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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost to the annals of time
Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 142091800312.png - (54.55KB , 600x600 , mlfw8027-rainbow_dash_wtf_face_by_erginho-d4nkbu5.png )
163760 No. 163760 ID: 587e5f Locked [View]
isnt that porn with the cosplay lady pic on oat? where did the admins go?
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>> No. 163763 ID: 45db28
File 142091830133.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

And did you attempt the Contact Us page? The thing you would use to find information to contact people.
>> No. 163764 ID: 587e5f
File 142091843417.png - (147.60KB , 833x971 , 142081854601.png )
no but i am best pony
>> No. 163765 ID: b70d6e
File 142091876610.jpg - (90.89KB , 900x820 , image.jpg )
No it isn't, I'm right here, use the report button, it would have told you the post got cleared as not needing any action.

File 142047683824.png - (118.67KB , 646x600 , 140643765054.png )
163620 No. 163620 ID: 587e5f [View]
i hereby demand we change /oat/ to /goat/ for the day if thats ok mods please?????
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>> No. 163627 ID: b70d6e
If my hometown football team gets a repeat super bowl victory on my birthday/Rainbow Dash day, I'll consider it. Then we can shitpost sports memes or something.
>> No. 163628 ID: 82f2ba
Done, enjoy and have fun.
>> No. 163759 ID: 31b110
File 142091491341.png - (175.61KB , 253x523 , 140422603447.png )
Ponychan's moving script definitely isn't great, but it translates the post links

File 142049415616.jpg - (101.61KB , 800x871 , 140210994042.jpg )
163643 No. 163643 ID: 556a0f [View]
Calling me an idiot, Fen is very unprofessional you should lose your job. Thank you for locking my thread. I will try a serial maybe that will be enough to keep me here. Sometimes I don't feel welcome entirely and all.
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>> No. 163680 ID: 556a0f
File 142070496733.jpg - (13.19KB , 130x130 , raritydealwithit.jpg )
If we had a competent doctor on board we could pronounce him still alive but we don't. Deal with it.
>> No. 163709 ID: 333557
File 142075061972.png - (1.90MB , 1099x1024 , large.png )
What rule was broken? I'm not quite sure why this is on /meta/.
>> No. 163756 ID: 1da504
Neo just wanted to get it off his chest

File 142049519332.jpg - (88.59KB , 640x640 , image.jpg )
163647 No. 163647 ID: 3a5200 Locked [View]
Justify why /spacetime/ and /gf/ remain hidden boards while /chat/ requires deletion.
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>> No. 163657 ID: f5be73
>> No. 163658 ID: a098c9
>> No. 163661 ID: 40a1fc
File 142049943659.png - (138.26KB , 1125x700 , 525622__safe_vector_equestria+girls_filly_cute_princess+cadance_shining+armor_adorable_human+pon.png )

I've already stated several times over why /chat/ was removed, so justifying myself at this point seems pretty pointless considering you seem to ignore me in favor of the belief that /chat/ would rise again.

If people start using those boards en masse, they will be removed and i'll point the blame squarely at the guy who told everybody about them, which would surely make that person popular.

The boards are stupid jokes that the admins are too lazy to remove due to it being more trouble than it's worth.
You can also blame orange / !!Celestia for a majority of them, although i do take credit for /berry/ and /goddamnlochnessmonster/

Thread locked because this conversation will go nowhere.

File 142042426307.png - (1.65MB , 1024x768 , chatland.png )
163550 No. 163550 ID: 325063 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
Keep my home alive do it mods!
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>> No. 163640 ID: 556a0f
Period. means literally "." get your head out of the gutter.
>> No. 163641 ID: a098c9
File 142049300070.jpg - (10.72KB , 397x316 , double facepalm.jpg )
>> No. 163642 ID: 40a1fc
File 142049326890.png - (665.50KB , 590x624 , ___saved the princess_ The end_.png )
You're all idiots.
/chat/ isnt staying, end of rine.

Vinyl was overtaking it in terms of activity.
That, coupled with the fact it's redundant due to /oat/ being open to every topic, resulted in /chat/'s deletion.
The /chat/land castle has been eaten by a dragon, but you could easily make a /chat/land serial fort in /gala/ to keep your community together.

