png - (68.37KB , 684x383 , pork2.png )
Looks like he's been around longer than we know...

Banhammr plz.
>> No. 163837 ID: ef230a
We have been banning him. >>162920

File 142127800077.png - (436.26KB , 800x776 , DJ-,,,-Huh.png )
163797 No. 163797 ID: 3caa94 [View]
So, I'm noticing a few changes on the site (the ID numbers), and a few missing features (all mouse over features like image zoom and reply popovers, the settings tab, the watched threads tab, the message form help pop-over, etc.)

Are these features missing only temporarily while changes are being made?
15 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 163815 ID: 3bb89e
File 142130076097.png - (95.81KB , 339x338 , !!!.png )
The visible ID on /meta/ is done on purpose, I think.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 14th, 2015 22:46

>> No. 163816 ID: a0e54e

Wasn't working for me still, but after clearing my cache just now everything is back to normal.
>> No. 163817 ID: a098c9



File 142125513201.jpg - (5.18KB , 236x305 , 173a045f8cd2708a0f77c245a9969738.jpg )
163794 No. 163794 ID: b95ae7 [View]
On /rp/ there's been someone posting random ads and news in rp threads. Fortunately they've only been hitting the threads that haven't been active at all for a few months, but it still rather concerns me. Could the mods find one of these posts and ban whoever's doing this because I'm pretty sure they're just a bot.

Thank you.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 14th, 2015 10:06

>> No. 163795 ID: 3543cb
File 142125618274.jpg - (126.41KB , 788x1014 , image.jpg )
I deleted those posts and banned the bots responsible. They'll be back, though in the future you can use the report function and your issue will be resolved more quickly.
>> No. 163796 ID: b95ae7
Alright, thank you. It's just been a problem going on for a while now. I wasn't sure how to handle it.

No. 163720 ID: 333557 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  How about a fun /meta/ thread for a change?

I'm thinking about my mod tag. I'm the sort of person who probably lets his expression viewer sway his behavior a little. When I was a Pinkie poster I earned that "Penitent Parasprite". I picked Flutterguy because I like Fluttershy.

So now I get to try something new for fun. I'm thinking !!Flufflepuff. !!Discord is tempting, but that has the potential to be riskier than Pinkie.

Thoughts? I'm going to do a background pony analysis soon.

I'll let replies build for a bit before I say anything.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 8th, 2015 15:22

23 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 163769 ID: 83e768
File 142103510899.jpg - (18.77KB , 469x481 , Holy Twilight.jpg )
It speaks

>> No. 163772 ID: 333557
Me or the video?

I'll try on some rhyming as a possible mod tag just as soon as I grab a collection of images good enough.
>> No. 163773 ID: 83e768
I haven't seen you say anything since... I think when you were first modded. Iike, it's been forever.

If you do !!Zecora well enough I'd be astounded. Yang actually did a really good job with that.

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