File 142015018360.jpg - (60.86KB , 600x846 , 4c02ddc14010654396b11f46c54cc9ae.jpg )
163514 No. 163514 ID: 82f2ba [View]
for some reason, at the bottom of every board that i visit, the name of the board is sort of just sitting around in all lowercase above the delete post stuff and the page list. this isnt really a big deal or anything but y is it there
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>> No. 163545 ID: cdf33c
Jokes on you, I have no phone.
>> No. 163547 ID: 31b110
File 142035191394.jpg - (44.85KB , 500x375 , 4393348+_5ba8531937d995705e275a72c253370a.jpg )
>>Makes 50 Facebook accounts, set all of them to poke your account all at once while you're on, causing your phone to vibrate with the force of a thousand suns.
>implying I leave the Facebook process running when the app isn't visible
>implying I leave my data usage enabled when i'm not using my phone
>implying you know how to rig up a facebook botnet
>> No. 163549 ID: 9c806a
File 142041256439.jpg - (39.77KB , 470x460 , 1466060_10152614501174425_6734100190981352332_n.jpg )
Damn D:

>Implying implications

File 142033152820.jpg - (34.06KB , 501x720 , 1419229612699.jpg )
163532 No. 163532 ID: 77df08 Locked [View]
Remember when Orange fucked off and RD killed /ef/ and in turn the entire site?

And that one jerk asked for my reaction images and became !!AngelBunny and I was still using my reaction images so a bunch of casuals I'd tell to hang themselves got real mad and said they were gonna email RD about revoking the mod status I never had?

Good times. Can I get a rundown on what happened since the great exodus? If anyone here has even been around long enough to remember it.
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>> No. 163543 ID: a098c9
File 142033366689.jpg - (281.26KB , 986x1920 , 6l9c5lA.jpg )
>Can I get a rundown on what happened since the great exodus?
We got too high, now we can't remember.
>> No. 163544 ID: cdf33c
Irrelevant to /meta/, locked. Make a new thread on /oat/ if you want.
>> No. 163546 ID: 40a1fc
File 142033511712.png - (221.36KB , 599x339 , Rabbit nigger asshole on Equestrian state welfare.png )
My nigger.

>Remember when Orange fucked off and RD killed /ef/ and in turn the entire site?

Technically it was primarily me (fen) and orange who did that shit, since orange did it and i suggested the cake thing, RD was just posting during Ragnarök.

Orange a shit, we have a !!Luna, i'm now a horse, theres also a !!wifehorse, /oat/ ate /chat/ and /dis/, not sure if /dis/ existed during the /ef/ shenanigans or if it was spawned afterwards.

Make an /oat/ thread since !!Rara is technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.

File 142000610177.png - (252.49KB , 1280x720 , Discord_-That_can't_be_right-_S4E26.png )
163494 No. 163494 ID: 2b9f76 [View]
I know that this argument has been done to death, but it's worth bringing up again for discussion.

For the past year or so, the site has been slow but stable. The user base has been constant, the drama has more or less died down, and we've been plugging along.

But let's face it: the site's slow. We could really use more activity (says the guy who almost never posts). It's time to take a hard look at our options, and one option stands out pretty clearly: merging with the rest of the internet.

There are approximately 3 billion users on the internet. Some of those are Ponychan users, so we will inevitably have some crossover, but that could still have a real impact. Also, some of those users would include John McCain, Prince, and the dude who owns Grumpy Cat. This would really help not just posting rates, but general awareness of the site.

I know that there are some logistical issues to consider, but we need to stop just talking about the negatives and look at what this could do for Ponychan.

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 23:09

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>> No. 163528 ID: 2b9f76
File 142027533664.png - (240.09KB , 894x894 , discord_is_ok_by_csimadmax-d4cekar.png )
It makes me so happy that some people are takng this suggestion seriously. My Christmas wish came true.
>> No. 163529 ID: 428138
I don't want anything to do with that hugbox
>> No. 163530 ID: a3b1fc
cool story,bro

Last edited at Sat, Jan 3rd, 2015 04:43

File 142013520405.jpg - (61.24KB , 508x600 , 140783393724.jpg )
163509 No. 163509 ID: 587e5f Locked [View]
if i post a link to an image will you tell me if it counts as against the rules mods?
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>> No. 163512 ID: cdf33c
what this guy said. if you're not sure it's probably best to play it safe and just not post it.
>> No. 163513 ID: 40a1fc
Act like an adult, and use your common sense so that we don't have to use ours.

Adult Content
This section is not meant to be comprehensive. Consider erring on the side of caution instead of trying to pick apart the language here.
>> No. 163524 ID: 31b110
File 142018847132.png - (88.45KB , 550x375 , computer on fire.png )
>Act like an adult

File 141923617892.png - (45.40KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2014-12-22-02-15-53.png )
163144 No. 163144 ID: 4a161b [View]
Can we have a machine readable API for ponychan? Like a thread list for each board, thread posts with media URLs, and a board list in Json similar to 4chan's API?

If not, how can I programmatically detect new threads and new replies?

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>> No. 163150 ID: 34ee07
It would. The site self-crawling was sort of sarcastic, as that's ten or more times as consuming as querying and serving. But I think I've ranted long enough about the phobia.

It's a crawler.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014 12:36

>> No. 163151 ID: 31b110
File 141927836449.gif - (39.53KB , 369x237 , typing.gif )
Like the others said, just use a crawler. If you like Python, the BeautifulSoup library is really and really convenient to use.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014 12:59

>> No. 163504 ID: 05d8dd
I second.

No. 163337 ID: 156564 [View]
After anonymous /oat/ runs it's course, why not make a /anon/ board where anonymous posting is always forced? This way there is at least SOME point to dividing the community further unlike with /chat/. It may even bring in some new people who don't particularly care for our namefag culture.

Even mlpchan doesn't have this if I remember correctly because the anonymity was not forced.

Last edited at Sun, Dec 28th, 2014 14:53

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>> No. 163483 ID: fc5daa
File 141984715294.png - (91.40KB , 497x1201 , perfect4.png )
No, we do not need more boards of whatever kind.
And to be perfectly honest, it is hard to cater boards, their very core can be quite dynamic.

And Jesus christ, IDs now???
>> No. 163493 ID: 792e05
what is the problem with dead boards? Even if they aren't getting that much attention you can always go back and do something with it, or just do anything there since its dead. I mean why does it matter if chat was dead when there is a few dead hidden boards?
I mean its all on the same site, I doubt even mcedge's suggestion would divide/attract new users so much as just a different playground for whats here
>> No. 163667 ID: cdf33c
they divide posts between too many places, split up the community, and make the site appear more dead than it really is to newcomers and oldfriends alike.

File 141978821650.jpg - (575.94KB , 1920x1033 , the matrix room.jpg )
163332 No. 163332 ID: e5c44b [View]
Back in the heyday of /rp/, the decision was made to split off out-of-character discussion from the main roleplaying board as the rapid creation of various threads made it difficult to keep track of ongoing threads. Since this is, shall we say, no longer an issue, would it be a good idea to roll /ooc/ back into /rp/?
6 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 163391 ID: e5c44b
>> No. 163407 ID: e7a4d5
File 141981827063.jpg - (19.32KB , 289x296 , Awww Flutter.jpg )
it might still be worth discussing in its own topic though. i have a funny feeling that /rp/ and /ooc/, existing in their own little environment, didn't really have the most say in that conversation
>> No. 163492 ID: 91c661
File 141990628822.jpg - (129.55KB , 782x896 , 46164340_p0_master1200.jpg )
I believe /rp/ should stay /rp/ and /ooc/ should stay /ooc/

OOC thread are much more prevalent on Ponychan, as it has heavy traffic. There is more need for them.

File 141987291842.png - (83.57KB , 800x471 , implyingtripcode.png )
163485 No. 163485 ID: 3d403b Locked [View]
Not that most people ever use these afaik, but for some reason the option to embed videos from blip & vimeo no longer appears on /oat/.

The other boards seem to still have all the embed options.
>> No. 163486 ID: c625fa
>> No. 163490 ID: 40a1fc
Sorry that was my fault, should be fixed now.

File 141981707391.png - (154.03KB , 826x966 , sigh.png )
163395 No. 163395 ID: e7a4d5 [View] [Last 50 posts]
We've had our fun, but /oat/ has gotten slower and slower... and really, the fun ran its course on the first day.

If this is really for fun, and not some "experiment," then i would like to formally ask for /oat/ to be deanonymized.
84 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 163487 ID: fd0ab1
If you want to get technical, 4chan and other boards are an incarnation of the original BBS things from the early days of the internet and DID require a user name. So now playing the boards are supposed to be anon business.
>> No. 163488 ID: a098c9
And we can get further technical and say it all stems from the telegraph, but that's not exactly a relevant point.
>> No. 163489 ID: 82f2ba

considering one is way more related than the other, i would say it is relevant

imageboards aren't exactly a remarkable or radically different form of communication than forums or subreddits or what have you, and they all stem from the bbs

File 141971107006.png - (21.69KB , 865x481 , spoiler.png )
163212 No. 163212 ID: a1bf37 [View] [Last 50 posts]
more anons= more shitposts
more shitposts= more anger
more anger= community ruined

srsly what the fuck
139 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 163388 ID: a098c9

*tips dubs*
>> No. 163389 ID: cdf33c
good meme
>> No. 163398 ID: 45db28
File 141981772435.png - (140.50KB , 900x871 , tumblr_m5bsd6QZzC1qc5ffho1_1280.png )

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